Best Armies in the World

Which Army would win if they were all the same size? No nukes or chemicals.
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1 Pakistan

Pakistan army is the best among st all armies even much better than US army. Thumbs up For Pakistan army.

Pakistanis are the champs and every one knows Pakistani win the war games in Britain

Pakistan army is one of the best in the world, here are 10 reasons why they are the best and why they can beat India in war:
1) The first war between Pakistan and India (1947) Pakistan had no weapons except guns and India had everything and lot of tanks and still Pakistan and India draw ed because both sides killed 1500 troops and Pakistan wounded 115 more than India.
2) The second war was lost by India but they almost won. Pakistan had 260000 number of troops and India had 700000. India also had nuclear power in that war and Pakistan didn't.
3) Pakistan lost the 3rd war in 1971 because it was east Pakistan and India vs west Pakistan it was 2 against one and they also had a lot to worry about because east Pakistan was getting there independence from west Pakistan.
4) Pakistan won the Kargil war in 1999 even though Pakistan didn't get use the navy or air force and India used air force and infantry. Also Pakistan had 5000 troops in that war and India had 30,000.
5) In ...more

Yes, Indeed Pakistan has the strongest army in the world. In the war of 1965, we had nothing not even proper machinery to fight off the Indian force of hundreds of tanks. But due to the bravery of young soldiers who strapped explosives to themselves and laid on the field waiting to destroy the tanks. Don't say India is better than Pakistan, or Israel is better than Pakistan. Pakistan went from nothing to Nuclear Power. We created our army our nation from blood and sweat. We have the best army in the world.

2 United States

The USA is the best and will always be the best! We have the best technology that helps our soldiers on the battlefronts and we constantly have deployments which gives our soldiers continued exposure and experience. We also have the best equipment and every soldier is well taken care of. We train very hard as well and a lot of our units / branches are the top elites of the world E.G Delta force, marines, navy seals, air force, navy, black ops

I mean, the USA is a real global power, with a superior technology, mobilization, and even beat India and China in power despite having only 325 million when they have 1.41 billion. And then we find them below Pakistan.

The United States is reputed as the world's ONLY superpower. How could it be not number 1? When it comes to weaponry and armaments, no other country comes close to the US. It has more sophisticated fighter jets, battle tanks, warships, submarines, and so on, than any other country. It is the only nation equipped with over 10 aircraft carriers (more than all the carriers of other countries combined! ). Not to mention, as well, the US has a HUGE stockpile of nuclear weapons. But I guess what gives America the edge over other nations is that it is well-experienced in war. Over the course of its glorious history, since the years of Washington, the US has very well known the taste of both victory and defeat. China and Russia and scramble for second place, but the US is surely way ahead of them. Long live America! Land of the free and home of the BRAVE.

Superior technology, ability to mobilize, naval superiority, air superiority, these lead to ground superiority. Ability to raise AND arm it's people (most of which already are armed) garners fighting ability, infrastructure- food, water, raw materials, and medical care. Over all a smarter soldier on the battlefield due to mass general education before the onset of any skirmish. No other country on earth can do what the USA can do in such vast quantities and within a given time frame. This is what wins war. As for any nay sayers? Read the real history of WWII, were it not for the USA, Europe would be speaking German, and the South Pacific, Japanese.

3 India India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.

Though my Pakistani brother has given many reasons for Pakistan's army to be the best I don't think in all these years the indo-pak war has taught something to him... Indian army fights with defensive tactics. Nukes can't be used just like that. India could not use naval or air raids on cities because it will be then aggression on India's part. India just fights to prevent acquisition of land by any militia. And for god's sake, its not India you should fight... It's the poverty in your country that you should concentrate on... As for best army, by training skills and all, I think India is fifth, as Israel and USA are to be on top, followed by Germany and Russia.

The only commebdable asset the country has. Indian Army is a great assets. I am not a patriot but gotta say Indian army is the most devoted army in the world. For its country this is the only army that can die selflessly and still people do not respect it. Despite political pressures Indian army has always been a miraculous one. One of the greatest gem India has. This one asset has save India from every massacres and terrorist attacks. Those who think Bollywood actors are heroes are retarded these are the real man. LASTLY IF ANYONE THAT DESERVES RESPECT IN INDIA THAT IS INDIAN ARMY.

