Top Ten Most Annoying Things That People Do

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21 Clicking pens
22 Exaggerate trivial matters V 1 Comment
23 People Singing Friday by Rebecca Black

Happens every Friday at my school

Rebecca black is cute. But It is the worst song ever. This should be number one on the worst songs list. I want to commit suicide when I hear it. This happen to me all the time.
I'm 9 years old already. She isn't even on vevo like Justin beiber, Rihanna, Katy perry,
Taylor swift, Jason derulo, and Beyoncé, she is 19 right now. She can't sing properly.
She sometimes makes me vomit and her voice sounds like a dying rat with a mosquito bites in her throat. Delete Friday. Her cover for wrecking ball and we can't stop. Is great.
I also like party in the usa

24 Using 'cancer' as an insult

Just like using autism as an insult Rude!

25 Swear
26 When they backwash

They're not very smart as smart people are


Sometimes I have to use caps to emphasize a word because in the comments they don't have bold or italics, yet they do for the posts. - Anonymousxcxc


28 Make grounded videos out of users
29 When you hold the door open for someone and they just pass without even acknowledging you.
30 Littering
31 Typing Every Thing Like This Where Every First Letter Is Capitalized Like A Title

I used to do that, if you do this and you don't know how to stop, ask your parents for advice and try as hard as you can, then you'll get used to it.

0% is a 0 people only one is a not a clear zero.

Yes That Is Definitely Annoying. Why Do People Do This? So They Sound Superior Because Every First Letter Is Capitalized?

lol face. - DCfnaf

32 Invade your personal space
33 When people ask you for gum

I'm not a greedy person but when a whole group of people see that you have gum it infuriates me because it happens every time. One person asks you for gum then everyone else does when they all get a piece, you don't have any left for yourself - they even ask when you're down to your last three pieces - they want their gum and you run out!

Selfish nerds always ask for gum and they never thank you or get to know you. - DCfnaf

34 When people get angry when you don't move out of their way when you didn't even know they were behind you
35 Hating
36 When you win over someone at a game, they send their squad after you.
37 Taking Selfies
38 Can't decide what to order

Can't decide what to eat at the restaurant... even though' you com here a lot... Taking forever especially to decide on menu item when a meeting is also going on. If you are dining with family that different, socially decide order move on... Just be focused and be aware, be polite, kind, quick, move out of the way, get off your phone and focus... some people totally lived in a bubble and never realize how their actions are perceived by others.

39 Say "Why doesn't someone help?"

I hear this a lot, from people who don't volunteer to do it themselves, about the church, the organization, PTA, cook for a sick friend, visit someone in the hospital. If you are wondering who should help, first question you need to ask is: what have I done?

40 Say Rosalina is unique/original
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1. When they eat noisily
2. They do not pick up things after themselves
3. Using 'gay' to mean lame
1. People who call others autistic to insult them
2. When they eat noisily
3. When they don't wash their hands after using the bathroom
1. Huge groups walking slowly ahead of you on the sidewalk and there's no way past them
2. People who call others autistic to insult them
3. Sticking gum under tables



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