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1 Toys in the Attic

This album is amazing! Considering that I'm a huge Def Leppard guy. Sweet Emotion starts arguably my favorite movie, Dazed and Confused. A band like Aerosmith will never happen again. Today's music is just too blah for me. Tyler and Perry rule!

Such a CLASSIC ALBUM! Pump was the album that got me into Aerosmith, but his one REALLY got me into it. Although really, really overplayed, "walk this way" is a great song, and so are all the other ones... my favorites are "Toys In The Attic" and "Sweet Emotion. " this album shows just how ' awesome aerosmith really is!

My god, toys in the attic kills! Toys in the attic kicks off the first song, then the rest come great specially sweet emotion, walk this way, and big ten inch record. You see me crying was a good way to end the album.

2 Rocks

Toys in the Attic has 2 great hits (Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion) and 2 very popular songs among the fans (Toys in the Attic and You See Me Crying). The rest is good, but no so good and peculiar as those 4. ROCKS has no great hits like TITA, but it's a complete album, from Back in the Saddle to Home Tonite, each one has a specific characteristics and feeling on them, and has no bad song on it.

Rocks simply and absolutely represents the musical peak of aerosmith in the 70's so it should never be at second place after "Toys in the attic". I like toys very much but all of the songs in rocks are true gems, and superior compared to the ones in toys, They have more found their own sound with rocks.

This album is not the casual rock radio album. It has one hit but it is not overplayed like "Walk This Way." Rats In The Cellar may be one of Aerosmith's best. Give this album a full listen before choosing toys. Much stronger record all the way through.

3 Get Your Wings

Come on listen to S.O.S. or Woman Of The World. Class A songs. Then of course you have Lord Of The Thighs and Pandora's Box, Two Classics. And The Big Hits. The Encore to every show, Train Kept A' Rollin and then the album starter, Same Old Song And Dance, the best horns section ever put in a rock song

I simply cannot fathom how Get Your Wings is behind Pump, that album is yesterdays garbage compared to Get Your Wings. I'd suggest getting a copy and you'll understand why this is the best favorite Aerosmith album
1. Get Your Wings
2. Toys In The Attic
3. Rocks

This should be third to Rocks and Toys, only because it contains hands down the best cover of any song ever covered. Train Kept a Rollin' may be their crowning jewel.

4 Aerosmith

Honestly, this is probably my least favorite of their albums from the 70s (even lower than Night in the Ruts in my opinion) but it's still really strong. Obviously you have their biggest hit song on this album, as well as a few heavy hitters like "Mama Kin," "Walkin' the Dog," and "Write Me a Letter." And my favorite on the album is "Movin' Out." 4/5 stars from me.

I think this should be at the top. I listened to it before from start to finish and every song on it was great! It also has "Dream On" which is their best song by a long shot! Not only that, but the album cover is so cool and one of my favorite album covers of all time. The top 3 are good albums without a doubt, but this is definitely their best!

OH MY GOD! This is great. Great, great and great. Dream On is the most well-known song by the band, Make It and Movin' Out rocks too hard, they're almost perfect, Mama Kin was covered by Guns N' Roses, but I prefer Aerosmith's version. One Way Street is... Good, Good and Good. Walkin' The Dog is great as a cover, and the others... Meh... They're great!

5 Pump

A well-rounded collection on consistency is exposed with Aerosmith's last 80's release. The band have never sounded so in tune with each other, whilst the songwriting helps to bounce all tracks within, & just breathe's perfection. "Pump" is the album every Aerosmithaholic needs to have in their collection...hands down!

Dude! This si the best album ever!
It is my favorite. And the reason why I want to be just like Aerosmith! This album is better than any other album ever made! People need to vote for Pump. It has Janies Got a Gun on it, and it's a real classic. No aerosmith album will ever be this ' AWESOME!

The same level of high quality as Toys in the Attic's high points, the same consistency of material as Rocks, and the beautiful sound quality and variety of the eighties material? Pump is easily Aerosmith's best release.

6 Permanent Vacation

This album is very complete full of great songs, with magic touch or hangman jury and also dude looks like a lady, this album is a pleasure to listen through from beginning to end. A must have if you like Aerosmith

I vote for this album because it has my all time favorite Aerosmith song "Angel". Plus I love "ude (Looks Like a Lady)", "Hangman Jury", "Rag Doll" and others

A very good album, but not their classic sound from the seventies, just a commercial money crab.

7 Night in the Ruts

Many people, including Rolling Stone, have rated this album as unfavorable, but I disagree. My father has this on a cd and a record album. I have listened to the cd hundreds of times and I love it. There is not a single track on the whole album that I don't like. It deserves a higher spot on the list. It's not a crappy album, it's a good album!

