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1 The Way

I chose this one because I like how she sings


Just one word shoocckkiingg!

Cool ari way to go

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2 Problem

This song is so awesome, it's very catchy and like a girl version of 99 Problems. Needs to be in the Top 10!

This song is so awesome, it's very catchy and like a girl version of 99 Problems. Needs to be in the Top 10!

This is one of my favorite songs and I have to admit I'm obsessed with Ariana Grande I can't go a day without listening to her. Problem is my favorite song and I love Iggy azalea too I love the song fancy

I really love this song because you look really hot in your video and I like how you sing especially when I hear it on the radio and when I make the radio really, really loud it is much better I love you Ariana grande very much

When you find out that the school bully is moving away:I GOT 1 LESS PROBLEM WITHOUT YOU!

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3 Break Free

After a day it was already on top of my iPod's top 25 most played list, and most likely by double of what the last #1 was! On repeat all the time, this song is amazing!

In my opinion this song isn't getting enough praise as it deserves. It's a catchy beat with a good music video. Personally I liked this song better than Problem! Now don't kill me.

I didn't like Ariana before I hear this song! Now I think her songs are cute, and also her voice

This song is so catchy and inspiring.😊😊

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4 One Last Time

I love this song so much because the songs I have heard of ariana they were not as much good and of my taste and one day I was just messing with YouTube and there on pop songs list I found one last time and when I listened to it I just got addicted

This song is amazing! Also counts with David Guetta's production, I know it will be a huge hit.

I picture Ariana as able to make catchy beat songs but she is even better at making deep emotional songs. This song is catchy and emotional and the music video concept I love as well but I feel this song even though it was a hit is still underrated. One Last Time, It needs to be the one, yes number 1.

I love this song

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5 Love Me Harder

This song made me fall in love with Ariana Grande! I heard a few of her other songs after this but none of them quite match up to this one. Her voice is so amazing, and the song is extremely catchy. Love it!

She's quite attractively sexy in the video. My brother is just in love with her but don't get me wrong, Problem or neither Break Free might be her best song but this is quite both sexy and good, same with Break Free with the sexy Star Wars underwear dress

This song was absolutely amazing and I can't stop to heard it!

Its one of my favourite songs

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6 Baby I

In my opinion this is an awesome song with good lyrics and a good meaning she has a big vocal and an amazing talent people should admire her for what she does

I love this song because is the best song ever I want to ser you sing

Love this song... Talented beautiful woman

Love the song and the way she sang it


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7 Honeymoon Avenue

I love this song. I always put Honeymoon Avenue on repeat. This should be number 1.

This should be number one! Amazing song! Has a story behind it while still being a fun song

This has to be my personal choice as the best song.

Boi this is the best of the best

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8 Dangerous Woman

It's mind boggling how it is so low on the list. This song is definitely one of Ariana's best songs. The lyrics are surprisingly well written, I like the instrumentation and the sexy vocals are amazing. This song definitely stands out as the most mature track since Love Me Harder cause both songs explore mature themes. Even the music video makes the song even more sexy where Ariana basically sings in her underwear for 3 and a half minutes and it's surprisingly enticing I'm not gonna lie. It's such a shame so many sad saps from internet trash her for all of the lies they've been hearing from the media and that silly donut incident. Ariana should be well known for her impeccable vocal talent, not what is she doing in her personal life. - Johnny1248


Literal pop perfection, and her best song released to date.

How in the world is this not number 1 or close? This song makes me feel like a badass every time. you gotta love this song!

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9 Put Your Hearts Up

Ariana is my idol she is so talented and beautiful! This song is awesome!

Just love it! Put your Hearts Up

Best song ever sung by Ariana

I don't understand why Ariana herself don't like this song
..I love this song...This song makes me feel happy and dance - Nandani

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10 Into You

This song should really be top 5. The beat is amazing, and the chorus is FANTASTIC. A really good chorus, and the backing vocals fit perfectly and her voice is just beautiful. This is a pop masterpiece

This song is really, really, really good, it should DEFINITELY be higher. Catchy, and I really like the beat.

