Best Angra Albums

The Top Ten Best Angra Albums

1 Temple of Shadows

Best Brazillian album ever

I think that this is impeccable Album of humanity...
If the perfection really existe, this album is the meaning of this word.

2 Rebirth

My favorite Angra album

3 Holy Land

The album that got me hooked to Angra. Songs like the epic masterpiece "Carolina IV" as well as others like "Nothing to Say" "Holy Land" and "Z.I.T.O." make this album a must own to any fan of their music. - Draven

4 Angels Cry
5 Fireworks
6 Aurora Consurgens

Amazing guitar solos!
Amazing vocal!
Amazing drums!
Amazing bass!

Very good album!


7 Secret Garden
8 Aqua
9 Omni
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