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MegaSoulhero Alright, remember when they released a clip from one of the episodes of season 3 of Star vs. the Forces of Evil at Comic-Con? Well, there was a debate about whether that clip was a flashback or not since it showed Star and Tom dancing. I was part of the group that said it wasn’t a flashback. The episode that the clip came from recently aired and I’m here to say... told ya!

Spoiler Warning!

That clip was NOT a flashback! It took place during an event known as the Silver Bell Ball which is something they have every year! In the episode, they mentioned that Tom and Star broke up, which has already been established in the show, and Tom even states that he was at the Song Day event and thinks that Star and Marco are together! So it definitely isn’t a flashback! Even before the episode aired it should’ve been obvious! Anyone with a brain should’ve known that it wasn’t a flashback! Apparently, the only reason why people thought it was is because they refuse to accept that their precious Starco ship is sinking! There are two different types of people when it comes to this show. The people who do NOT ship Starco, and the idiots. Starco is the most cliché thing that can happen to this show! And I love this show too much to accept that it’s going in that route! This recently aired episode pretty much shows that Star is getting over her feelings for Marco. And that makes me happy because I hate the cliché of the two main characters becoming a couple! I mean honestly! When this clip was released 4 months ago, I figured it wasn’t a flashback since there was no indication that it was! What reason did people have for assuming it was a flashback? Star and Tom looked like they were the same age, Tom not wanting to dance with Star could indicate that he was mad at her for having feelings for Marco, if it was back when they met, what reason would they have for hating each other? These past episodes show us that they have a reason in the present! But because so many people ship Starco, people love to live in denial!

This is my biggest problem with most fanbases! They get so crazy about things that it causes them to not pay attention! Also, why do people even ship Star and Marco other than the fact that they’re the main characters? The way they’ve been doing things throughout the series make it look like they have more of a brother and sister type of relationship! Not a romantic one! The show is great because of the action, the adventures, the characters, the stories, and the settings! But people tend to ignore that because all they care about is shipping! They want their fan fiction and their fan art to become an actual thing! I actually read someone’s comic online... I’m not gonna finish this sentence. Marco and Jackie have known each other since kindergarten! They have more chemistry with each other! Star and Tom have known each other for a pretty long time! They have more chemistry with each other! Seeing the two of them dance together was really impactful! You can actually see more of a connection there! There’s more of a spark between them! Nothing about it made it look like a flashback and I have no idea why people would think that! Most of these people were even treating their theories as if they were facts! I hate when people do that! I read through the comments of the video I uploaded of the Star vs. the Forces of Evil Comic-Con panel. Some of the comments are about Starco. And it drives me nuts whenever I see these comments because I don’t care about Starco! It’s so stupid!

Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a perfect example of a good thing with a bad fanbase! I like the show. I think it’s great. But most of the fans are crazy! I’m really enjoying season 3. I just hope people will accept that Star and Marco don’t belong together!


"Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a perfect example of a good thing with a bad fanbase! "
*deep breath*
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