Her best song by far in my opinion. The instrumental is amazing and matches so well. Deserves to be way higher, I think its one of the best pop songs of this decade

great song

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? Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

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11 Popular Song

I feel shock when this song isn't on there! This song is funny and nice! This song is the reason why I like ariana!

Oh my god! Ariana Grande is so beautiful. This is the best song I've heard of her's along with 'The Way'.

I love popular song because I love ariana with her black make up and ariana is the most popular girl in the world awesome - darlyn

By far Ari's best song, in love! - KcSunshine1

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12 Right There

When I played this song once someone said it sucked. I literally had to breathe repeatedly to control my anger.
This is my favorite song on her album because it's catchy, and she does amazing vocals in it. Amazing

I love this song because the tune and lyrics are really catchy and I really love listening to it. Ariana Grande sings it so well and I love her voice!

Right other by Ariana grande is the best song

This song is my favorite

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13 No Tears Left to Cry

I love this song as it's so uplifting and in your spare time when I listen to it. It brightens my day up. No tears left to cry shows a new path to ways and it's very accurate in the music video. The path to success, Focus on different things

One of the coolest and addictive song. Ariana looks stunning in the song. The video is amazing as well.

This song is the new song I sing whenever I am sad. This song is so uplifting and bright...I love it. Definitely not a disappointment. Every 1st song of each of her eras is amazing to be honest so, I am not surprised this is a bop. Queen serve them hits yas!

Has to be at least top 10! - 23MACCAja

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14 Love the Way You Lie

Love this song now when she sings it

Her voice is way better than Rihanna

Definitely better than rihanna

Love love love!

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15 Tattooed Heart

Beautiful song. Old doo-wop style mixed with her powerhouse vocals. What a song.

I feel like it was one of the most emotional songs she has ever sang. I love it very much. It is really hard to choose the best song she has ever sang. I am stuck between this one, problem, and put your hearts up.

This is my FAVORITE song. , it DEFINITELY be first. If it was more popular it probably would have been 1st.

Definitely her best song! I've wanted to get a tattooed heart ever since this song came out

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16 Best Mistake

I know this song just came out but people should already be realizing how amazing it is. The lyrics are so thought out, deep and emotional. Her voice is so soft and vulnerable with just a hint of sexiness. I mean come on people, this song is incredible!

This might be one of the best songs I have ever heard her voice turns me on in this song and shes killing ever note in this song shes amazing this should be number 1

This is the song that made me really like Ariana Grande. I was so amazed by "Best Mistake" that I right away bought the "My Everything" album.

This song is so catchy I love it!

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17 Almost Is Never Enough

I'm in love with this song because her voice is so amazing and featuring with nathan sykes just seemed so right

This song has been so beautifully portrayed, the emotions so raw and out there, it's better than "The Way" by like a gazillion times. I though she and Nate bought back this almost miraculous good, rich music that seemed to be doomed & then I see this isn't number 1 of her songs -_-
Faith in humanity...NOT RESTORED!

This is just... Beautiful. It should be at the top. It's the soundtrack for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

A seriously underrated song. - GodFlowey

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18 Be My Baby

Cashmere Cat's production and Ariana's vocals = amazing!

This is literally my favorite song! I can play this song all day long... Why 32?!

This song is so catchy. , I love it and I hope you like it too

love it

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19 Focus

I agree that Focus is quite similar to Problem but at the same time it doesn't mean it's not addictive or catchy as hell cause it is. Even though the chorus is extremely weird but oddly enough I got used to it. Ariana sounds great as always. What pisses me off are the haters themselves finding a lame excuse to hate Ariana by talking about how much they hate the song or because of that silly donut incident. Not her best but it's still a good song though. I feel like that her performance at the AMAs made the song a lot better, I don't why but it did

Focus is the best song ever! It sends a really important message that we should focus on what we really are, and not what we look like, our gender, what we're wearing, our sexuality etc. Focus is my favorite song from Ariana by far! Love it.

