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1 The Pursuit of Vikings The Pursuit of Vikings

One of the best riffs in Metal period

Wholly unimaginative. Mundane. Banal. The belch-rap was good for a snicker, though.

2 Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags
3 Guardians of Asgaard Guardians of Asgaard

"(A) description quoted out of context." It wasn't out of context. It was a statement of objective reality, and your comment certainly spared no breath in attempting to deny that reality. There seems little point in continuing to argue with someone who cannot discern noise from music. But for all your talking, you STILL haven't answered the question: Are you a musician? Or are you simply a "professional" BSer?

@ visitor - RE "not music" and so on...
You said you worked in the music industry for 50+ years and I believe it’s true. But you hate metal so much that all your comments on metal music are unprofessional, including this one. Here’s why:
Noise = unstructured sounds.
All songs on this list definitely have rhythm, melody and structure, so they ARE music.
You obviously ignore some basic definitions and try to re-write/ re-interpret the entire music theory just to prove metal sucks. It’s unprofessional and pathetic. - Metal_Treasure

"Noise=unstructured sounds." That is NOT the definition of "noise." The most common definition is "loud or unpleasant sound." And by championing "loud or unpleasant sound," it is YOU who are "obviously
ignoring some basic definitions and trying to rewrite/re-interpret the entire music theory." And THAT is "unprofessional and pathetic." And the festering question yet remains: ARE you a musician? It's already abundantly clear you're not a "professional."

RE “Noise definition” - "Loud or unpleasant sound" is part of a description quotеd out of context. The context is that this approach is interested in noise as “an unwanted acoustic phenomenon”, where “any sound may be considered noise depending on the perceiver.“ So here everything depends on the perceiver.
The entire sentence is “Noise is sound that is NOT WANTED by the perceiver, BECAUSE it is unpleasant, loud, or interferes with hearing.” It clearly says that this description of noise is subjective.
This approach doesn’t work in our discussion because if somebody doesn’t like classical music, Beethoven would be an unwanted and unpleasant acoustic phenomenon, i.e. noise. Would you agree with that?
“Unpleasant” and “loud” are also very relative:
Unpleasant - what’s pleasant for you is not pleasant for me and vice versa.
Loud - annoying noises are not necessarily loud: sounds from refrigerators and air conditioners are not loud but they ...more - Metal_Treasure

4 War of the Gods
5 Twilight of the Thunder God
6 Live Without Regrets
7 Deceiver of the Gods
8 The Fate of Norns
9 Asator

This solo is too good to be true too. This is a song that represents the melodic ways of Amon Amarth.

10 Varyags of Miklagaard

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11 Free Will Sacrifice
12 Coming of the Tide
13 Blood Eagle
14 One Thousand Burning Arrows
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1. The Pursuit of Vikings
2. Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags
3. Guardians of Asgaard


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