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101 Krombacher Pils

this isn't fair, most people will never have tasted krombacher. it's the most delicious beer there is, but can't really be compared to becks because it's so rare.

102 Asahi

Crisp and Golden color and a perfect accompaniment to a Chinese or Japanese meal, it's an amazingly refreshing beer. The flavor almost like crisp spring water

Best beer in international brand

How the hell is this beer not somewhere in the top spots!?

Good beer, better than budweiser.

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103 Kingfisher

Its best Indian brand

Great Indian beer

104 Kaiser

Good Brazilian beer. Got better since Heineken bought it.

105 Super Bock

Why the best beer of Portugal isn't on top 20? At least...
When you drink it, you never want another one... Its really really awesome!

For me, it is better than heineken, carlsberg, erdinger... Please try it!

Super Bock 49? Super Bock is for me the best ber that I have drink! I already drink all kind of beer, in France, where I live, we just have popo beer, but when I'm going to vacances to Portugal I'm so happy because I'm gonna drink a super book!

Least known because of being in the corner of Europe but certainly better than just 4/5 water-beer content...
One of the best Portuguese, if not the one.
Even better is the new Superbock Classic.

106 Lowenbrau

This is simply the best beer in the world

107 Rolling Rock

Angry Video Game Nerd's favourite

Just a good taste

This is the tastiest beer I've had. Thank you Angry Video Game Nerd (James Rolfe) for introducing me to this wonderful brew. - Dorito

Son-in-law gave me a couple of cans yesterday (4th) at their campsite around the campfire excelent tasting beer! Plan on buying a 30 can cs. tomorrow

108 Leinenkugel

Not any of the specialty flavors... just Leinie's Original. Hard to find out of a certain area of the midwest, but the best beer made in America. - MrDeadman

The summer shandy makes me want to take my pants off. I'll let you decide if that's a good thing or not

I love all the different varities of Leinenkugel. The original is really good but not the best in my opinion. I like their Honey Weiss or Sunset Wheat the best. This limited edition Golden Lager is really good though, similar to the original but better in my opinion

A real beer made in the land of beer, not watered down like some others

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109 Kingfisher Blue
110 Castle Lager

The greatest beer quenchering mankind... Round the globe

The best thing since sliced bread. A true mans beer

Nothing beats castle lager when you are thirsty

The best Africa has to offer, enjoy! - AGK

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111 Haywards 2000
112 Molson Ex

The very best in beer hands down

113 Alamo

Alamo is a light and refreshing Golden Ale. Awesome starter beer.

114 Shiner Bock

I'm from Cincinnati, where beer is king and I've traveled the world. I've tasted more beer than most folks could ever hope to. Now we live in Fort Worth and Shiner Bock is my absolute favorite. This is a smooth, full body beer that goes with every thing from brisket, to Tex Mex to Mama's Pizza. (Also, a favorite! ) The reviewer above said it... all you have to do is taste it!

Taste it, it's all it takes. One sip and you'll find out Texas' best kept secret.

Some of the best beer I've ever had... Bar none... Try the family reunion 6 pack.. 6 different beers all simply amazing... Try it and you will understand my comments.. Only brand I drink

Real beer with body from Texas made using old recipe.

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115 La Chouffe
116 Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 is India's largest selling strong beer brand. And I think it's the best beer brand in India.

Beer that make feel like aking

117 Tripel Karmeliet
118 Lech

From my opinion this polish make beer is the best in the world when you undertake the taste of the beer and presentation of bottle or can.

Great polish beer. Stronger than your average american beer. Very refreshing...

119 Westvleteren Extra 8
120 Kokanee

Kokanee is the best beer ever! It should be number 1. Only problem is I've only seen it in Washington.

Kokanee rocks! Love Labatts but would pick Kokanee over all beers as # 1. I also love because, Canada

Great because Canada beer. No BIG ads at the superbowl to "prove" that, just taste.

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