1. Indian missile system is defective as compared to Pakistan according to Indian own media.

2. India has low quality tanks as compared to Pakistan

3. Indian nuclear tech is not as much as powerful as of Pakistan. Anyway, Indian nuclear bombs are also considered a bit defective.

4. India has been beaten by Pakistan when India has about eight times larger army than Pakistan.

5. India is not much powerful as compared to Pakistan as it was before.

Due to many other facts Indian Army is not considered so good as much as it is ranked.

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India is the best with one of the most experienced militaries in the world as it operates in deserts, coasts, Himalayan glaciers, Mountains, Plateaus and many more with temperatures ranging from 55 to -40 degree Celsius...
What a joke that Pakistan is the best. If they are then why do they see nuclear weapons as the only deterrence to Indian Army? Their army small, weak compared to India and they only pretend to be strong because of Chinese and US support. They were not able to defeat their homegrown terrorists without the Allied forces.
India is the best. JAI HIND

4 China

Some say China didn't take role in WWII but China sacrifice many lives so that Japan wouldn't take over. Chinese army is the best because the soldiers allow them to be sacrificed at any moment for the country.

China would win just because of the sheer number of the military.
If there were nukes involved, America would definitely win because of the Military advanced infrastructure.
But lets say in numbers, China has at least 2,200,000+ People in their Chinese military
America has only 1,600,000 in their military.
Experience and that would not matter, sure maybe a little bit but if it was 15 against 1 you would lose no matter what kind of experience you have.
Therefor my answer is China.
They would win just because of their sheer number and military power

Most people don't realize that the age of a civilizations army does not matter. I see most of the retards above say "this army has been around for 10,000 years. I don't care. That means nothing, as it is just history. China has a huge military force and is a communist country so they could obtain a forced army from the not millions but over 1 billion people in China. Also China has a variety of countries to conquer or ally with. Take Russia for example or North Korea or any communist country. America can conquer Mexico and Canada. Big whoop both countries are crappy military forces so America has no room for expansion. Also America is floating with horrible leaders now a days and is floating in debt. America would die if it was embargoed by a coalition of countries. America poses the only real threat besides maybe Russia. But Russia would not interfere if it is a mutual enemy. Therefore China is ready to strike with numbers and a modern army as well as a economy and brainwashed ...more

whoever says that china doesn't have the guts to fight any other frigging country, you're a fugging piss head. China would sacrifice anyone in their army to defend their country! Go CHINA!

5 United Kingdom

We have the hardest trained soldiers we fight side by side with many countries such as USA, Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand I could go on and on but my point is we might not be the biggest army in the work but my god everyone knows we are the most experienced and highest trained Amy today Pakistan shouldn't even be in the top 20 they have proven nothing to earn than rank Britain is ruthless in battle but at least we show compassion and would never leave a man or woman behind. The Taliban will regret ever starting a war with us and out allies. To all the allied troops of England thank you for what you are doing.

British troops are known for being well trained; that is why the British army had the biggest empire, especially the navy! The British army is Scotland (known for their worriers) England (known for their weapons and planing tactical moves) and wales (that if great at defending as they did with the English and French that tried to invade wales and britain and is a is the loyalest guard the rest of the British know) they all work in the army together and others from Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and people from Asia etc can join in the British army and the only ones that beat-ed britain was the British colony that became America, however it had French, Spanish, German and fellow British going to help. The other reason is that the Americans could not win a fight until they united with Britain in ww1, ww2 and onward with British help and technology.

British military personnel have the best training possible, from the royal marines to the army air corps, the men and women are pushed to the limit, then further, most of the training itself is developed by our experience in the battlefield, we have thought in most places across the globe for one reason or another, our equipment is fairly good, but it all boils down to the skills of the men and women in the situation, as British, we have a particular way of resolving and handling problems that is unique, the British forces are well known for being able to keep coll in hostile situations, and to stay professional when the going gets tough, very good at problem solving, we manage to overcome any obstacle. Obviously in the real world size does matter, and that is our main downfall, but against equal numbers we all know who would get through.

For centuries Britain has been far superior than almost every other country, only recently have we been overtaken by America, Russia, and other countries who are only now realising their potential. What the British army has lacked in numbers they have made up for in brilliant tactics and machinery. Americans: Your army is amazing, and personally I think if you removed nukes from the equation you could beat any other country. One of the things that would allow you to do this your advanced tanks, which by the way, are a British invention. So yes, I'm a patriot and love my country, not all the lefties and the immigrants though... But anyway, our army deserves some notice by others, as we created loads of the things the rest of you use every day.

