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1 Balls to the Wall

Yup this is their best and this song is very nostalgic for me as this was one of the first metal songs I had ever heard - christangrant

Legendary riffs and vocals. Gives you goosebumps!

A toptrack from the band, should be number one at this list, original voice, good sound and rhythm that newer will be forgotten.

Legendary song from a legendary band! - Grundapants

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2 Fast as a Shark

It's still one of the best speed metal songs and it was one of the most influential songs in this cool metal subgenre. - Metal_Treasure

The intro is epic.

3 Princess of the Dawn

Best song ever listen to live version by udo

This should be at least #2


4 Teutonic Terror

Best song without udo on vocals

5 Breaker

Old school metal. Can't believe it gets no radio play!

This is a great song. I love both - their old and their new material. - Metal_Treasure

6 Metal Heart

Better than Balls to the Wall

One of the best songs in heavy metal

The best Accept song.


7 Restless and Wild

Best full throttle song Accept has. Love the riffs!

8 Shades of Death

Their best song - sounds very current and epic. It also has the best arrangement with some classical / symphonic elements. Remarkable build up. - Metal_Treasure

9 I'm a Rebel
10 Wrong Is Right

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11 Starlight
12 It's Hard to Find a Way

It is a very good song

13 Son of a Bitch

Definitely one of their coolest tracks!

14 Midnight Mover
15 Aiming High
16 Stalingrad

I got into Accept through Brutal Legend (praise the metal gods for that game) when I heard fast as a shark I quickly listened to some more then I heard this song and I had a new favourite song

17 London Leatherboys

It deserves something better

18 Pandemic

"it's a metal disease! " - Metal_Treasure

19 Shake Your Heads
20 Living for Tonite
21 Russian Roulette

Their best song in my opinion!

22 Losing More Than You've Ever Had

It should be in first 10.

23 Amamos la Vida
24 Death Row

What a great tune. I have always thought the Death Row album was way underrated.

One of their heaviest songs. - Metal_Treasure

25 Turn Me On
26 Love Child
27 Monsterman
28 Neon Nights
29 Too High to Get It Right
30 Midnight Highway
31 Kill the Pain

Why its not on the list? Best song ever! So emotional

This is not the real place of this song... It should be in top 20...

32 Can't Stand the Night
33 No Time to Lose
34 T.V. War

So low rating? This is absolute classic!

35 Burning
36 Head Over Heels
37 Down and Out
38 Beat the Bastards
39 No Shelter
40 The King
41 Sodom and Gomorrah
42 Dead On
43 Helldriver
44 Get Ready
45 Bulletproof
46 Protectors of Terror
47 China Lady
48 Take Him in My Heart
49 Break the Ice
50 Sick, Dirty and Mean
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1. Shades of Death
2. Teutonic Terror
3. Fast as a Shark
1. Fast as a Shark
2. Balls to the Wall
3. Restless and Wild
1. Fast as a Shark
2. Balls to the Wall
3. Teutonic Terror

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