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1 The Way The Way Cover Art

I sing a lot and I hit the same notes as she can, except she uses auto-tune. I like this song anyway, but I wish she wouldn't use stupid auto-tune it ruins people's voices. Like why does everyone hate Taylor Swift? Her singing sucks and she is desperate for boyfriends to blame. Ariana is nice, but NO MORE AUTO-TUNE! I thinks eh'd sound better without it. :D

I love this so so much cause when I fall in love with somebody, I'll sing this song to him. I love Ari voice too! Her voice is so nice and beautiful

I chose this one because I like how she sings

It's probably one of her biggest hits. I love it so much because it's not the typical pop hit, it's more RnB and her voice is so unique, I would recognize her everywhere.

2 Problem Problem Cover Art

I love PROBLEM! Iggy Azalea's only good song. (I now no all of y'all gon' be hatin on me for not liking fancy, but its abiut being drunk...)

I first discovered this song on just dance 2015. I loved it and ever since I have been searching. I first discovered her on popular song, vevo. at school the whole class lost network, and my friend, max. changed the words: web page not available to ariana grande wants to be your girlfriend! I loved it, I don't know how he did it, but I want to know, ever since I have loved her music. I have watched one love manchester and I need an ari hug after that! love her so much. this will always remain in my heart and one of my favourites. post from Ben

I love Iggys part on this, but this is the list I would say:
1. 7 rings
2. Side to side
3. Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored
4. Thank you next
5. Bang bang
6. Break free
7. No tears left to cry
8. God is a woman
9. Problem
10. Dangerous woman

Problem is my favorite song by Ariana Break Free is my second and if you are reading this comment Ariana then I just want to say I love you and I am your #1 fan! You are my idol and I'm going to follow your footsteps in every way!

3 Break Free Break Free Cover Art

Remember that I said about my assesment? Well, yesterday, I was forced to do one. It was a book called “Once”. And trust me guys, it was bad! VERY bad! I took me groaning for an hour and I have to do it on the FIRST day of April! How awful is that?! - UltimateHarms

This song kind of shocked me. All the videos and websites so far are saying that break free is the best song. I think it should replace the way because I am not a complete fan of the way. Love it. Gets stuck in your head though!

I thought Ariana's voice was too high until I heard this song. Now I'm her biggest fan. I love this song! She controls her voice so well when she sings this song and it sounds so effortless (And I LOVE the music video)

Even in my school I played this song a lot and I love it so much me and my friend could ever like try to impersonate ariana's voice until we already get it! and our schoolmates is really proud of our voice being like ariana! and we use this song to impersonate ari

4 One Last Time One Last Time Cover Art

I think I really like this song too. However, it's the saddest song I've ever heard from her because it was at that time that there was a bombing in Manchester which is why she made that One Love Manchester concert with Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Black Eyed Peas, Pharrell Williams, Little Mix and all those other singers who came. To be honest, I usually never get really emotional over things like that, but I kind of wish I was. That is the most saddest thing I ever saw and I'm really glad Ariana was compassionate enough to do that concert. This deserves a thumbs up. Because the best thing in the world that anyone should ever have is love.

This song is actually catchy, for no reason it’s like...losing a boy/girlfriend and they chose another boy/girlfriend to go with. It makes you feel this song and think what you have done. This never happened to me in my whole life. (Because I’m single) - UltimateHarms

I love this song so much because it's a very nice song and I love the music video, this song just makes me feel very happy but all of Ariana's songs are the best in my opinion but this one is my favorite, I love to just sing along to it and pretend I'm with her in the music video.

I picture Ariana as able to make catchy beat songs but she is even better at making deep emotional songs. This song is catchy and emotional and the music video concept I love as well but I feel this song even though it was a hit is still underrated. One Last Time, It needs to be the one, yes number 1.

