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1 Arrow/Oliver Queen

Oliver has been through so much and has grown as a character so much. He has something about him that Kara Danvers and Barry Allen don't.

To quote Flash, "that guy's a douche." To everyone. He's crossed the line between a badass ass, to just an ass

Main character, way better than Batman. Even though he is awesome he still makes mistakes though.

Best super hero - OnurLegends

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2 Deathstroke/Slade Wilson

Loved the story of slade such a badass character

He is awesome ecspeacially with mirakuru

Poor Slade he is so troubled all he wanted was to leave the island with Shadow but then Shadow dies leaving him bitter and resentful he is easily the most badass main villain in The whole Arrowverse

Agreed with the other guys, best villain but closely followed by Prometheus. Adrian is a good fighter, but against Sara he would lose. *I say this because Sara could almost, remember ALMOST beat Oliver, and Oliver after a sorta short decent fight could kill Adrian

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3 Felicity Smoke

Felicity Smoke should be the 2 not 3 'cause she shows up in every episode and she is how they MOSTLY succeed on their misions

1 is smoak 2 why people hate her she was awesome at the beginning and way better on the new season like her hacking the only thing I didn't like about her at the beginning was her weakness now she'll do anything for her family and she's no longer weak love it like be honest who doesn't like the Olicity and people that ship oliver and laurel I know that couple has a lot of chemistry but beat it she's dead she will never come back and black siren forgot how to love OLiver because he was dead like 12 yrs she move on and now felicity and her are independent, stronger, and with no regrets also she helped with diaz and became a cooler stepmom and a badass

She is amazing... Go team Felicity Smoke!

Hot, sexy and badass, her hacking is awesome and damn is she fine as hell. I got a hard on watching her kick Diaz's pathetic, whiny ass, damn she really did own him, he was practically crying at the end.

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4 Laurel Lance

I lover to I cried after she hied an her father it is really hard

I liked laurel and she was great as the black canary I wish she didn't die

She was so cool and a great part of team arrow

She's was supposed to be main character of arrow til woman hater ruined her character but she's still touch the hearts of fans and great hero on team arrow
She's from family of crime fighters

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5 Evil Archer/ Malcolm Merlin

Evil archer really wow it's the dark archer

6 Diggle

How is he lower than Felicity? - Solarian

Put Diggle higher than Laurel. She's thebworst character in Arrow. - TheDarkOne_221b

He's john diggle

He's john diggle

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7 Deadshot/Floyd Lawton
8 Roy Harper

I love Roy - Itsrik

I love Roy - Charmander

"Everything looks better in red! "
-Cisco Ramone!

9 Black Canary/ Sarah Lance Black Canary/ Sarah Lance Black Canary is a fictional superheroine in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by the writer-artist team of Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, the character debuted in Flash Comics #86.

The best Black Canary the show had and the best female character. She is real empowerment because of her flaws and mistakes, she came out stronger and regardless her darkness and broken soul she wants to help people and save the world.

You spelt it wrong its sara and she is white canary

10 Yao Fei

One of the best, history, history and skill! Die to fast

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? Mia Smoak

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11 Brother Blood/ Sebastian Blood Brother Blood/ Sebastian Blood

Great actor with interesting conflict as to whether he should aid Slade's vendetta or get out. He was likable and we almost didn't want him to be bad.

12 Tommy Merlyn

He's cute

13 Thea Queen

Really like Thea. Should be higher. - errrr


14 Quentin Lance
15 The Atom/ray Palmer
16 Ra's al Ghul Ra's al Ghul Ra's al Ghul is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman.
17 Nyssa Al Ghul Nyssa Al Ghul

She is my queen!

She is the best female character on Arrow!

18 Adrian Chase/Prometheus

I totally loved Prometheus! He is the best villain on the entire 5 seasons!

Best villain since Deathstroke. He pushed Oliver mentally as well as physically.

19 The Flash The Flash The Flash is the name of several superheroes appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1.

He better than arrow

Yes I agree

20 Moira Queen
21 Captain Boomerang Captain Boomerang George "Digger" Harkness, best known under his alias Captain Boomerang or just Boomerang, is a fictional supervillain who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics.
22 Damien Darhk
23 Ivo
24 Anatoly Knyazev

Anatoly is an important character on arrow and an interesting one hope to see him in season 6

25 Shado
26 John Constantine
27 Katana Katana Katana is a fictional superheroine that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. First appearing in 1983, Katana is a samurai warrior whose skill with a sword allows her to fight for justice as a superhero.
28 Walter Steele

Walter is a good man caring stepfather to Thea valuable ally to Oliver and loyal friend to robert

29 Rory Regan/Ragman

Ragman is really cool, and his rags are amazing hopefully next seasonn he joins the cast, and maybe appear in other arrowverse shows

30 Dinah Drake Dinah Drake
31 Helena Bertinelli
32 Count Vertigo
33 Cupid/Carrie Cutter
34 Crimson Archer
35 Wiliddog

Wiliddog is a great character to have on arrow but I think he Will do something unorthodox and be kicked out of the team

36 Cisco Ramon
37 Baron Reiter
38 Curtis Holt
39 Vigilante
40 McKenna
41 Clock King
42 Dollmaker
43 Cayden James
44 Lyla Michaels
45 Edward Fyers
46 Konstantin Kova

It is Konstantin Kovar

47 Firefly/ Garfield Lynns
48 Frank Chen
49 Wildcat/Ted Grant
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