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181 Banks

One of the smoothest beers in the world

182 Bud Light Lime
183 Jelen Pivo

Apatin's beer - Deer! Serbs know why! Here in Serbia we think that the king of the animals is Deer, not Lion... - Jackblack

One of the better European beers

184 Jever

I found out about this beer while in Switzerland. The folks I was working with got it from Germany. Best beer I had in so many countries. It's a pilsner similar to Heineken but with a lot better body and hops with flavor to die for!

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185 Kirin

Awesome Japanese beer, non nom nom

186 Brenguļu

A very very unknown Latvian brand of unfiltered beer that has gained somewhat of a cult following amidst Latvians.

187 Tsingtao

Best lager ever have. Crisp and hoppy taste. Really Clean. Love it

Nice taste, definitely best Chinese beer

Bitter but tasty beer

Best beer in China

188 Lion Lager

It is great test mild beer that I taste in my life.

Best ever

Best beer

189 Bavaria V 1 Comment
190 Hahn

How can such good thing be fallen behind this far? Come on guys... try it out... it is a real deal of a beer taste... Cheero :))

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191 Thurn und Taxis Pilsner
192 Labatt 50

One of the best beer I have ever tasted

193 Australian Max

Australian MAX crowned "The World's Best Strong Lager" at the World Beer Awards

Australian MAX, a premium strong beer brewed by International Breweries has won the titles of the "World�s Best Strong Lager" and "Asia�s Best Strong Lager" at the World Beer Awards in London, England.

With over 700 entries, it was a hard fought competition against the best strong beers from Germany, Britain, USA, Denmark, Belgium, Australia and from all over the world.

194 San Mig Light

Lorna turned me on to this beer at bagasbas beach in daet, so smooth and mellow worth every cent, no hangover just smooth like bicol express

195 Godfather Strong

I have tested and found that the quality of the beer is excellent provably the best quality beer in India.

196 Union
197 Weihenstephan
198 Almaza

Almaza is a brand of lager beer produced since 1933 by Lebanese Brasserie Almaza SAL (formerly "Brasserie Franco-Libano-Syrian" and "Brewing and Malting Almaza"). It is exported to Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and the Middle East.

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199 Hertog Jan

This is the best beer it has a very good tast really light and fresh

200 Fischer
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