Top 10 Best Gravity Falls Alternate Universes

Honestly, I might read the fan fictions and look up the fan art, fan-made videos (like MikeInel) and comics (like the most amazing thing ever! Look up "Garden Falls Starfleetrambo." It's a Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall crossover. It's kind of like a comic fanfiction. It's an amazing comic made by someone with the most amazing artistic talent. He/she also made another Gravity Falls comic with very amazing results as well. It's called "You Smell Like Death Starfleetrambo". This one's a Gravity Falls and Danny Phantom crossover. It's a lot better than it sounds. Don't knock it before you try it.) more than I actually watch the show.

Now, don't get me wrong. I've watched every episode. But with AUs and fanfictions, you can get involved as well, and it's not as slow of an update. And with fanfictions, if you don't like the story you're reading, you don't have to hope it gets near the end. You can just go to a different fanfiction and see if it's better.
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1 Reverse Falls In this alternate universe, the main characters' roles are reversed, with Dipper and Mabel being the antagonists and Gideon and Pacifica as the protagonists, creating a new dynamic in the town of Gravity Falls.

The places people switch with fit but don't fit at the same time because you know the canon characters so well. This AU is still cool, though!

I like this one because of Will. He's so cute!

I just love reverse/opposite AUs!

2 Monster Falls In Monster Falls, the characters are transformed into mythical creatures, such as Dipper becoming a deer, Mabel a mermaid, and Grunkle Stan a gargoyle, changing the way they interact with the supernatural world around them.

I think it's better than Reverse because everyone is still normal.

3 Blinded Pinetree In this alternate universe, Dipper suffers a tragic accident that leaves him blind. As he navigates through the challenges of his new life, the Pines family and the residents of Gravity Falls come together to support him.

In all honesty, I find this very interesting. I have not seen a lot of art or fan fictions out there, though. I found myself looking into it as much as I can, trying to find all the information I can.

Dipper looks really cool in this AU.

4 Gravity Rises Gravity Rises swaps the ages and roles of the main characters, with Dipper and Mabel as adults and Grunkle Stan and his twin brother Ford as children, exploring a different perspective on the mysteries of Gravity Falls.

This AU is my favorite! You guys should totally go on Wattpad and search up Gravity Rises! Praise to Brightnesswings!

5 Reunion Falls In Reunion Falls, the Pines family reunite in Gravity Falls years after the events of the original show. The characters must now deal with both new mysteries and the emotional complexities of their relationships as they have grown older.

Don't know much about it, but from what I do know, it is so adorable!

6 Transcendence AU This alternate universe follows the characters of Gravity Falls after they are exposed to a magical event called the "Transcendence," which grants them supernatural powers and immortality, changing their lives and the world around them.

Bill was about to succeed with his plan of destroying the world but was stopped by the Pines family. Dipper and Mabel performed an incantation and nearly killed Bill, but not enough to completely destroy him.

As a last attempt to save himself, Bill tried to take the life force of the nearest person, Dipper. Instead of letting Bill take over, Dip fought back, thus reversing the process and accidentally taking Bill's demonic essence.

Again, I have NO IDEA what's going on in this AU. At least in the Relativity Falls AU, I got the basis of it. But for this one, I don't even know how Dipper ended up like that.

7 Rebel Falls Rebel Falls reimagines the characters in a dystopian setting, where they form a resistance against an oppressive regime that has taken over Gravity Falls, fighting for their freedom and the town's future.
8 Anti-Gravity In Anti-Gravity, the characters find themselves in a world where the laws of physics no longer apply, and they must adapt to this new reality while trying to uncover the cause of the strange phenomenon.
9 Fight Falls Fight Falls is a universe where the main characters are trained in combat and martial arts, using their skills to protect Gravity Falls from supernatural threats and uncover the town's hidden secrets.
10 Relativity Falls Relativity Falls reimagines the roles of the main characters with Grunkle Stan and Ford as children and Dipper and Mabel as their adult guardians, exploring the mysteries and relationships of Gravity Falls from a new perspective.
The Contenders
11 1920s AU Set in the roaring '20s, this alternate universe reimagines the characters of Gravity Falls in a time of jazz, flappers, and prohibition, bringing a new historical twist to the town's supernatural mysteries.

Go ahead and imagine if the show took place in the '20s. It's cooler than it sounds.

It is the best place to be, but be careful who you trust. It can be dangerous.

12 Cipher Twins In the Cipher Twins universe, Dipper and Mabel are the children of Bill Cipher, a powerful demon. They must navigate their complicated heritage while uncovering the secrets of Gravity Falls and their own supernatural abilities.
13 Twin Demons AU Twin Demons AU turns Dipper and Mabel into demon siblings with unique powers, changing their relationship with the town of Gravity Falls and its inhabitants as they face new challenges and uncover hidden secrets.
14 Alchemist Falls In Alchemist Falls, the characters are immersed in the world of alchemy, using their newfound knowledge and abilities to decipher the mysteries of Gravity Falls and the ancient forces at play in the town.
15 Science Dad AU Science Dad AU explores a world where Ford becomes the father figure to Dipper and Mabel, using his scientific expertise to guide them through the supernatural mysteries and challenges they face in Gravity Falls.
16 Neko Falls Neko Falls turns the characters of Gravity Falls into cat-like beings called "Nekos," creating a new dynamic as they use their feline abilities to unravel the town's mysteries and navigate their relationships with one another.
17 Depravity Falls Depravity Falls is a darker take on the Gravity Falls universe, where the characters face more sinister threats and must confront their own personal demons as they try to protect the town and its secrets.

I have no clue what this AU is about. I just like the pictures.

18 Zero Gravity Falls In Zero Gravity Falls, the town is affected by an anomaly that causes gravity to malfunction, forcing the characters to adapt to a weightless world while investigating the cause of this bizarre phenomenon.
19 Garden Falls Garden Falls brings the characters into a universe where they possess the ability to control and manipulate plant life. As they discover their new powers, they must use them to solve the mysteries of Gravity Falls and protect the town.
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