5 Love Me Harder Love Me Harder Cover Art

She's quite attractively sexy in the video. My brother is just in love with her but don't get me wrong, Problem or neither Break Free might be her best song but this is quite both sexy and good, same with Break Free with the sexy Star Wars underwear dress

This song made me fall in love with Ariana Grande! I heard a few of her other songs after this but none of them quite match up to this one. Her voice is so amazing, and the song is extremely catchy. Love it!

At first I didn't like Ariana because the only song I ever heard of her was problem and I thought it was alright. When I heard this song it made Ariana my favorite singer it is so soothing and relaxing and she has the Perfect voice

I love ariana grande to the core and I love her voice to the moon back and forth dude.

so I like all of her songs very much..
my wish is to meet ariana grande and get her autograph and pic with her too dude...just chill out common de what the dude

6 Dangerous Woman Dangerous Woman Cover Art

It's mind boggling how it is so low on the list. This song is definitely one of Ariana's best songs. The lyrics are surprisingly well written, I like the instrumentation and the sexy vocals are amazing. This song definitely stands out as the most mature track since Love Me Harder cause both songs explore mature themes. Even the music video makes the song even more sexy where Ariana basically sings in her underwear for 3 and a half minutes and it's surprisingly enticing I'm not gonna lie. It's such a shame so many sad saps from internet trash her for all of the lies they've been hearing from the media and that silly donut incident. Ariana should be well known for her impeccable vocal talent, not what is she doing in her personal life.

The beat, how she sings, and the lyrics fit so well together! the video is actually quite enjoyable, probably one of her better videos for a song!

How in the world is this not number 1 or close? This song makes me feel like a badass every time. you gotta love this song!

I LOVE this song it should be like the 5th I know most people don't love it but it should NOT be 25

7 No Tears Left to Cry No Tears Left to Cry Cover Art

This song is the new song I sing whenever I am sad. This song is so uplifting and bright...I love it. Definitely not a disappointment. Every 1st song of each of her eras is amazing to be honest so, I am not surprised this is a bop. Queen serve them hits yas!

I love this song as it's so uplifting and in your spare time when I listen to it. It brightens my day up. No tears left to cry shows a new path to ways and it's very accurate in the music video. The path to success, Focus on different things

The lyrics, the meaning, the melody, her! After everything seh has put out in the last time (even the thank u next album), THIS is still (with Into You) my favourite song of all time!

This should be number 1.
1. No tears left to cry
2. God is a woman
3. Side to side
4. Into you
5. Bloodline
6. 7 rings
7. Break up with your boyfriend
8. Boyfriend material
9. Breathing
10. Break free
11. The way
12. Faith

8 Baby I Baby I Cover Art

I hate Ariana Grande and her music, but I really love this song! I also kinda like Put Your Hearts Up, but I hate her other songs

The best song I ever hear in my life. Problem also too good. She (ARIANA GRANDE) is the best dancer also.

I sang this to my crush and he loved it he's my boyfriend now thank you Ariana for writing this song

I thing I think you have to win this one and I just love you so and my name is Juliet I like your song

9 Honeymoon Avenue Honeymoon Avenue Cover Art

This should be number one because it is by far the best song by her. She even said it herself. On snapchat she took a picture of someone else's phone with Honeymoon Avenue playing and wrote that it was her favorite song she ever recorded in the caption.

Honestly, I like the song but I didn't get the meaning of it. Was it saying that her relationship with someone was taking the wrong turn and she wanted to go back to the point before it became tainted and change everything?

This should be number one... Maybe it's because her other songs are WAY too overplayed, or maybe it's because this is a beautiful love ballad that soars above her other made-for-clubbing music. LISTEN TO IT OR ELSE

This is a great song. Should be number one. No lie I've been playing this song almost everyday ever since it came out, I never get tired of it.

10 Into You Into You Cover Art

This song should really be top 5. The beat is amazing, and the chorus is FANTASTIC. A really good chorus, and the backing vocals fit perfectly and her voice is just beautiful. This is a pop masterpiece

Her best song by far in my opinion. The instrumental is amazing and matches so well. Deserves to be way higher, I think its one of the best pop songs of this decade

Sounds like a generic Pop song, plus there are way better songs like Side to Side, Let Me Love You, Dangerous Woman etc.

