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1 Pennsylvania Music Expo - Lancaster, Pa.

The largest monthly show of its kind for 37 years - by collectors, for collectors. The organization has received so much interest, a second showroom was added to support the vendors who wanted to set up and provide more shopping experiences for the customers. A great experience - and it is FREE!

Longest running monthly show in the world. World class knowledgeable vendors and shoppers with free admission, and family oriented atmosphere.

I always find lots of great bargains here from all of the friendly vendors who are glad to help me find whatever I am looking for.

The best to find vinyl at 45 and lp's lots of dealers and fellow collectors

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2 The Greater Orange County Record Show - Buena Park, Calif.
3 Monster Ann Arbor Record and CD Show - Ann Arbor, Mich.

Awesome show! There is such a diversity of music at the show. The dealers are very helpful. I like connecting with the fellow customers - young and old, some are from Europe and Japan!

An awesome show that never fails! Always a killer selection from a room FULL of great dealers!

A great show, we always look forward to attending! Great selection, good prices and some bargains if you search!

Small show with great turn out. Great buying audience.

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4 KDVS Record Swap - Sacramento, Calif.

Lots of old vinyl in great condition, lots of people from a wide area and range of tastes, something for everyone. Easy to get to, nice people.

I DJ in Davis at KDVS and there's definitely some soul there. One of the few places where even the youngens are crazed for records.

KDVS is the best thing that ever happened to the SACO area and beyond.

I work at KDVS, and this is one of my big events

5 WFMU Record and CD Fair - New York

Diverse vendors with terrific records and record-related stock to sell, and the show is run by a wonderful independent radio station, WFMU.

This must be the best show, because I've been attending this show since 1998!

6 Bay City Record Convention - Bay City, MI

This is a wonderfully structured convention for all levels of vinyl lovers with outstanding vendors and prize drawings throughout the day.

An absolutely great event for lovers of vinyl & cassettes. "St. VINYL-tine's Day" is February 13th and I can't wait for the show!

A very great show, always glad too be a part of it. Great people all the way around.

Attend twice a year! Keeps growing and growing!

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7 The Austin Record Convention - Austin, Tex. V 1 Comment
8 Mega Record and CD Fair - Utrecht, The Netherlands
9 Midtown Kansas City Rock and Swap - Kansas City
10 International Record Fair - Berlin

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11 Stan's Record Show - Lenexa, KS
12 Northwest Record and CD Show - Seattle
13 Roosevelt Hotel Record Show - New York
14 45 and 78 Record Show - Allentown,PA V 1 Comment
15 KSPC CD and Record Expo - Claremont, Calif.
16 The Chicagoland Record Collectors Show - Hillside, IL

Only show in the Chicago area worth acknowledging!

My best show for selling. Always well attended.

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17 The Cromwell Record Collectors Fair - Cromwell, Ct.
18 PCC Record Swap Meet - Pasadena, Calif.
19 Music Expos, Enfield, CT

Can not wait til next one on March 16th in Windsor Locks. Found a vast amount of Metal and Punk at last show that was added to my collection - Phil.

Show is now in East Hartford, CT and it's a great packed venue - found some imports and odd-ball LPs at the last show. Looking forward to May 24th show

20 Melodies & Memories Record/Memorabilia Record and Cd show - Eastpointe Michigan V 1 Comment
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1. Bay City Record Convention - Bay City, MI
1. Bay City Record Convention - Bay City, MI



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