Most Beautiful Indonesian Teen Actresses


The Top Ten

1 Ariel Tatum

She's absolutely GORGEOUS, she's young, smart, talented and she's super hot.. ! Definitely most desired girl in Indonesia. - Loomis7

She's suuuppperrr sexy.. ! My God.. ! - Loomis7

2 Pevita Pearce

Beautiful, Talented and hot.. She's one of most popular teen artist in Indonesia. she has many fanboys in whole country. definelty deserve Top 3 - Loomis7

3 Anisa Rahma

Anisa Rahma is very beautiful, so beautiful that her fans are called Imsonisa because they could't sleep thinking how beautiful she is. most popular (ex) member of girl band Cherrybelle, she has so many fans admiring her beauty - Loomis7

4 Mikha Tambayong

Absolutely stunning young girl. tall, brunette, exotic skins. really beautiful artist, deserve on top, Google her now. ! - Loomis7

5 Michelle Ziudith

This sweet little girl arguably the most talented newcomer artist in Indonesia. physically stunning.. beautiful eyes, adorable smile.. Stunning - Loomis7

6 Prilly Latuconsina

Prilly is so gorgeous.. ! Cute, and funny. - Loomis7

She is the most beutiful actresses I ever see

7 Nabilah

The most popular member of JKT48, she's cute, just beautiful - Loomis7

8 Nikita Willy

One of most beautiful teen artist in Indonesia, she has so many experience and achievement at very young age, one of most popular artist in Indonesia - Loomis7

9 Mayang Yudittia

Ex Queen of cyberspace, her pictures are hunted by fanboys everywhere.. the reason is.. She's perfectly beautiful, absolutely adorable.. Now she's making her way of success as an actress and presenter - Loomis7

Perfect gir.. ! Beautiful! - Loomis7

10 Nadia Celia Thomas

The Contenders

11 Rosiana Dewi
12 Dinda Kirana

Beautiful, young, and talented, she has a very beautiful Indonesian face - Loomis7

13 Chelsea Olivia
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