Top 10 Best Alestorm Songs

They are all such catchy awesome songs. Which of the Scottish Pirate Metal bands songs is the best?
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1 Keelhauled

Better than "Shipwrecked," in my opinion. It's more serious and has a more "piratey" feel to it, both instrumentally and sound-wise. I like most of their songs very much, though.

The first song I heard by Alestorm - they got me hook, line, and sinker. Great pirate lyrics, and a super catchy keytar, guitar, and drum combo.

Pirate metal at its absolute finest. Enough said.

2 Shipwrecked

The catchiest sing-along song of the lot! There could be a few at number 1, but this one has that extra pirate edge and some nice heavy riffs.

This has to be the catchiest song ever.

The 1st song I've heard from them.

3 Captain Morgan's Revenge

This is the best. You can talk about Keelhauled and others, but look at the lyrics. These lyrics will say that it is the best, and the music will tell you too. Please vote for it.

Absolutely epic combination of great music and amazing story in the lyrics. The song made me feel all the emotions of pirates whose story was the plot.

Best song off the album of its title. Captain Morgan's Revenge is a great song/tale. One of the countless catchy choruses by Alestorm.

4 Drink

Easily the most energetic chorus of all time! Seeing this live is a spectacle even Jack Sparrow would approve of.

Such a catchy chorus. Makes me want to blare it at a bar and have everyone sing along to it.

Yes, a song about *gasp* beer! AKA, the reason why I no longer question my sanity.

5 F**ked with an Anchor

This song is so funny. The first time I saw this song, I thought it had to be a meme, but then I looked up Alestorm and found out it was legit.

I think everyone can relate to this song at some point in their life.

This is just hilarious.

6 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)

I'd say this one is the best because it tells the story of a battle that really happened. But the instrumental is almost as awesome as the lyrics, and there are omens and legends. Also, cannon fire and naval battles are always cool.

Should be #1. An absolute instrumental masterpiece. Vernon really is one hell of a keyboard player.

This song is an underground masterpiece, as is the band in general.

7 Leviathan

Brilliant song about a battle with the Leviathan! Epic chorus once again!

1. Leviathan
2. Captain Morgan's Revenge
3. Black Sails at Midnight
4. Set Sail and Conquer

Granted, I've only heard the first two albums so far. Also, any one of those five songs could rank #1 for me on any given day. Bottom line is, this band kicks ass.

8 Mexico

Love the 8-bit intro.

9 The Sunk'n Norwegian

I love this song so much, but be careful. A couple of days ago, I was singing along to this at work, and my boss came in and asked who I was talking to!

If you've never been at a pub and sung the chorus of this song with a bunch of mates, go and tick it off the bucket list.

Amazing catchy song!

10 Back Through Time

It's about going back in time and using tech from 600 years in the future to steal gold. I mean, come on.

Who doesn't love a song about pirates versing and destroying Vikings and ninjas?

Vikings and pirates! I mean, could it get any better?

The Contenders
11 Death Throes of the Terrorsquid

I want to be totally honest here. I originally thought Alestorm sucked until I heard this song. No, this is not just a song. It is an AMAZING anointment of power metal epicness.

This song makes life make sense. It is simply incredible!

Easily the most epic Alestorm song! The constant change of pace and righteous story leave me feeling like I need to go sailing instantly. Don't even get me started on the chorus!

12 Alestorm
13 Nancy the Tavern Wench

I think Nancy is a pretty nice person, accepting everyone into her tavern and all.

Classic drunken sing-along. Slower than the usual Alestorm songs, but a must-play if you want to have a good time.

14 You Are a Pirate

You're a pirate, Harry!

15 No Grave but the Sea

Absolutely insane song, a masterpiece with an epic chorus as usual from Alestorm. The instruments are truly magnificent in this, though.

16 Magnetic North

Not their absolute best. I'm just voting for it because it's definitely one of their top 10.

Ugh, this song is so epic! Listen to this before voting, please!

I listened. It's epic!

17 Over the Seas

Another great pirate story being told here. Cool verses and chorus.

18 Set Sail and Conquer

Amazing solos on synth and guitar! Overall, a very powerful song.

19 Rum
20 Pirate Metal Drinking Crew
21 Wolves of the Sea

Easily the best song the band has written. It is just so energetic and joyful that I can't help but love it.

22 Hangover

Who would've thought that a dance pop song would be perfect for a pirate metal cover?

I love this song! A great cover, better than the original (Taio Cruz).

23 Man the Pumps
24 Black Sails at Midnight

A solid song to round out the top 10. This just edges out so many other songs that could have made the top 10. Pirate Song, The Quest, Set Sail and Conquer, That Famous Old Spice, and many others miss out.

25 Barrett's Privateers
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