Awful Animation #14) "From Bad to Nurse" (Breadwinners)

Puga Great. This show again. I already reviewed Live Loaf and it still is the worst episode of the show, and it sums up Breadwinners in a nutshell - sugar-high characters and unthought implications. However, every show has a Megward the Wizard. You know, the "abused" one. In most bad shows they're the only likeable characters. There are good Megwards like Tom from Tom and Jerry but most of the time they end up like Squidward. Who is the Megward in Breadwinners? T-Midi. Yes, that's his name. Buhdeuce, Swaysway and T-Midi are all such marketable names, right? Anyway, nowhere is he more obviously a Megward than in "From Bad to Nurse".

The episode starts with some random crap about the "duck's" truck getting updated. Whoever the repair girl is tells Sway and Bud to hold onto their tail feathers and Buhdeuce accidentally grabs hold of Swaysway's butt. 43 seconds in and we already have our first toilet joke. Anyway, a gun that fires loaves of bread has been put into the van. Predictable joke, filler if the ducks delivering and they eventually end up at their "Number one Customer's" house, T-midi the owl. They crash into his painting and they fire loaves and loaves at him. He gets hit and hit and gets a black eye and a few bandages. Sway and Bud feel bad and so decide to "nurse" him back to health. They whack him with the chair and strip him to his underwear. Butt joke and the three of them are all in the bath. Naked. Gee, it's Love Loaf all over again. Fart joke, he gets drowned in bubbles and is hospitalised.

The abuse just goes on and on. His body cast muffles his voice, and instead of the writers being clever and turning him into Kenny from South Park, it's just an excuse to abuse him further. When a mob of bikers is invited into his house, that's the final straw and T-midi explodes with anger, he's suddenly okay for some reason, and he rightfully sends them back and FINALLY stops being their number one customer. I should be sympathising for someone here, but I can't, not even for T-midi. Why? Well, I obviously can't sympathise for Bud and Sway because they're idiotic a******s and I can't for T-midi because he's being an idiot too. You see, he's waited this long to do something. The Ducks were crashing into his house long enough for him to remind them time and time again, and he's only waiting until now to do something. It's so long a wait it's lost the point. Why didn't he do it before his voice got muffled? Because plot, that's why. Anyway, the ducks try to apologise with another Breadzuca. He points them out again, but a loaf is about to hit him, the ducks dodge in front and get knocked out of the house and beaten up by Mother Nature. A loaf isn't gonna do that much damage, actually. It's like throwing a beetle at T-midi at this point, knowing what he's been through. Anyway, since Bud and Sway "saved his life" T-midi forgives them. The End. I sure do loaf (loathe, not love) this show!
Annoyance: 6/10 Awful Audio: 0/10 Boringness: 4/10 Confusion: 7/10 Disturbance: 6/10 Envious Ending: 6/10 Flanderization 1/10 Gaping Plot Holes 3/10 Ludacris Low-Budget 0/10 Mauling Morals 3/10
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