Most Beautiful Beach Boys Songs

The most beautiful songs by those masters of harmony, the Beach Boys.

The Top Ten

1 God Only Knows

The most beautiful Beach Boys song indeed, beatles. It's very emotional and leaves lasting, warm memories of someone extremely dear to me... - Britgirl

"I may not always love you, but long as there are stars above you..." - beatles

2 In My Room

I'd almost forgotten about this one. It is definitely beautiful. The harmonies are gorgeous. - Gg2000

I believe too that 'In My Room' is the best song of the Beach Boys after 'God Only Knows'. This is a heart-warming list. Bravo beatles.

Don't give me all the credit, anonymous. This list is a collaboration with Britgirl. - beatles

"There's a world where I can go and tell my secrets to..." - beatles

3 The Warmth of the Sun

"What good is the dawn that grows into day, the sunset at night, or living this way..." - beatles

4 Surfer Girl

"Little surfer, little one, made my heart come all undone..." - beatles

5 Surf's Up

"A diamond necklace played the pawn, hand in hand some drummed along..."

These lyrics sound like nonsense at first listen, but after a while you begin to appreciate their beauty... - beatles

6 You Still Believe in Me

One of my all time favorites from the Beach Boys. Especially the vocals at the end.

"I know perfectly well I'm not where I should be..." - beatles

7 Don't Worry Baby

"Well, it's been building up inside of me for, oh, I don't know how long..." - beatles

It's just so beautiful, spiritual, it brings me to tears.

8 You're So Good to Me

, this song is supposedly better than Help Me Rhonda, Good Vibrations, Heroes and Villains and Sloop John B? Christ...

"You're kinda small, and you're such a doll..." - beatles

9 Help Me, Rhonda

"Well since she put me down I've been out doin' in my head..." - beatles

10 Fun, Fun, Fun

"Well, she got her daddy's car, and she cruised through the hamburger stand now..." - beatles

The Contenders

11 Sloop John B

It feels amazing to my ears! Stuck in my head! Shows why Pet Sounds is their best album!

12 California Girls

The opening section is the most beatuful thing I have ever heard - RecklessGreed

13 Good Vibrations

The sound of happieness. - RecklessGreed

14 Heroes and Villains
15 Catch a Wave
16 Girls on the Beach

I honestly find some of the most beautiful harmonies in "Girls on the Beach."

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