Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Actually Looks Good?

MegaSoulhero Am I going crazy? A trailer for the new animated Spider-Man movie was released and it actually doesn’t look bad. Which is weird because this is from Sony Pictures Animation. The same studio that brought us Hotel Transylvania, The Star, and of course, the Emoji Movie. This Spider-Man movie, however, looks completely different from those films. If I hadn’t known what studio it was from, I would’ve assumed it was from some other animation studio.

For so long I’ve been wanting a Spider-Man movie about Miles Morales. I would’ve preferred a live action one, but this still looks intriguing. Miles is the guy who becomes the new Spider-Man after Peter Parker dies. As shown on a grave stone. As the title implies, the Spider-Verse will be involved. Miles realizes that there are different versions of Spider-Man. This sounds like a pretty interesting plot. So far, it gets me excited. I’m excited to see what will happen and how these different versions of Spider-Man will be incorporated into the movie. Another thing that really looks great is the animation. I love this style of animation! It’s CGI animation with kind of a comic book feel to it. Looks really amazing. The only problem I have with it is that it looks kind of choppy at times. Probably because this is early footage and the movie still has work that needs to be done. Which makes sense since it doesn’t come out until NEXT December. So it’s still an entire year away. Don’t you just hate when trailers are released an entire year before the actual movie comes out? It just makes us even more impatient. It also bothered me when they did that for Star Wars Episode 7. Unlike most of Sony’s films, this actually looks promising. It helps that they got some talented people working on it. Peter Ramsey who directed Rise of the Guardians is a co-director of this film. Phil Lord and Chris Miller who were responsible for the Lego Movie wrote the sceenplay. Even Alex Hirsch the creator of Gravity Falls contributed to the story. So it’s safe to say that this movie is in good hands.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this actually looks like it might be a good Sony Pictures Animation movie. There are actually four movies from the studio coming out next year. The other three are Peter Rabbit which looks trash, Hotel Transylvania 3 which looks like trash, and a Goosebumps sequel which I’m pretty sure is gonna be trash. I’m hoping they can redeem themselves with this Spider-Man movie. We’re gonna have to wait and see in December 2018.


Well, I don't watch Superhero films that often, so I can't say I'm as excited, but still I'll give it a chance. Seeing that it's made by Sony, I'm worried. Let me rank all of their films:
Open Season: Okay
Surf's up: All right
Cloudy with a chance: Good
The Smurfs 1 and 2: bad
I haven't seen Arthur Christmas or the Pirates movie
Hotel Translyvania 1 and 2: Bad
Haven't seen Goosebumps
Cloudy with a chance 2: Meh
The Emoji movie: Awful
The Star: Meh
The Smurfs Lost village: Eh.
Yeah, the chances of it being good are pretty slim, but hopefully it will be. - Drawbox

This is pixar
Surely - iliekpiez