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This is the list of the top ten "Linkin Park" Live Concerts.
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1 Live In Rock AM Ring 2004

The last Linkin Park performance for the promotion of Meteora! After this the band went for Collision Course. But the crowd were jumping on each and every chorus of the song. The best song played there was A Place for My Head and In The End just because the crowd had gone mad for singing these song before the band and Mike had to control them all!

100% Emotion, power. Their best live ever.

There was their best performance.

2 Live In Texas 2003

This is the only concert in which the band breaks some of the instruments. The Angry Young Men! But the whole concert was just awesome and worth of seeing.

3 Road to Revolution - Live In Milton Kynes 2008

This is one of the best live performances. Having featuring from JAY-Z for 2 songs. The whole crowd were just dancing for all the songs. Mind Blowing!

Mind Blowing concert! I had been there. But many of the songs played there were eliminated from the DVD. But it was very energetic atmosphere!

This is my favorite. Great atmosphere, beautiful setlist, beautiful sunset. A great performance of all. Chester's voice rang at the point. I felt that they did magic that day

4 Hybrid Theory - Live at Download Festival 2014

Linkin Park performed their mega selling debut Hybrid Theory as entirety for the first time 14 years after album release! Probably any LP in recent years had so much energy as this! Simply just amazing.

5 A Thousand Suns+ - Live In Madrid 2010

The concert was full of energy. Even though it was to cold the crowd were dancing and enjoying the whole live performance. The band gave a new intro to the concert by playing "Wretches and Kings" to make the crowd jump!

6 Living Things+ - Live at Telekom Street Gigs 2012

The new Linkin Park with their new music! The concert was just awesome! Played in Berlin, the band was just to release their new album "Living Things" and so included this concert as a bonus edition DVD!

Living Things is a great album. With so many easy-listening song that can make everybody love Linkin Park

7 Live From Red Square, Moscow 2011

The concert where the single "Iridescent" was released and played for the first time. The show also won the "Best World Stage Performance" by MTV. The intro of the concert was simply awesome and then continued into the song "New Divide". The concert was played for the promotion of "Transformers 'Dark of the Moon'".

Breaking the Habit, What I've Done, Waiting for the End... All of them was really perfect and his voice was super clean. Especially Breaking the Habit. That was the top performance Chester had for that song and the other performances are not even close.

8 Hurricane/Southside Festival 2017

One of the last Linkin Park performances with a best-of-set and awesome crowds.

Chester with perfect voice and even the new songs fitted perfectly.

Such an intimate moment when chester sang One more Light and Crawling in the crowd

9 iTunes Festival 2011

Also known for the performance of "Rolling in the Deep" which is known as the best ever cover made in 2011. The band was performing after 3 years in England, the first performance was "Road To Revolution".

10 Chester Bennington Tribute Concert, Hollywood Bowl 2017
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11 Rock am Ring 2014
12 Rock am Ring 2007

Chesters voice sounded like he had a demon inside, and it was awesome. Every song was perfect, he didn't pass the Mike to the crowd during Faint when he yells I WONT BE IGNOREDDD!, he screams it which is very rare. He does crawling flawlessly which Chester himself said it is a very hard song to sing. Shinoda plays Breaking the Habit intro on a piano while Chester sings. The crowd is alive. The intro song is One Step Closer, and the closing song is Faint, but Chester scream at the end is scary cool, you have to watch it, you won't regret it. Also they play given up and Chester does the 17 second scream perfectly. Also this seemed to be Chester last good year for voice, after 2007 it began to slowly decline.

13 Live in Rock AM Ring 2001

When they were more nu metal and in my opinion better...

14 Oeiras Alive 2007
15 Collision Course - Live In Roxy Theatre 2004

Surprise! The crowd was given surprise by the band by including JAY-Z for all the songs. They played all the songs of their new album "Collision Course" which also topped the Billboard list and many other list making it the second most successful EP.

16 Live From Madison Square Garden 2011

The second best concert in 2011 by the band. The concert was streamed live at Fuse.T.V.. But the song "Breaking the Habit" was eliminated from the stream.

17 Live In Webster Hall 2007

The best ever concert known for the promotion of any album in New York. The setlist was just perfect for the crowd to jump and dance.

18 Rock'n Coke 2009 Istanbul
19 Hunting Party Tour 2014
20 The Hunting Party: Live At Mexico 2014
21 Road to Revolution - Live In Milton Keynes 2008
22 Anaheim 2005 (Music For Relief: Rebuilding South Asia)
23 Docklands Arena 2001
24 Somerset, Projekt Revolution Tour 2004

For me the best setlist they ever created. The band was on fire and the show had special guests such as J. Davis, Bert McCracken & Ivan the Urban Action Figure.
This concert was a live experience we'll never see again and compared to those overedited DVDs like 'Live in Texas' (which is a mix between 2 shows so not a real show on general) there's a raw sound recording with REAL live feeling! Check it out on!

25 Beijing, China 2015
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