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61 Malware sites
62 Using numbers as a replacement for letters

Seriously, I don't remember zero being part of the alphabet. Besides, it just makes it more difficult to read. What has society come to?

Oh, like that kind of numbering speak? Oh, there are a lot here. It's just something you have to get used to. - Fandom_Lover

Haha that won't apply to names. Deadmau5, keycha1n and stuff like that.

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63 Fixbee

One thing about the Internet I love is that they give free downloads 99% of the time, but half of that 99% consists of piece of crap things that do nothing from the looks, and fills the computer up to the brim forever. Yep, you guessed it. FIXBEE HAS GOT TO BE THE CRAPPIEST DISK OPTIMIZER EVER.

64 Subscription Fees
65 Plagiarism
66 FiFA
67 Creepypasta

This is why girls obsess over killers. They like "insanity" and all, but they don't know about being crazy or mentally insane. They think it's badass and cool, but it's not. Thus, Jeff-The-Killer fans exist.

Looking a jeffs face made me poop my pants

I swear if I see one more person say how creepypastas are real I will want to orove every stinkin one of them fake

68 Hackers
69 Fake End of the World Videos

Trying to upload crap on Internet,

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70 Lag
71 Biased People
72 Chain Letters

WARNING! CONTINUE READING OR YOU WILL DIE! (Some stupid story) You will be the next victim unless you copypaste this to 1000000 places!


Oh damn! You started reading! Don't read anymore!

Too late! Now you have to post this to 9000 places or else Jeff the Killer will go into your house and kill you at 12:22 AM! - mayamanga

73 People who think the internet gives them the right to be rude

It may be a free country, but it's not a free world here on the internet.

74 Posers
75 Frozen

Not as bad as The Lion King butt-kissers out there. If anything, Frozen has more haters than fans.

76 Server Errors

All of my favorite websites get this error anytime I want to do something. ALL OF THEM. HOW DO THEY HAPPEN AND HOW COME I CAN'T FIX IT? - NuMetalManiak

Sometimes TheTopTens has server errors. It's annoying.


It's basically an excuse to be stupid.

Um...I'm a Christian. There's no such thing as "yol"...unless you're not saved...

78 My Little Pony

Why is this considered bad part of THE INTERNET? - RB-Number1-fan

MLP is for girls. If boys like MLP so much, why don't I see fanboys for Barbie, huh?

79 Justin Bieber being everywhere

At least he's nearly hated everywhere. The hate is justified, anyway.

80 Beliebers
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