Top 10 Worst Political Parties in the History of the World

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1 Nazi Party (Germany)

No questions asked, this is the worst political party the world has ever created. This parties members included Nazi Leaders and Soldiers whose primary intention was to dominate the world and wipe Jews off the Earth. This also led to World War II, and left a horrible scar on the Earth. Actually, if any Neo-Nazis are reading this I don’t care, if this party never existed there would likely never be any Neo-Nazis that have led to horrible and racist mobs that effect the world today.

Basically, if you mixed socialists with a Human puritan pedigree fetish with crazy on cocaine gangster, running a country.

2 Chinese Communist Party (China)

Now it's Kinda Like a soft Nazi Party with Soviet Union inspiration with capitalism with a bit more totalitarian fist. With Chinese characteristics. You get Mao's Frankenstein.

While not as bad as the top two on this list (Nazi Party and WP of Korea) it’s still all out against democracy and freedom of speech. I also know the government has done bad things to it’s citizens too.

It's like the Nazi party except instead of imprisoning Jews they imprison Muslims.

3 Workers' Party of Korea (North Korea)

If anyone wants to say a Political Party is worse than the Nazi Party, then this should be the only other choice. This party starves their citizens, strip their democracies and let them die through many horrible ways either if it is execution, starvation or any other disease. You can’t leave this country due to their dictators who run this party. This country is also the hardest to dominate (yes, even harder than America) because the military guards the boarders all day and all night long to make sure people don’t leave. This place is out of control.

4 Communist Party of Turkmenistan (Turkmenistan)

This party is luckily banned from Turkmenistan now, but it did rule under similar (even worse) ideologies from the Soviet Communist Party.

5 People's Action Party (Singapore)
6 Democratic Party (United States)

The majority of them (not all) are mindless snowflakes who want to get offended at everything, but they only choose what they find offensive and end up being massive hypocrites, doing most of the things they bash the Republican party for. They call the right side offensive towards certain groups, but then think that allows them to be entitled and insult the 'majorities' back with 10 times the power.

I actually do not believe that the majority of them are snowflakes BUT they seem to be okay with having their voter base either be snowflakes or turn others into snowflakes or even conspiracy theorists. The current US Democrat party has nobody who is decent save for possibly Joe Manchin because of this.

Enabling and dismissive.

7 Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (Somalia)

This was a military dictator party that is the main cause that Somalia has been in ruins since the 1960’s. It remained in power until the 1990’s, but this parties problems still are affecting the country today.

8 Lega Nord (Italy)

An Alt-Right party in Italy which brings the ideologies of Mussolini into Modern Italy. Very facist party that is sadly rising in Italy, even though we should’ve been done with Facism long ago.

9 Republican Party (United States)

It's absolutely terrible party and it killed many people in my family. This party is absolutely the most dangerous party in the world, it killed many innocent people.

Now, I know this comment will be controversial because some Republicans are fine people, and this party used to be the better option over Democrats until the 1920s (and the better option in the South until the early '70s). But this party has led to many terrible actions and views over the years, including severe tax cuts, religious extremists, and 9/11, and so many more problems. It's gotten even worse in recent years, using violent protests like the Charlottesville riots and the Jan 7 attack on the Capitol, in which several people have been injured and a few have died in each. I'm just saying, this party's extremists have done some awful, violent things, and the non-extremists have some iffy economic opinions.

10 Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Soviet Union)

Communist Party: Don't worry comrade if I close my eyes, the problem doesn't exist.

They had Great will to do but with mediocre administration a bit closeminded.

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11 National Congress Party (Sudan)

This party has caused genocide all over Sudan.

12 Labour Party (United Kingdom)

It has become Pure Fetish Club, they don't do anything for the LABOUR.

They are dumb as their rivals Conservative Party (UK) but with the own style.

13 Popular Movement of the Revolution (Zaire, Democratic Republic of the Congo)
14 National Resistance Movement (Uganda)
15 Bharatiya Janata Party (India)
16 Liberal Democrats (United Kingdom)
17 Scottish National Party (Scotland)
18 Green Party of the United States (United States)
19 Conservative Party (United Kingdom)

These guys are some of the dumbest people ever.

20 Justice and Development Party (Turkey)

It's like the bully from the other neighborhood with his wet dream to become Sultan after his father promised his son will become a better person.

Ps. Justice only benefits if you are in the same gang as the bully.

21 Indian National Congress (India)
22 United Russia (Russia)
23 Green Party (Ireland)
24 Swedish Social Democratic Party (Sweden)

Used to be amazing like 50 years ago. Nowadays they're just a bunch of immature liars who lack basic knowledge in governing.

Like Labour Party from the UK but with hallucinations. Out of reality.

25 New Progressive Party (Puerto Rico)
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