Sometimes I just find myself looking this up on YouTube when I'm bored... Great, catchy song

Its hell catchy and sure gets all the focus on the Princess of POP

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20 Side to Side

This... like I couldn't stop singing this, like my family kept asking me to stop! Its such a good song although its about... ya know

I love how she used the reggae style, it's a great song and everything fits perfectly. Her voice, Nicki's rap, and the beat is amazing. It's truly a bop

Although she didn't preform it her best at the mtv music video awards it's a good song! She suits it!

Ariana is my 2nd favourite artist But I love her all songs are so amazing But side to side is best

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21 Greedy

This song is incredible. It's so different to other songs in DW because it starts with so much energy and keeps going. This song shows why she is a singer and why she loves this. This is truly one of her best songs.

Half new, half old! Perfect, this should be sung in a theatre in a musical!

Why isn't this song number one!?!?!? This is pop perfection, and needs to be far higher than 29!

This is a fantastic song. - 23MACCAja

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22 Break Your Heart Right Back

Love how it incorporates old school into the song

Such a good song!

Love this one

Glad she hired childish Gambino

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23 Better Left Unsaid

This is one of my favourite songs ever! Go on YouTube and watch her preform it live, she dances amazingly in some KILLER heels!

Great Song. Great Refrain and Lyrics Great Beat.

Definitely catchy, something you wouldn't get tired of after listening to it for 2 months

It's like a party song

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24 Daydreamin'

Great chord progression, constant and simple. Helps focus on the lyrics, which are amazing

In love with this song and have been since it came out

I can listen to this song all day. It's so soothing.

Just perfect.

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25 Die In Your Arms

This song just really shows off Ariana's vocal range and what she can do. The mood it creates is amazing. Would love to hear more like this.

The way she is so creative with the song is so amazing

Better than Justin Bieber

This is good,I'm a huge belieber and arianator,and I'm so proud of this

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26 Piano

Should be in the top ten at, east the best song ever Ariana is so awesome and this song is real catching please vote for it

I love this song because her voice sounds the best here

Its so upbeat and catchy!

I love this song so much!

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27 Bad Decisions

Catchy, listening to this song would not be a bad decision

I love this song because is like very dangerous with the bad words

I love this song because it was written by Ariana Grande

Ain't you seen a princess be a bad bitch - Nandani

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28 Santa Tell Me

Love Santa tell me it's Christmas it's new what more could you have

Haha love this song her voice is so sexy

I learned the song just by listening it on the radio

Best Christmas song ever!

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29 Emotions

When I first heard that song, I understood what a great vocalist Ariana is.

The song is great. And her whistle notes are just amazing.

She's just the little version of Mariah.. Her voice is absolutely flawless and those whistle notes gosh... Incomparable... All and all she's amazing..

Best cover of emotions.. - Nandani

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30 Last Christmas

It's so hard to take a classic song that everyone knows and loves and make it like your own. I think Ariana did that with Last Christmas.

Taylor swifts version suddenly doesn't sound so impressive

I love the last one minute. It's been done very nicely.

A must listen song...very catchy

31 Grenade

It makes me blast just love it

This song should definitely be #1 this is Ariana's best song. I love you Ariana Grande

Female version of Bruno mars

This song (the original) is kinda way overplayed on radios and T.V.'s,but this cover is amazing which made it even better than the original,which made it a female version of this song. She has an amazing singing voice when she coverd this song. She's the female version of B.M! Best cover ever! I love it! I want her voice so bad,it's a nice voice she has:) B.M needs to see this,what he will think when he sees this? B.M,you need to see this! I like original version but it's kinda overplayed every day (not trying to be mean to B.M) but when I heard this cover,it made the song even better,Oh My Godness! Now,it's even better!

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32 Bang Bang

This is definitely her best song I'm absolutely addicted to it how is it not even in the top 15 I would have it at no1 if it was upto me but I don't get how it's only just in the top 25

Cool song. Ariana's voice makes the song much more entertaining.

Love this one

Love it!

