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41 Jejemons

Please don't be offensive to Filipino people my friend is half Filipino SHE IS AWESOME

Oh, A Filipino obviously added this. - Fandom_Lover

Lol who put this here? Anyway, it's basically Filipino Leetspeak.

42 Furries

I'm cool over furries they don't annoy me or anything but there's one problem...Porn Dislike this comment if you find furries annoying or like if you cool over them... I bet I'm getting dislikes

Some are fine but the ones who make disgusting porn art are the ones that most people hate.

How is this annoying?


43 How Addictive It Is V 1 Comment
44 People who use hashtags outside of Twitter

You can use it on Google+ and Instagram too, I believe,

V 1 Comment
45 Selfies

They're Everywhere And My Mom Has Bunch Of These - CuteGirlJigglypuff

GUH. LEMMIE TAK A SELFEE. -does a duck face, which isn't a duck face-
What the heck...Nobody cares about your obsessions with yourself.
If you seen someone's selfie that annoys you, tell them this...
You're selfie is L.A.M.E. (Look.At.Me.Everyone.) [I do not own the phrase.]

46 Flame wars

Flame wars are one of the annoying things on the internet it's the trollers fault for flame wars existing

I hate flame wars, they the worst and the worst type of flame war is the religious flame war.

Which kind of flame war? You can learn from them or laugh at them.

The worst one is Mario vs Sonic

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47 Vine

Vine is so annoying, it causes to many fads

The 21 vine is actually offensive - mayamanga

9+10 is not 21. That persons name is not Jeff and I have no clue what ninganinganinganingning means. Vine is stupid. My opinion.

Worst wines
1. 9+10=21
These people would say answer is 21 but it is actually 19. Then they come up with all sorts of excuses to prove it, using coincidences.

V 3 Comments
48 People who always compare unrelated shows

And some of the results could be really funny!

49 SammyClassicSonicFan

I only enjoyed him for how he raged and yelled "WHAT THE FRICK! " Other than that, why, just, why? It's not everyone's fault that sonic is bad (according to sammy) and who told you sonic 06 was the internees favorite sonic game? I'm not very intrested in sonic, but you just rage on and on about the fans are ruining SEGA and sonic.

And then, TTGMinecraftboy37, another kid who overuses the word "frick", made a YouTube channel! - mayamanga

50 TheHyenasSBE
51 MLG
52 People who use autism as an insult

I agree. The reason I sometimes cause trouble on other sites it's because I have autism. I do wish to behave better though :/ - RB-Number1-fan

I have autism, and this comment sickens me. - PhoebeThunderman

I have it too.

No one should keep using autism as an insult.

53 DeviantArt

This site has so many problems that ruin you life here. You can't delete comments, you can't disable them on your profile, users don't become invisible to you when they're blocked and more! - RB-Number1-fan

Yeah, this is the reason why I will never have a DeviantArt account. That site is full of trolls and drama who call out on others whenever they write something on their journals or even on the Encyclopedia Dramatica website and KiwiFarms forum as well as the "Worst Artists On DeviantArt" list on here at TheTopTens. Be careful and don't be a "lolcow".

54 Getting banned

I've once had a toonzone account with a different username but it had my main email. When I looged into my Banned Toonzone account (which was Mordecailovesrigby) I was completely unable to do anything. every time I tried to contact the help desk or EVEN tried to log-out, it kept giving me this error message saying that I was banned for the following reason: Rules violations.
It was a disaster, and I couldn't even do anything about my email being there!

Just an example of why I can't stand getting banned on several sites of the internet -_- - RB-Number1-fan

55 Jake Paulers
56 Spelling mistakes

If someone doesn't know the difference between their, there, and they're, I automatically thing they're a little child that shouldn't be using the internet at their age - kaitlynrad11

I find it very difficult to take someone seriously if they can't spell.

Minor ones that meaning can be still understood should be fine. Also, how about American/British spelling, which is an entire different story.

Its ez too spel rite. - PianoQueen

57 Nobody takes anything seriously V 1 Comment
58 Arrow to the Knee

I DO like Skyrim, though. But, yeah, I have to admit that this meme gets old very fast.

59 Spam
60 Disgusting Videos

Some adventure time fan videos ruin your stomach!

I can't believe a couple of adventure time "fans" uploaded a few videos about the worst fic ever on YouTube!

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