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Which Army would win if they were all the same size? No nukes or chemicals.

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21 Finland

In general I would say that northern climates tend to produce a more self reliant and harder individual. I remember sitting at my grandfathers knee and he would tell me stories of how his unit would sneak in to Russians camps during the war and kill every other soldier in bed/sleeping, then they would leave, destroying the morale and will of the rest to stay in finland.

Having served in the Swedish, French and US army. Also having been in joint operations and exercises with various forces around the world, most armies tend to stress a strict obedience doctrine/no emphasize on personal initiative and innovative thinking. If all other factors are the same doing something different might be the deciding factor. To beat the US army buy their manuals online and learn how they fight. To beat Pakistan, show up.

Let's face facts the time that any Muslim army was a serious fighting threat ended with the invention of gun cartridges. Just because a child wants to fight. Does not ...more

Crushed Soviets in winter war, underrated military country. - Zamuz

This should at least be in the top ten. Every Finish citizen is required to serve at least one year in the military, when they turn 18. - Rpemk

Never underestimate the Finnish army!

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22 Vietnam

Vietnam is one of those rare countries that repeatedly fought successfully against aggressors throughout their history, their latest conflict was 1979 with China on the north while at the same time fighting Khmer Rouge on the south west tieing up their best soldiers but still gave China a huge bloody nose which they needed to retreat.

Their past have involved Mongols, French, China, Japan, US, Thailand and Cambodia, all those battles they fought till the end.

Give me another army with that much merit.

Vietnamese army have traditional about thousands of year for protecting them country against enemies that shown in history and now.

Why don't you think Vietnam army is the best when they won a lot of countried in the world?

All history of Vietnam, they always won a lot big country in the world.

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23 Kosovo

Tiny country

Battling against opponents for thousands of years against better equipped and larger armies including fighting guerrilla battles against Serbia

Kosovo KLA army has experience in the war against larger and stronger yugoslav-serbian army the qar tKosovo won

There way better than bad Serbia

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24 Albania

They help Kosovo beat Serbia and they are Kosovo as well

It has been around for twelve thousand years and in the 1500's fought against the Ottoman Empire ten to one and still defeated them if fought in a battle they will not surrender to the last man

They have allot of brave soldiers and a history of successful wars and great generals, like Scaderbeg.


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25 South Africa South Africa South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa, is the southernmost sovereign state in Africa. It is bounded on the south by 2,798 kilometers of coastline of Southern Africa stretching along the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans, on the north by the neighbouring countries of Namibia, Botswana more.

When white men were running the South African Army, it was certainly WAY ahead of anything in Africa and was probably (man for man) among the very best in the world.
Since blacks took over and now comprise almost the entire army, it has become a joke. There are now a number of even African armies that would knock the crap out of them. Ill-trained, ill-disciplined, corrupt to the core, and 80% of members have AIDS. LOL. This lot would not stand for a day against any decent army.

South Africa used to be one of the best trained and most combat experienced armies in the world man-for-man, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, the SANDF is now just an embarrassment.

I am South African and I say we suck we was good before 1994 but now just a joke sorry!

South Africa was definitely better powered regarding the army during apartheid and I'm and Indian so it was bad but we had no complains from army point of view or terrorist

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26 Sri Lanka

They eradicated a whole bunch of terrorist. They even didn't care about what international saying specially US and WESTERN Countries to stop the war.

And there not advance equipped army all they know is environment and all they have is sense how to fight.

They say a Sri Lankan special forces doesn't use any computer and computer aid in high covert missions

In modern history the only state Army to eradicate well equipped and most powerful terrorist group in the world. No other national army ever won against guerilla war! All this with limited resources.

They got rid of terrorism which was a headache to the people of the country. They had peace talks but they knew their limits. They started the offensive and never looked back. Now the whole country is terrorism free

The world best army who can fight with any terrorist

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27 Iraq

Pretty good army, people under estimate it quite a lot

Iraq was higher than this they were in the top 5

Award winning country for blowing itself up year after year

Iraq is the best because kurdish peshmerge are helping them

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28 Saudi Arabia

It is indeed better than Algeria Romania, Israel.