6 Russia

I think Russia needs to be in the top 5-3 because it has been in all of those big events and the US have all the credit. They have a large army and drink a lot of vodka... But it's not because of that it's more because of the fire power that Russia can make with out any alleys. Take an example in the 2. World war when they went to war against the Germans and the Japanese. All alone I must say the us did the se though but they do stupid stuff like Vietnam.

Spetsnaz is the reason I voted for Russia and Russia also has one of the best tanks in the world, the T-14 Armata. 2 of the best attack helicopters, Kamov Ka-52 Hokum-B and Mil Mi-28 Havoc. Russia has a defense budget at $76.6 billion and is expected to grow by 44% in the next 3 years. The country has overall 15,500 tanks, 2176 fixed wing aircrafts, 1319 fighters, 181 bombers and many, many more weapons that they could use in war. Who knows maybe Russia is cooking up something new while we're all distracted by the new iPhone X.

I like how America tries to pin everything negative that happens in the Middle East on Russia. Just because they have different views on who should run Syria, America doesn't realize that with ISIS, Russia and America have the same enemy, just different views on how to resolve it. Australians prefer Russia over America in any arguement because America hides things form the world, where as Russia is truthful and answers the question.

Russia in number five? Bull; the Russian military has hundreds of nukes to back its words, and its highly professional special forces versatile in pretty much any kind of operations. And not to mention, the cutting edge weapons they employ in their military which are being exported to countries throughout the world. And Russia is the land of Kalashnikov, RPGs, the T-54/72/90 tanks, MiG and Sukhoi fighters, etc. as well. *Sweating* Okay, that's all I've got to say for now.

7 Germany

Most achievements made nowadays, have been made by the Germans. I don't think it was all made by the German army but was made by German scientists. Like the atomic bomb, the you boot technique ( still in use by Soviets and USA)... and so on. They have stolen most of their technique of Germany. So I don't think they are still loser of a big war ( They weren't; they fought bravely and should be recognized as one of the best armies there ever was, but they had the wrong side and wasn't fighting in the right attitude because soldiers can't be that stupid), so German army was the best in many periods; only the leaders made strategies to them. What developments have been made in German army is a secret, so there is no possibility to say which army is the best. In my guess it is Germany...
By the way. German army is able to produce nuclear power in 5 minutes. Thankfully they don't need to Americans own them on German teritorry.

Not by men, not by nuclear powers but by development of new military weapon, the German army is one of the best on the planet. They still are an important partner to USA and all other countries in the western world. As an enemy I rather fight the US Troops as an enemy, than the German forces, cause there is more known about them and their progress depends mostly on German technology. The Germans may have aquired stuff nowadays none knows about as it always was in their military history. So as an American citizen I go with Germany.

In their heyday the Germans were basically the inventors of all modern weapons we use the assault rifle the jet powered airplane the you Boat and attack and transport helicopters... Not to mention Dave had several of the greatest generals in military history and where the inventors of tactics that today are considered essential

Not a chance. lost both world wars and always get drunk before battle. more like the worst ever. I mean if I would join even though I wouldn't I would suffer a wound the most trusted officer would give me a bottle of German beer. if a US army with 946 men and the Germans would have 34,879 men the US would win the battle in 18 hours. there guards are always in a pub when the royals are captured by enemy troops. in 29 hours they would occupy Germany. imagine that. over 79 million people being occupied by less than 50,000 troops.

8 Israel

Many of you might ask why Israel deserves to be in the top five of the best armies in the world, well here are the reasons why:
1) Israel has proven itself time and time again to be victorious even when the odds are against them (48,67,73)
2)Israel has one of the best if not the best air force in the world. Not only because of it's tactical and technological edges over almost any other air force in the world, but its is also increasing in its numbers, and it's experienced because of recent conflicts.
3)every Israeli citizen has or been in the army or is already prepared for a conflict because they are used to live in times of war and terrorism.
4)Israel have the best special forces in the world period. People can say that maybe the SEAL's or SPETSNAz are better, but they haven't been in nearly as many conflicts or military encounters as the Israeli special forces have been.
5)the Israeli army is a defense force who bases itself on the knowledge that if they get ...more

