Top Ten Animals Found in the Philippines

Animals you can find in the Philippines, if the description wasn't obvious enough.

The Top Ten

1 Carabao

A domestic water buffalo that is the national animal. They symbolize hard work and strength, due to their immense power. - Swellow

2 Philippine Eagle

The largest species of eagle. A very good hunter with a large wingspan, feathers that kind of look like Nicolas Cage's hair, and one of the national symbols. These things make the Bald and Wedge-tailed look like pansies. - Swellow

I have never been to the Philippines, but would like to go. I will vote for this eagle, they sound really cool. Are there any large snakes? - Ned964

3 Mindano Flying Dragon

A lizard with a long, stretchable layer of skin that makes it capable of flight. - Swellow

4 Tarsier

A small species of monkey with ridiculously large eyes. They balance both their eyes and head to hunt for prey. Also capable of singing due to a very high-pitched voice. - Swellow

5 Purple Shore Crab

While common in Mexico and the USA, these crabs can also be found around the PI themselves. They usually scavenge under rocks for dead animals to feed on. - Swellow

6 Asian Elephant Asian Elephant

Much like most other Asian countries around the South Eastern part of the continent, elephants are a very common species, particularly the largest species as depicted here. - Swellow

7 Flying Fox

One of the largest species of bat. They are called this for their mild resemblance to a fox. Non aggressive to humans and feeds on fruit, but is under threat due to poaching. - Swellow

Why do the poachers hunt these bats? They are also commonly known as Fruit bats - Ned964

8 Leopard Cat

I won't give too much detail into these as they are commonplace around Asia. - Swellow

I had a Bengal cat. He was the coolest pet I've ever had. I read that Bengal cats were bred by mating regular domesticated cats with these leopard cats. I'm not sure, but that cat was cool, he liked water, he would get way up high in the house, the higher he got, the more he liked it. He could hunt very well. He had deep blue eyes. He was exceptionally smart. I miss him - Ned964

9 Small-Clawed Otter

Haven't seen these, but if there anything like any other Otters, they are hilarious! - Ned964

10 Dugong

A species related to manatees that live around tropical areas of the islands. - Swellow

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