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33 Breathin

Perfectly represents what the album is about, thrilling, upbeat, climactic, the charts will love this

The best song on sweetener


34 Only 1

It's a great song, it gives that Ariana vibe

It's a good song but not the best.

I want her to be the only one


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35 Why Try

Definitely should be number 1. It's the most beautiful song from Ariana yet it doesn't get much attention.

I think this is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's got everything. Her voice sounds perfect in this. - princeRio

Definitely should be in the top 10. Such a meaningful and emotional song

I love this song..I'm going through so much pain in my life..I always cry listening to this song.. - Nandani

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36 Only Girl In the World
37 Beauty and the Beast
38 Snow In California

Lovely song. Should be way higher in the list

This song is so underrated

Who sings this song


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39 Love Is Everything

She sings great in this song.

She nailed it. Period.

Wow yeah is the best

You song is great wath your

40 You'll Never Know

Love this song :-) :-) so catchy love her voice (my name is Ariana to)

This song deserves more attention.. This is definitely Ariana at her best.

I love Ariana Grande this is my favorite song

Love this song...Should be higher..Why didn't she performed it yet - Nandani

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41 Quit

Catchy chorus and a emotional song with a catchy tune from Cashmere Cat

42 Give It Up

No one knows her and Elizabeth gillies. They make beautiful duets together

You sing is fantastic


43 Moonlight

Despite the song was written about Ricky The Rat and not Sean like many of us believed, it is arguably her best ballad, perhaps not her best song, but I'd say it's neck-to-neck with Tattooed Heart.

Even though it got replaced with Dangerous Woman has the album title and her favourite song in DW. It's so romantic and it's great that Moonlight has harps as the instrument and it sounds great. I don't know why people stopped using them because they have so much romance in the sound!

I think ari is best

Her best song wbk

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44 Vienna

I think Ariana did amazing on this cover of Billy Joel's "Vienna. " She sings it beautifully.

Cool Song of Ariana Grande

This is the best ever! It's a shame I can't get it on iTunes, I miss Ariana's old voice because the way she sang this song was amazing!

It isn't her song, but she did a great cover of Billy Joel.

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45 Santa Baby

Pretty good song, but I think Liz Gillies sings better in this song then ariana.

She is the best Christmas singer

This is my life.

Better than Liz gillies

46 Touch It

This song balances grit with wit, and it does it in a masterful way. The production is off the hook, and Ariana showcases some of her best vocal moments in this song. Totally underrated song.

This song is amazingly catchy and I love the lyrics. Always on replay, I'm surprised why this song isn't in the top ten. The chorus stands out and uGHH this song is just perfect, I'll never get bored of it.

My favorite song ever. So emotive and powerful at the same time I love this song

This is really her best album, and the best song off the album

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47 Be Alright

I love this new track by Ariana Grande. Best singer ever should be in the TOP 10. DANGEROUS WOMAN IS READY TO SLAY!

It is comforting us to be alright even if finding love and life is a crazy challenge

Listening to it on repeat right now!

Why is this song so low on the list? This song is probably my favorite off the whole DW album. The lyrics are so positive and the instrumental is so pleasing to listen to. It's also pretty iconic in terms of the DWTour. This song is a bop that deserved more attention. In my opinion, those songs that are in the top 10 (problem, bang bang, etc) are nowhere near as good as these other songs on DW (be alright, touch it, sometimes, knew better/forever boy, thinking bout you, etc)

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48 Boyfriend Material


I love this song, I was so excited when she finally released the studio version. :))

49 Pink Champagne

It's really good it should be higher - Neolion

Yay! I love this song! - BunnyC

Why is this song so far behind?

It's a okay song

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50 Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

When I hear this song I cry. The song is just so emotional! Should be a lot higher! Its about someone still loving them even though there cheating on!

This should be WAY WAY higher on the list. It's Ariana best and more meaningful song. And it was written by Harry Styles and its Larry so

Vocals and lyrics combine to make a beautiful, meaningful song.

This song is so underrated.
The lyrics are easy to understand, but there's no need to make them complicated.
I cried a few times back when I was listening to this song.

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