Israel has lost no wars even at the most desperate times also it's engineers
Are brilliant they created the world famous uzi which is still favorable today they also are one of the only Middle Eastern countries to have a large
Relationship with the U.S. A! Plus they made the worlds most well protected tank and drive for protection against terrorists and are a warlike state
But unlike sparta they are the most advanced country in the Middle East because they love tech they even made a laser key board! Does that give you an idea of their superiority.
They embrace tech and

Israel spend around 6% of its GDP in its army and is among the top four spenders, but the first serious one in the list. That reflect a high level of seriousness in training, quality, equipment and so on.
Israel had any great success in conventional warfare, and is a real innovator in high tech weapons. Israel succeeded in securing its border, and could deter any aggression, even from the United States armies.
Some other could too but compared to its size, Israel army is the best.

Now the bad :
Israel armies have somewhat lost the martial spirit and this is reflected by the 2006 war. I think this date back from the first invasion of Lebanon.
Israel armies failed on the unconventional war because it didn't have the guts and moral determination... to do what is required... like the Pakistanese army, voted number #1... which is blowing my mind.
Actually I prefer Israel weakness on that.

You say Israel and India are the most bravest and most powerful in the world then your wrong. When Iran was developing nuclear Israel attacked them on them and stopped them when you come at Pakistan there is no way you can beat em remember when Pakistan was was developing nuclear you tried to warn us to stop but we carried on and we warned you that if you tried to stop us we will crush you and you did know the power if Pakistan and you did not dare to even say something that gives us example of barking dog seldom bite

9 France

France's 2014 military budget stands at $43 billions a year, which represents 1.9% of its GDP. It has more than 1,000 aircraft, including the best military aircraft in the world: The Rafale, around 9,000 ground vehicles, and also famous nuclear submarines (France signed just signed a deal to produce and sale 12 of submarines d to Australia) and we need to add to that 300 nuclear weapons and significant deployments strengthen the country.
During the last 4 years French troops are fighting against terrorism in Africa (Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad..), it's the only one non-African country to fight and protect the rest of the world against this terror.
It makes France to be number 6 for countries with strongest army and one of the most involved.

France's 2014 military budget stands at $43 a year, which is 1.9% of the country’s GDP, much below the spending target as set by NATO. Over 220,000 regular force combines with reservists to form a force of about 500,000. It has just over 1,000 aircraft, along with 9,000 ground vehicles. Even if these do not make France a formidable army, its position in the EU and UN, a total 290 nuclear weapons, and significant deployments strengthen the country.
It makes this country number 6 and not 8 as listed here.
The French legion is well known in the world, more than 160 nationalities are represented in its troops, they are fighting any where especially Africa, South America and Middle East...

They just sold large amount of 30 famous Caracal Helicopters to Kuwait, and there is another large order in preparation, some weeks ago they sold 12 submarines to Australia. It's the only one European country to fight in more than 7 African countries against Islamic terrorism.
And in the recent past, just one example: French aircraft (Mirage) permitted at Israel army to won the six days war. SO yes France is one of largest army in Europe with high level of equipment :producer.

The President's decision making process, the pre positioned troops, the autonomous power projection capability and very good experienced soldiers: France has proved in Mali and Central Africa that it still had a major military role in, the world!

10 Australia

I think what most people are forgetting when they vote is "if the armies were the same size then who would win, no nuclear or chemical weapons included just their troops and resources". I pick Australia because they are the best small army in the world and have proven to be better than even Britain and the US on numerous occasions. Smaller countries can often afford to use a bigger budget on their militaries than larger countries and thus can train them to a higher standard. Even the US has copied our fighting style in multiple battle situations. Australia has beaten many of the top armies in the world in training operations as well as real battlefield situations.

Australia isn't the best army though we do have the best trained stock standard troops, this is because we are bloody rich and have a tiny population, so all of our equipment is the best (no arguments this is a fact), our basic soldiers are as good, if not better than a US marine, our SAS are integrated with the British SAS (aka the best special forces in the world) and we have tonnes of really powerful allies. the US, UK, Canada and India also we are on good terms with Indonesia (4th biggest country in the world even if their army is crap its still huge and if enough lead is in the air its going to hit something) and China.