This song is really, really, really good, it should DEFINITELY be higher. Catchy, and I really like the beat.

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11 Popular Song Popular Song Cover Art

A lot of people can relate to not being popular. This song is about someone who was popular who was probably tormenting Ariana but then she proves that she can be more popular than the popular person. It's a very catchy song, couldn't get it out of my head for months

This is one of the only (okay... more like the ONLY) Ariana Grande song I like. The song is really something I can relate too, as popularity is a VERY BIG DEAL at my school, and I know it's big at all schools, but really more than most schools at mine. This song is so awesome!

This is definitely the best song of ariana! Please vote for this! So funny, and lovely.. ! Has got a very vary jolly tune! Never get bored with this song! LOVE IT LIKE ANYTHIN'!

I feel shock when this song isn't on there! This song is funny and nice! This song is the reason why I like ariana!

12 Put Your Hearts Up Put Your Hearts Up Cover Art

I love this and Right There, but @Nandani, I think the reason Ariana Grande didn't like this song, because it was more Cat Valentine than Ariana Grande. She wanted to make a song I think in reference to her herself Ariana Grande instead of just Cat. I'm not sure I'm explaining properly.

I love this song so much, I love Ariana Grande she is a very talented person. I mean she is super at being cat in Sam and cat and victorious. She great at singer. My wish is to meet her in person or go to one of her concerts

This song is very catchy and it is very beautiful! Her voice is very cute too. The song inspired me to be an Arianator and to listen to all her songs. I wish I could actually meet her in person (I saw her but didn't meet her).

She is a very talented singer in her act as cat in victorious I love the way she sings. I voted for her because I mostly love how she sings put your hearts up

13 Focus Focus Cover Art

I agree that Focus is quite similar to Problem but at the same time it doesn't mean it's not addictive or catchy as hell cause it is. Even though the chorus is extremely weird but oddly enough I got used to it. Ariana sounds great as always. What pisses me off are the haters themselves finding a lame excuse to hate Ariana by talking about how much they hate the song or because of that silly donut incident. Not her best but it's still a good song though. I feel like that her performance at the AMAs made the song a lot better, I don't why but it did

This is the best song EVER! 1st, this song is so clearly calling haters to back off (Thanks MirandaSings for teaching her that). 2nd, her choreography in this song is GREAT! The moves, the clapping hands... But I do have to admit there is negative stuff about this song: She said the s word...

Focus is the best song ever! It sends a really important message that we should focus on what we really are, and not what we look like, our gender, what we're wearing, our sexuality etc. Focus is my favorite song from Ariana by far! Love it.

This song isn't as good as her other songs, but it's alright I guess. I love the lyrics, but I think she should change the tune of the chorus because that guy just doesn't sound good in it, she would be so pretty singing it by her self! I liked problem with the guy in it, but not this one☹ sorry ari☹

14 Side to Side Side to Side Cover Art

I love how she used the reggae style, it's a great song and everything fits perfectly. Her voice, Nicki's rap, and the beat is amazing. It's truly a bop

This song is catchy, but is more than one bad word in a song really NECESSARY? I mean, come on! It is EXTREMELY inappropriate to say the word D-CK in this song. Just saying'

This... like I couldn't stop singing this, like my family kept asking me to stop! Its such a good song although its about... ya know

Although she didn't preform it her best at the mtv music video awards it's a good song! She suits it!

15 Thank U, Next Thank U, Next Cover Art

This should be higher on this list! Such a good song, and up to today the song is always stuck in my head. I will be singing it for days

Tun is the best album ever! With a mixture of sad and happy songs, thank you next is officially the best

This should be first it is the best and 7 rings should be third and boyfriend should be scecond

This song can get annoying but I still love it.

16 Breathin Breathin Cover Art

Perfectly represents what the album is about thrilling upbeat climatic the charts will love this

One of Her great new songs, but this is my favorite Ariana song of all time

I Love this song. I listen to it at school and home all the time!

