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41 Love In the Dark

For me someone like you will always be my all time favourite but this one really stood out for me from the new album along with all I ask and million years ago. When she sings:"I'm trying to be brave, stop asking me to stay" I die a little inside.

This song has one of the grandest productions of any Adele song and is undeniably underrated. I'm genuinely baffled and confused as to why this isn't in the top 20.

25 is her coolest album! Love her

42 Can't Let Go

Only available on her Target album (it comes with two other songs). This song is easily one of her best and would be higher up if it wasn't a Target exclusive

Love this song...
Best voice ever...

43 Painting Pictures

Needs to be at least in the top 15... Try this song. Its not her best but still a great song sung by her. Really excited for her New album..

44 Water and a Flame
45 You'll Never See Me Again

Give it a try... No need to tell about it anything because every song of her is great.

Thought I heard it all of adele. Until I discovered this one. Speechless!

The best song by Adele so far similar to set fire to the rain but better

46 Crazy for You

The style of music combined with the lyrics make an amazing song

47 Hiding My Heart

Why is it in 18th place... I love just this song... This song is second after rolling in the deep... Marvelous song... ♥

good - tututu2266

I knw this song is not her best. But it's my story at the moment, my crush is like 4yrs older than me... And he went 2 China 2 study now as he graduated last year. :"( and I kept hiding my heart from him. Adele is amazing. Guess he'll be there in my heart for some time... And this song is what reminds me of him. The worst part is, when I'll graduate, I'll probably go 2 London. and we will be even mor far than this. I don't mind relly, because it's all just a crush rite? The biggest crush I had. <3 I love Adele. and I feel sad 2day. This song consoling me and keeping ne calm.

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