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Rugrats is a Nickelodeon animated television series that focuses on the experiences of a group of toddlers. The show portrays their everyday experiences as grand adventures fueled by their imaginations.
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1 Angelica Pickles Angelica Pickles is a cartoon character who appears in the Nickelodeon shows Rugrats, All Grown Up!, and Rugrats Pre-School Daze, and is among one of the series' original characters.

I don't really like Angelica because she's so mean and rude and calls her cousin Tommy and his friends mean names and takes their stuff.

This spoiled brat sure is indeed some carnal banshee and tempestuous tempest. She's always just such a carnal brat and some carnal harlot herself in life.

That's what makes the show so funny. Some people don't understand, and they just hated Angelica, kinda reminds me of Klasky's former hate of Angelica, then she changed the tune. Without Angelica, the show would be much boring, and without Tommy, the show would be bad. There is no Rugrats without the humor and characters with character development.

2 Tommy Pickles Thomas "Tommy" Malcolm Pickles is a fictional character that appears in the Nickelodeon animated television series Rugrats and its spin-off All Grown Up! as the protagonist of the shows.

Weather he's funny or not, he's manic character for goodness sake! He is only 1, and everyone needs to know about em! If you don't know Tommy Pickles (Pickles is the funniest last name I've ever heard after Funny) then look him up!

He is AWESOME! It's so cute when he makes a toy for his brother and preys without knowing it.

He has a bunch of funny lines including one when everybody's naked he says "Lil, let me ask you a question. "

3 Chuckie Finster

Chuckie is an amazing character in the show and he should be at number 1. He has a kind heart and sometimes he can be scared but he always finds a way to conquer his fears! And he's a good big bro to kimi!

I personally agree with the top comment. I think he does have a kind heart and he should be at number 1. He is the best brother to kimi and he takes care of here, and when somethings wrong with one sibling, they tell the other cause that's how close they are to each other. not only are they siblings, they are best friends who look out for each other. so that's my opinion.

4 Kimi Finster

It's not so hard to say she's the best. Should be above Angelica. If you watched Rugrats in Paris and the season 9 episode "Kimi Takes The Cake", then you'll see why I love this character.

She may have been introduced at the tail end of the Rugrats series and when the series was a sad ruin of what it once was, but All Grown Up! is what really pushes the character to the number 4 spot.

I am a fan of seasons 1-5, but you know Kimi has to be a good character when you still think she's the best and she doesn't even show up in the seasons you mostly watch.

5 Lil DeVille Lillian Marie Jillian DeVille is a main character in both the Rugrats TV series and its spin off series All Grown Up!. Lil is Phil's older twin sister and the daughter of Howard and Betty. She is voiced by Kath Soucie.

She is very cute when older and she is cute when a baby, and she looks good with Tommy, Til forever!

She's pretty much the same as Phil as a baby but somehow I like her more

6 Louis Kalhern Lou Grandpa Pickles II

I thought Grandpa Lou was a bad guy because I thought he was telling a nasty joke to the babies that went "What's a guy?" so ha ha.

Every time he talks about his childhood he mentions something about the number 15.

7 Phil DeVille

To the one who said Phil and Lil should be tied: No way! Have you seen the All Grown Up episode "Coup Deville? " Phil and Lil are two seperate characters and just because they're twins doesn't mean they're the same person. Anyway, the twins are my favorite characters. I prefer Lil, but...

Phil is definitely the better twin he's cool laid back and friendly sure he's weird in ways but that doesn't define his good nature in all grown up he's still got the friendly personality whereas lil changed so much with a bit of rebellious nasty attitude.. Phil is affectionate and should be higher than lil how she's moved up and Phil hasn't is a complete joke is this list corrupt!

8 Stu Pickles

The only thing that makes Stu Pickles my favorite character in the whole show would be because of the chocolate pudding episode.

There's one episode where he's sleepwalking and dreaming he's a TV chef and he makes an omlette on the kitchen floor! It's HILARRIOUS!

Why on erth is not the chocolate pudding on this list? You have lost control of your life

9 Dil Pickles

His introduction was the point where Rugrats slowly started to die out. It never became terrible like Spongebob Season 7.

Tommy Pickles Is More Annoying than dil pickles tommy pickles sucks

In the rugrats movie, he was just a whiny little brat and really annoying and ruined rugrats

10 Charlotte Pickles
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11 Susie Carmichael Susanna Yvonne "Susie" Carmichael is a recurring character from the Nickelodeon TV series Rugrats and its spin-off series All Grown Up!. She is an African-American girl who lives across the street from the Pickles' residence. She is a polar opposite to Tommy's cousin Angelica, and as such, she is always... read more

If she's the opposite of Angelica, that must mean she makes the show NOT worth watching.

She's amazing. In the episode "Meet The Carmicals" She is amazing more and more every time

Susie is my favorite character.

12 Boris Kropotkin
13 Diane Didi Kropotkin Kerpackter-Pickles

Another way and reason that Didi is a jerk, and I just don't like her is she somehow committed elder abuse on her father-in-law, Lou Pickles, by taking away his dentures in Angelica Orders Out and gave his bedroom to his cousin and archenemy and the bane of his existence he's had for 76 years. She more likely committed ageism on his that is pervasive and entrenched in our society.

14 Betty Deville

Rugrats the reboot has ruined her big time but in the original she is so awesome

15 Drew Pickles

Bag, 15th place isn't swell enough! Michael Rosen also needs to be higher, even though he isn't a Rugrats character!

His relationship with stu is a riot but a very good dad to angelica

16 Minka Kerpackter
17 Kira Watanabe-Finster
18 Melinda Finster
19 Dr. Werner P. Lipschitz
20 Chas Finster
21 Jonathan Kraskell

Underrated cartoon character!

22 Taffy Maynston
23 Elaine Robinson Kropotkin

Miss Robinson you tryin to seduce me?

24 Miss Weemer
25 Howard Deville
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