This is like my favourite song after side to side

17 Greedy Greedy Cover Art

This song is incredible. It's so different to other songs in DW because it starts with so much energy and keeps going. This song shows why she is a singer and why she loves this. This is truly one of her best songs.

One of the beautifully joyous songs I have ever heard. The most impressive thing is it actually might not her best song.

Why isn't this song number one!?!?!? This is pop perfection, and needs to be far higher than 29!

The best! This song makes me remember treasure of bruno mars. It kilos.. it's the best Ariana ever

18 Bad Idea Bad Idea Cover Art

This song is so amazing and underrated. I love the part where she sings ari-Chan that was so adorable! This needs more love!

Such a catchy and underrated song, really amazing!
Ari and Sel are my favorite music artists.

This song is so underrated! It has an awesome tune and ari-Chan is so adorable

19 Right There Right There Cover Art

When I played this song once someone said it sucked. I literally had to breathe repeatedly to control my anger.
This is my favorite song on her album because it's catchy, and she does amazing vocals in it. Amazing

I played this at school w/ my bestie who also loves Ari, but the whole class said it was awful we didn't care so after the song was over we went up to them and started singing it so loud at the top of our lungs.

I love this song because the tune and lyrics are really catchy and I really love listening to it. Ariana Grande sings it so well and I love her voice!

OH MY GOD I sang this song with my best friend and WE WON! Just 2 ten year olds won against the whole district yea this song deserves credit like hell!

20 Bad Decisions Bad Decisions Cover Art

So good! I sing every time even if I am not listening to it! My favorite!

I love this song because is like very dangerous with the bad words

Catchy, listening to this song would not be a bad decision

I love this song because it was written by Ariana Grande

21 Love the Way You Lie

I love this song very much. It's awesome.
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
But that's alright because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and here me cry
But that's alright because I love the way you lie

Why is this song in number 11 it should be at least top 5. I just love ariana grande songs especially this song. Ariana has a beautiful voice. She should be the top singer. Her voice is so perfect for this song and I love it. please vote for this song.

What better then Rihanna.

Have you all gone mad. Undoubtedly Ariana is an awesome singer and her songs like the way are among my bests. But still this song is meant for rihanna only.

What better then Rihanna.
Have you all gone mad. Undoubtedly Ariana is an awesome singer and her songs like the way are among my bests. But still this song is meant for rihanna only

22 Be My Baby Be My Baby Cover Art

This is literally my favorite song! I can play this song all day long... Why 32?!

Cashmere Cat's production and Ariana's vocals = amazing!

This song is so catchy. , I love it and I hope you like it too

Stunning song, one of the best of My Everything

23 Best Mistake Best Mistake Cover Art

I know this song just came out but people should already be realizing how amazing it is. The lyrics are so thought out, deep and emotional. Her voice is so soft and vulnerable with just a hint of sexiness. I mean come on people, this song is incredible!

This is the song that made me really like Ariana Grande. I was so amazed by "Best Mistake" that I right away bought the "My Everything" album.

I LOVE THIS SONG, the lyrics are so deep and soothing. The melody has been stuck in my head for weeks.

Agreed, amazing song. Surprising that it was not as successful as her other hits.

24 Bang Bang Bang Bang Cover Art

I can't believe this song's not in top ten. Infact it must be #1.
This song is so cool and catchy. Its definitely the best song ever!
I really really love this song.
For anyone looking for good song of ariana
This is it.
A definite "must hear" song

Ari and Nicki work so well together and this is another song of their success! It adds so much love and awesomeness

Cool song. Ariana's voice makes the song much more entertaining.

Honestly all I can say is that its great

25 Break Your Heart Right Back Break Your Heart Right Back Cover Art

Love how it incorporates old school into the song

Glad she hired childish Gambino

Love this song it's really good

Her boyfriend cheated on her with a guy! jsyk that's what the song is about!

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