I am Australian and I love the British S.A.S, what I love most is that the Aussie S.A.S units are just as well trained as the British. It is true that our Australian soldiers have looked out for one another since the WW1 and we continue to do that. Australia has always said no to terrorism, and we are try to be fair to those who come from those areas but want escape. Sadly Australia's only weakness is our security, being multicultural, anyone can enter the country. Some terrorist sneak in pretending they are refugees and refugees and illegal imigrants get put first infront of actual legal Australian citizens. But Still our army is skilled and are ready to help.

Australian army have proved many times that they're the best small army in the world.
The best skilled army in the world are always from small armies for example Australia & Canada.
Because their budget is bigger than most countries and their armed forces is rather small, which makes them able to train & deploy to gain experience 5 times more than large size or medium size armies.
The australian have an SAS which have the exact same skill like the British SAS. The British SAS & SBS often send Personnel to serve for Australian SAS for 1 or 2 years, and so does Australia. ( prove read Keith Fennell's book )
In the Iraq war, not 1 Australian died.
The Australian SAS manage to saved 36 US Special forces From being killed.
67 Australian SAS took over al Asad air base that was guarded by more than 1.000 iraqis spec op, and not one Australian SAS even got shot.
Australian is proved to be hard to invade. Prove : the Japanese tried to invade Australia with larger and more ...more

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11 Turkey

The Turkish Army dates back more than 2,000 years. The modern day Turkish Army is one of the few notable armies that stayed neutral during World War II.

Although the Turkish Army was involved in the Korean War, the largest conflict in the 1900s was in the Turkish Independence War where it fought Russia, Britain, Greece, France and Italy along its borders.

Military service in Turkey is required with few exceptions and it has resulted in Turkey having the second largest ground force in NATO.

The most important criteria in deciding the most powerful army is not only weapons quantity, manpower or industrial back ground supporting the war. You must look back the previous wars of that army. What happened in the past? The experience of an army in the war is the most important issue. Soem people say Israel has a very strong army? How can they prove it. This army has never made a real war. Turkish Army has entered 1st World war together with Germany and their army has made a real war against Russia, UK (Englan, Australia, New Zealand, India... ), Italy, France who can be cosnidered as one of the biggest powers of the world. They proved how to make a real war in all the battles.

When our country Turkey was attacked by many countries and stabbed in the back a group of people in Turkey when the attackers said they would give them land to make their own country. These people aren't exactly Turkish though but lived in our country. People from our own country! Even though all this happened and countries including Britian and Russia and even more. We still won the war. This proves our military strength. Also our weapons weren't good quality either Turkey didn't have much money at that time.

The Turkish Army dates back more than 2,000 years though the modern day military branches were founded in 1920. With a force of over 600,000 and a budget of close to $19 billion, it is solidly in the top ten military powers in the world. It ranks fourth on the list for tanks and armored vehicles with estimates of just over 11,000. With very few exceptions, military service is required of all male citizens after the age of twenty, contributing to the large force size.

12 Iran

Iran's armed forces are very well trained and extermly viscious and the wide variety of iran's topography makes this army ready for all terrains. I think Iran should be placed higher than pakistan and Israel. And The fact that Iran mortal enemy is the USA and Israel makes it's army an outstading force to fear!

Fearless, kind, brave, they are not like killing machine like us troops and any other, they tread well to their prisoner of war, they have manner and they fight for their pple and country NOT MONEY... oldest civilization in the world that survive 2 great attack from outside...if u attack u may win but u will lose soon,

Let me tell you something...the military power isn't everything...maybe they don't have the hightech equipments that some countries do...but Iran has an exteremely great power and it is the peoples faith and the fact that they believe they have been the greatest empire for ages...when some country is a treat to them...they become united and fight no matter how old they are or from what religion...they always support their beloved country with all theyve got! I admire them for this!

Persians defended the country for thousands of years, and the recent Iran-Iraq war was the longest war in the 21century, and even after the war they had to do lots of special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, South America etc using their IRGC Quds Force. So it will result a lot of military experience.

13 Egypt

Egypt! I love Egypt I think it's one of the most strongest in the world. It should be one of the best after the United States of America and the Chinease. Egypt should be before their enemy Isreal. Cause my country Egypt will never forget that war vs Isreal ( October 6 1973 ) we beat the crap out of Isreal, they surrendered painfully and badly. Cause I think Egypt can be the best in the World and will be the best in the World! Egypt!

