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1 Angel With a Shotgun

I love this song. It's kind of like my life in a way, but it makes me so happy to listen to this song when I'm sad. BEST SONG EVER!

I sang this to my husband when I proposed to him. I think I saw him shed a tear!

They should make this a single and make a music video for it.

2 Endlessly

I love this song so much. The day a guy sings this to me (hopefully my soulmate), I will fall in love with him. "I know that it's cheap, not like gold in your dreams, but I hope that you'll still wear it."

This is my favorite song ever. I intend to sing this to the person I intend to marry while holding a ring in my hand.

Just beautiful. I am saving this song for when I find the one.

3 Living Louder

Baby, I'm living louder, dreaming longer, fighting harder, loving stronger tonight...

4 La La

This is what I would consider one of the most underrated songs in modern times. The Cab as a whole is underrated, but this song in particular would have been a surefire number one hit if it had been advertised properly.

The song isn't very well-known. Fascinating song. I would consider this somewhere between 2nd and 3rd place.

5 Intoxicated

I love the beat. Honestly, all the Cab songs I've heard are amazing.

6 Temporary Bliss

Great vocals. Different side of The Cab. The beat is different but still amazing! It's about hooking up with your ex and not being sure how they feel about you. "I can't keep sleeping in your bed, if you keep messing with my head." "I can't keep touching you like this, if it's just temporary bliss."

The beat... I can't describe how good the lyrics and the beat are.

7 Lovesick Fool

First song I heard from them. It attracted me to the whole band. Amazing song.

Absolutely love this song. Awesome voices and lyrics.

8 Vegas Skies

If you're going through a breakup, listen to this song. It's slower and sad, but it has great vocals. It's about a couple breaking up, knowing it's time to part ways, but acknowledging what they had was great. "Say good night, our first goodbye." "And know that the timing was right."

A really good breakup song. This song actually gets me emotional sometimes.

9 Bounce
10 Bad

Bad, Angel with a Shotgun, and Lock Me Up are my favorites. Bad came up on Pandora and started my obsession with The Cab. It even played at my after-prom when my friends and I were bowling. I hadn't heard it in a while, so I didn't recognize it right away. I was thinking to myself that I knew this song, but I just couldn't think of the name. When I realized it was The Cab, I flipped.

Amazing song! The first song I heard by them. I thought it was undoubtedly their most popular song, but I guess I was wrong. It should be higher up. It's a love song with a great beat, but what else do you expect from The Cab?

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11 One of Those Nights

Brendon Urie's and Patrick Stump's voices are brilliant!

Best song! The first time I heard it, I already loved it!

12 Can You Keep a Secret?
13 I Am Who I Am
14 Another Me
15 That '70s Song

This song has an absolutely amazing beat! It's one of those songs that make you want to dance around in your room with a hairbrush as a microphone. It has a happy beat, and the vocals match perfectly. Truly The Cab's best song. Please listen!

I really love the tune of this song. It's just a shame it is not well-known.

17 Lock Me Up

Oh my gosh, great song. Why is this in sixteenth place?

It's one of my favorite songs. Try it...

18 Numbers

Aw.. Yes! But 21st place is not the place for a great song like this.

19 Stand Up

Excuse me. No comments here yet? This is such an amazing song by The Cab. Why, why 20th place? I feel like this song is so unknown and underrated.

20 These Are the Lies

These are the lies that I tell myself at night... You know what lies I tell myself, though? That this song is very well-known. No, but it certainly does NOT deserve to be in 23rd place.

21 Animal

While Angel with a Shotgun may be cool and romantic, this song shows a more sexy, bad side of The Cab not shown in their more popular songs.

I love this song! Why 25th place? The beat, lyrics, vocals - everything's great about this song.

This song is actually really good. I don't see why it is a bit low on the list, but oh well.

22 Her Love Is My Religion
23 High Hopes In Velvet Ropes
24 Moon
25 I'll Run
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