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261 Antarctica
262 Bear Republic IPA V 1 Comment
263 Singha

Famous Beer of Thailand since 1933 I tried when I was visiting Thailand 15 years ago and never drank other brand unless when I fail to find, smooth, pure, refreshing good with or without snacks.

V 2 Comments
264 Chang

Revive exotic passions and rediscover Thai True Balance in your life with Chang Thai Beer. This genuinely imported, premium Thai beer is synonymous with Thai culture and pride. Chang beer has a sparkling gold appearance and a smooth, crisp taste and is made from the finest quality malt, hops and deep well-water.

265 Reviewed Beer in India
266 Joy
267 Angkor Beer
268 Myanmar beer

Amazing beer from amazing country.

Amazing beer from amazing country.

V 3 Comments
269 St. Pauli Girl

Back in the 50's it was a very good beer. The good part was the high alcohol content. When they brought it to the states they lowered the alcohol content.

How did anyone forget this beer... ?

270 Emu Export
271 Adelscott

Adelscott was the first beer flavored and coloured by peat-smoked whiskey malt.
Since then, it has inspired enough breweries to make this a sub-category among the smoked beers.
Adelscott is a caramel-coloured lager. Its head is small and diminishes quickly. It has a deep, salmon-like, smoky aroma with fruity notes. The sweetness is well balanced by a smoked bitterness. The finish is dry and moderate with a touch of acidity.
Adelscott a Scotch Ale beer by Heineken (France)

272 Desperados Fuego
273 Helles
274 Olde English 800

With its low price I can get drunk everyday!

275 Grassroots Brother Soigné
276 Cuvée des Trolls
277 Amstel Light

Full bodied, slightly sweet. Very smooth with a touch of bitterness. All the qualities you need in a beer. Now if it came in a can it would be perfect.

Had to change to low alcohol beer for medical reasons this beer tastes as good as full alcohol beer

The best.. Great with a lemon in the glass..

Good for me

278 KOFF
279 Phillips Brewing Company

I have to say I really feel sorry for everyone on here that made all those nominations because I have tried most of those beers more than once. Without any doubt whatsoever the monks would be having wet dreams over Phillips Brewery's Amnesiac not to mention Hoperation Tripel Cross. You have not had real beer until you have tried a Phillips.

280 Pappu Beer
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