Adlof Hitler (was genius person but so evil) said :- I Need Egyptian Army and German weapons and I will rule all the world... He is right.. Know why?
Read about the Egyptian soldier if you don, t believe actually they are so brave.. Read the stories of 1973 and you will know it the Egyptian army is the best army in the world but not the strongest army..U. S got a stronger army, China got stronger army, Korea got stronger army

Do not forget that Egypt won the war against the Magold. Egypt saved the world. The Maguls (from Mangolia ) destroyed all countries they invaded. But Egypt was the only country to beat them. Without Egypt they would have rushed into north Africa then Spain then all Europe destroying the civilizations. Today Egyptian army is brave enough to beat terrorism

Why everyone are saying that Egypt won over Israel? if u look at the facts, Israel, a small country that was surprisely attacked by Arab forces on its holiest day has actually managed to get them more damage and win the war. seriously, read wikipedia.

14 Canada Canada is a country in North America that is next to the United States, and it's the 2nd largest country in the world by area (size is 9.985 million km²). This country has 10 provinces, and 3 territories. Canada became a dominion on July 1, 1867. Its 10 provinces are: Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, more.

The Canadian military is by far #1 in my opinion. Think about it we never lost a war. We won the battle of Passchendaele and we also took Vimmy Ridge when no other military could. We fought in WW1, WW2, Korea and Afghanistan. I have no hate against the Americans because we are brothers in arms. We are brothers in arms because does anyone remember "the devils brigade" or "black devils". In my opinion Canada has the best infantry in the world. We are well trained and we don't use brute force but strategic offensives. We are the better army because as I said earlier we've never lost a war! That goes to show something. Who helped Britain when they were getting overrun by the Germans? Canada. Who took Vimmy Ridge? Canada. Who's special force has the most kills and captures and hasn't had a single member death yet? Canada. Canada is the greater military there is no battle we can't face and no war we can't win. But we're all soldiers in this right? So I have nothing but the upmost respect ...more

Ok how is Canada not in the top 5, we do not have civil wars over boundaries. Also how can you over look the fact that we never lost a war and that in WW1 the Germans called us The Stormtroopers. As well in WW2 US says that the Nazis would have won if it weren't for them. That's a bunch of BS. Americans so easily forget that Normandy would have been an occupied country for the whole war, am I wrong but tell me how is the US the "brainiest" they almost killed how many people by dropping TWO nukes on Japan. TWO NUKES! The only reason that the US win any wars is because they just charge in with bombs and shoot as much as they can. Also in WW1 and WW2 France and Britain handed us battles that they were losing then we'd cream the other side and then hand it back to them so they could win. Now I don't mean to offend anybody from the US because I'm not trying to and I am sorry if I do but US is not the best army in the world though I'm saying Canada is but I'm also saying that the US ...more

First off I've served Canada's army and they do not care what trade you are they tell you straight up that your a soldier first and foremost and everyone keeps talking about JTF2 yes they are an amazing unit and they are extremely well trained but what about CSOR they are far better trained even by Canadian standards and are far more secretive as even the regular force are slightly secertive as we are not even aloud to post pictures of our selves on Facebook with out permission of the high ups. The Yankees are so useless while they are on marches they are known to drop munitions on the march if it gets to tiring for them and their military is only feared cause of the fact that they have money behind them to buy wmds people are afraid of their equipment not the actual army in 1812 they invaded or at least tried to invade until we pushed them back so far into the states that we were able to burn the white house down and all they did was steal some club type thing from parliament which ...more

A small portion of the British army, native american warriors and CANADIAN militia defeated the AMERICAN invaders during the war of 1812. (Some may say that it was no ones victory or it was USA's victory but USA's objective was to invade Canada which they did not do Canada's and Britain's main objective was to stop the Americans from invading which they did. )

15 South Africa South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa, is the southernmost sovereign state in Africa. It is bounded on the south by 2,798 kilometers of coastline of Southern Africa stretching along the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans, on the north by the neighbouring countries of Namibia, Botswana more.

When white men were running the South African Army, it was certainly WAY ahead of anything in Africa and was probably (man for man) among the very best in the world.
Since blacks took over and now comprise almost the entire army, it has become a joke. There are now a number of even African armies that would knock the crap out of them. Ill-trained, ill-disciplined, corrupt to the core, and 80% of members have AIDS. LOL. This lot would not stand for a day against any decent army.

South Africa used to be one of the best trained and most combat experienced armies in the world man-for-man, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, the SANDF is now just an embarrassment.