I think that ruts is way under rated for one thing every song on the record tears it up this was my era of music from no surprise to think about it, these songs just plain crank and this when they were messed up on all kinds of cocain an booze they ripped it up then they tear it up now crankin in brewer Maine.

Massively underrated album, all pre 80s albums are better than the crap they put out in the 80s onwards.

8 Get a Grip

Ok, what is this doing here? Yeah sure, this album only had one popular song, but the others are just as good. Eat The Rich, Get A Grip, Fever, Flesh, Walk On Down, Shut Up And Dance, and Line Up. Let's not forget Gotta Love It, which is one of their lost underrated songs ever.

Livin' On The Edge is the best Aerosmith's song from the 90s... I don't like Amazing, I don't like Crazy, I don't like Cryin'
The title track is great, Eat The Rich is a classic

I grew up on this album. Livin' On The Edge is one of my favorite songs of all time, not that you'll go wrong with any on this one.

9 Draw the Line

I'm a big Aerosmith fan not keen on their post 70s stuff though, this album is my favourite, it's carefree and is the band not really giving a hoot and playing like they were jamming like back in the beginning.

Rawer than ROCKS, if not a bit slower, but with a more gritty and live guitar sound. To me, this sounds like a primordial Appetit for Destruction. Slash says he was inspired by ROCKS, but hear Draw The Line.

Love it to pieces. Toxic twins just before falling apart, I think that together with Live Bootleg the band is never been in a better shape, despite the humungus amount of drugs they were doing.

10 Nine Lives

All the songs from this album are just great. The worst is Fallen Angels, but are the other songs rock: Nine Lives, Falling in Love (Is So Hard on the Knees), Hole in My Soul, Taste of India, Full Circle, Something's Gotta Give...

Most critics hated it, but it's nice to see that the fans love it. Truly is full of energy, and is very different from anything the band has recorded then and since.

This is one of their more head-banging albums and it's pretty good. When I was in middle school I had Nine Lives playing in my head almost all the time. It's killer!

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11 Done with Mirrors

This album deserves more credit. I have listened to the whole album on YouTube a few times and I love it. Totally Aerosmith! Anyone who would call this unfavorable doesn't know what they're talking about.

What Done With Mirrors? No way!
Yes! This album earns the number ten spot, because it was when Aerosmith got back together after the break up.

Truly believe this album should be top 5. Straight raw rock people have no idea about this album damn shame.

12 Just Push Play

By far my favourite Aerosmith album. Really turned a new corner with this album. I wish they had followed it up. Love the artwork and videos also

This is one of my favorite album of aerosmith my favorite songs is fly away from here, sunshine, jaded and under my skin.

Again another album that's just boring...not their classic style

13 Rock in a Hard Place

I think it's favorable if it's given a chance. I have it and I love it! My favorite songs on the album are Jailbait, Lightning Strikes, and Rock in a Hard Place (Cheshire Cat). Aerosmith is awesome!

Some awesome guitar riffs and some gutsy vocals from Tyler who was obviously chemically impaired. I loved the whole album. Much better than the ballad crap they put out later.

Jailbait Is Great! I think it's a good album

14 Live! Bootleg

Awesome this is the first aerosmith album I brought and I love it. Aerosmith live is better than there studio albums and that's because they play the songs better

Mother popcorn is my hit from this album.

15 Big Ones

Always cracks me up when people say "why is this album down here, it has all their best songs" when referring to compilation albums...if you can't answer that question you just don't get these type of polls

Why is this down here? I also couldn't find A Little South of Sanity on here, so this is my choice. It has a lot of the best hits. Wow. O_o Just wow.

This has many great tracks, including some unreleased tracks. I have it and I love it!

16 Music From Another Dimension

Kinda disappointed in this album. Street Jesus and Beautiful are awesome songs. Legendary child is a decent song, but the rest isn't so great. Lover a lot, love X and the ballads are so cheesy and lame.. Nine lives is way better in my opinion

It was my first Aerosmith album and I love it! Just because they don't sound the same as they did in the 70's is alright there great no matter what.

Oh, Carrie Underwood with Aerosmith? I think they aren't a good band anymore? Just pop

17 Honkin' On Bobo

Honkin' on bobo is sure one of my favorite Aerosmith album. Baby please don't go and stop messin around are the greatest. I think I really love it because' there's a lot of harmonica in

Aerosmith why make a blues album you have so mutch other blues songs like mother popcorn. but I like ther sound inn the album

Waste of time

18 Pandora's Box

Many weird songs.

19 A Little South of Sanity
20 Tough Love: Best Of The Ballads

Never seen this before

21 Devil's Got a New Disguise

BAD don't care...not at all classic

This album have god collection of aerosmith. their other songs are good but don't have aerosmith feling

22 Greatest Hits
23 Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology
24 Classics Live!
25 Classics Live! Complete
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