I think South Africa needs to improve its technology when it comes to military so don't judge the SANDF it just needs specialised training system.

I am South African and I say we suck we was good before 1994 but now just a joke sorry!

16 Finland

In general I would say that northern climates tend to produce a more self reliant and harder individual. I remember sitting at my grandfathers knee and he would tell me stories of how his unit would sneak in to Russians camps during the war and kill every other soldier in bed/sleeping, then they would leave, destroying the morale and will of the rest to stay in finland.

Having served in the Swedish, French and US army. Also having been in joint operations and exercises with various forces around the world, most armies tend to stress a strict obedience doctrine/no emphasize on personal initiative and innovative thinking. If all other factors are the same doing something different might be the deciding factor. To beat the US army buy their manuals online and learn how they fight. To beat Pakistan, show up.

Let's face facts the time that any Muslim army was a serious fighting threat ended with the invention of gun cartridges. Just because a child wants to fight. Does not ...more

Stood against Soviets red-army with few casulties. As Stalin thought it was only going to take a week to crush Finland, little Finland stood against the 750,000 soliders, 4000-6000 tanks, 3500-4000 planes for 105days with only the 300,000 soliders, 32 old outdated tanks and 100 outdated planes. Killing over 300.000 Russians and destroying over 3500 soviet tanks. Finland is a living proof that an massive army against a little one is not always a direct victory, you gotta have team spirit and "SISU" and a huge will to fight for your independent country. Thumbs up for Finland!

Very underrated and small military but has enough to hold any aggressor and do damage to them especially in Finnish nature filled with forests and lakes. Also soldiers are higlhy motivated to defend this country. Also history shows not to mess with finns.

I made my military service in Finnish Army 1989-1990 and I promise was not a game! Finland have today only one possible "enemy"..Russia...We really have no reason to be afraid for other countries around sweden haha..have you ever heard about Swedish army force since 1800something? :)..well.. without a purse are you not welcome there

17 New Zealand

New Zealand has proven to be a very effective fighting force for a small country, we have very highly trained soldiers and our SAS is among the best in the world, and even though NZ has a small military we have been involved in practically every War the US has been in since WW1.

I spoke to a us marine an he was more then happy to say that the NZL SAS an the AUSTRALIAN SAS are the best trained soliders. He also mentioned the British are trained better then the us.

If a NZ SAS soldier walks in to a US military bar, all the US soldiers would shout the NZ SAS soldier beers all night because the US army knows damn well how much of a badass the NZ SAS is.

I think new zealand army will always bring pace for everyone in the world this why I think they should be nummber one.

18 North Korea

There army might be big but it's in poor condition. It's troops are severely undertrained and underequipped. Even with all those troops their navy is almost nonexistent as is there navy plus their both old and aren't very big so if they invade the us they'll have to March 90 percent of their troops through Siberia and into Alaska. Even though they have nuclear weapons their not very powerful and they don't have a lot. Their nukes aren't even as powerful as the ones we used on Japan. The nukes we have today are so powerful one of them could completely destroy all of North Korea. Also they would have no one backing them not even China or Russia and we have the EU, NATO, and most of the United Nations supporting us.

Robots. No proven record, got hammered by UN troops in war in end

Good at slavishly obeying the will of lunatics at expense of their own people - so a brave bunch then

The fact this is on the list is stupid. It has terrible military. They barely are fed and are badly trained, terrible navy, no Allies. Stupid. They just act tough.

Evil government wasting money on nukes instead of feeding their people because their residents eat dirt to survive!

19 Japan Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. more.

How the hell are they below North Korea?!
North Korea has poorly conditioned troops and old Soviet T-55s and Chinese Type 90s. The nukes they have might be at best only half the power of the ones used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Japan might not have nukes, but all the rest are great! Amazingly conditioned troops, great tanks, modern planes, and has the strongest nation in the world (USA) as an ally, as well as being decent allies with India, most of NATO, and maybe even South Korea (Even though they fight like cats and dogs)

I just don't get people these days...

1( there famous for there high tech. they have the best technology of the world apart form America. They us there technology VERY wisely.
2( they have the best navy I've seen. When they joined WW2, they dominated the seas and still they do today! They where powerful against the Americans and had the army to fight SEVEN countries with no help and yet they still survived!
3( They are very polite and respectful. The last country you'd be seeing declaring war is Japan. They have better manners than we idiot English do.
4( they are brave and will not surrender easily. They dominated Taiwan, China and Australia with ease. The only challenge for them was The Americans.
I don't even know how much more I could say, but man there OVERLORDS!

Because They have the best communication between each other & U. S was scared to invade & couldn't that's why they dropped the nuke. OK ok I know its not 1944. so let's Learn from the past And cease to comment on who has the best army I beg all please

But that's not possible unless we abolish religion but God can still be with us without religion a universal church!? Hurts your head to think about right? Lets get it together dickheads.. Laugh out loud love you all

Not sure why the hell Japan is under South Africa, Sri Lanka, North Korea, South Korea...

They basically destroyed China in WWII and fought a ton of countries at the same time.

But I guess right now because of the pact of WWII, Japan barely has an army left...

Never mind, you guys!

20 Bangladesh

Actually arms, money & others is not strength of an army.
Patriotism is the best strength of our army.
During our freedom fight in the year of 1971 Pakistani & US army beat by Bangladesh army & freedom fighters of Bangladesh.
They are mostly coward, so that they were beat by us.
Strategy, inteligent, patriotism, brave, hospitality, friendly, duty full, respect etc is the mark of our Military forces of Bangladesh.
Next 20years Bangladesh Military forces will be based on our own invention next super power of the world as like China & India.
Bangladesh army is number army as UN peach keepers in the whole world during since 1989.
So Bangladesh army & military forces is the one of best army in the world.

Dedicated,courageous and evergreen our army is the most disciplined armed force. Even after being a small and poor country we have a manpower of 732000 troops that is the 16th largest manpower in the world according to global fire power. As for equipment we are rapidly buying and manufacturing weapons including tanks, artillery and infantry fire arms. In addition we have a whole battalion of expert snipers called Black Eagle Battalion which can turn the tide of any war. We are also the largest contributor of peacekeepers in UN.

I think the training which is given by the authority to the soldier is evergreen among the world, so it's undoubtedly true that the army of our country is always the best community over the world. Though we are not in the top ten list but we served the best providence to Sierra Leone.
So, guys raise your hand's up and keep voting to instigate our soldier and make them the ever best.

Bangladesh army I think would be 2nd position. We may not be the most equipped army but, our land warfare doesn't require equipment and large numbers... We have the best tactical advantages over many strong army... Which makes us very strong in these condition.

21 Kosovo

This country has a good defcon and in the past, has defeated Germany and Italy (When it was part of greater Albania), it also defeated the KFOR and Serbia. But it basically defeated Yugoslavia too.

There way better than bad Serbia

This is part of Serbia.

Not a country

22 Albania

They have allot of brave soldiers and a history of successful wars and great generals, like Scaderbeg.

They help Kosovo beat Serbia and they are Kosovo as well

, No one has the will to fight till to the death like Albanians in battlefield,

Greeat worriors, like Scanderbeg, Alexander the Great.. Ali Pasha Telepena, Mehmet Ali Pasha of Egypt

23 Brazil

You gotta be kiding me right? the brazilian army uses refurbished weapons that other countries don't want anymore, so they sell to brazil, and the army don't have ammo for not even 1 hour of war, the brazilian favelas have more power than the army. The salary is a shame, and serve to the army is a meaning of washing toilets and cutting grass. Brazil could be the 1st country in the world in many different areas, but as usual, the government, the politicians robbed the country so long that brazil are breathing with the aid of equipments. The brazilian money worth 3.5x less than dolar, 4.3x than euro, 4.8x than pound (uk). To travel to europe for example the brazilian people have to pay 5000 only with tax, and the medium salary is 900. I would like to see Brazil growing because they have amazing people, that don't deserve to suffer in the hands of criminals and politicians.

Brazil's army got obrigatory enlistment for men above the age of 18. Therefore we've got a huge infantry. And our country is the very best Army in jungle combat. But we definitely aren't the best in the world. But I would rate us at least in the top 10

Truth is they would get wasted by US or Northern European army. South Americans not got natural discipline required by professional soldiers.

Just look at Falklands.

I love this state. This state can compete India if they wish

24 Belgium

I think belgium has a very good army and very well trained to encounter all the terrorists

25 Iraq

Award winning country for blowing itself up year after year

Pretty good army, people under estimate it quite a lot

Iraq was higher than this they were in the top 5

Iran and iraq is my life

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