Whole Islamic world is spiritually inclined towards this country. Every Muslim respect this country and would sacrifice anything for this country.

Saudi Arabia is best country in the world

I hate saudi arabia because it laws

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29 Afghanistan

The afghanis drove out A LOT of countries from their home, including the british and the Russianas. I may not be afghani but I'm sure they have quite a good military reputation, even if it isn't very good right now

Afghanistan has the most brave Army in the world, remember the fight between Afghanistan and Russia and, another fight between Afghanistan and British, Afghan army won both fight.

Afghan army is best

They are the bravest no doubt.

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30 Spain

Spain have de best honorable soldiers in the world. In the history Spain had never had good materials for his army, but his soldiers had dominated the world. However the "black legend", which old the world it states, only slander about the majority of the SPIRIT of Spain.

This is the worst evaluation ever
Spain has invented more then 300 types of tanks and airplanes
Remember is not about quantity is about quality

Good army

31 Argentina

Argentina is almost the best in the world

Award one for losing the copa america two years in a row to chile

Argentina is best in the world

32 Syria Syria

Award one for best place for isis to go- well done


33 Indonesia

Indonesia must be at least in the 20th place! Idonesian military is a kind of really hand-to-hand combat! They are lacks of techology but well, they train hard and they play hard too, ask every dutch that ever go to Indonesia! Indonesia also have a big amount of people that makes them win in number. Plus, at the old time Indonesia ever be friend with Russians, so what you guys thinking about? Number? Check, skill? Check, Weapons? Check

Indonesia have many best sniper in the world. For 8 years always best us Army, British Army, Australian Army at sniper competition. So without heavy gun, nuke, Indonesia Army will easy to take them out

The military championship in victoria, Australia, Indonesia shooter get 30 gold medals, 16 silver, 10 bronze. Whereas, superpower the United States just to get 4 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze and host Australia only get 4 gold, 9 silver, 6 bronze.and Indonesia became the overall champion to 8 times in a row at this championship.

If we talk about armies, of course Indonesia will be the best 5. It's not about their military weapon, but about 'man behind the gun'. Indonesia always win gold medals in world military shooting tournament.

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34 Colombia

Best special ops training in the continent. Even better than US

Some US special forces even get shipped to colombia to train

The USA, Israel. France, and other European countries, send they're soldiers and tactical commanders to Colombia to be trained in Guerrilla Warfare

Actual combat experience!

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35 Algeria

It's the best in the has a good technology and a lot of brave soldier.

Algeria is good should be at least 18th place

It's the damn best

It's the first in Africa should be with the top 10... its even better than india & Pakistan

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36 Ireland

I'm Irish and I will admit we are not a very good army most of the time were drunk we have planes tanks but what we have is some of the best snipers in the world (fact) we will not stop fighting until we have won were still fighting today against the English they still control a tiny corner of the country. That being said it helps to have an Irishman in every army in the world the power of breeding

Fought the might and power of the British army for 800 years out numbered out maned still won there freedom there's no other country with the fighting sprit of the Irish...

Ireland may be small but are experts when it comes to guerrilla warfare. The Viet Cong studied an Irish book on guerrilla tactics during the Vietnam War.

Go on ireland

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37 Denmark

22th? Wow that's not even close to what number the danish army should be, the Danish army has some of the best trained soldier in the whole world, and have some of the best equipment, even though the danish army isn't big, it surely is one of the best armies in the world, also I'm not danish, I'm norwegian.

While not being able to afford a large - troops Denmark has are clearly among the best in the world. They are also very experienced in asymmetrical warfare, due to warfare in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq end elsewhere. Quality over quantity is the danish model

Better trained, even privates can operate independently, knows mission target and all parameters, have tactical and strategic knowledge and are able to perform in multiple skill functions.

The Danish army is claimed to have the best trained soldiers and equipment!

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38 Switzerland

Their gun production is skyrocketing and they are the manufacturer of most guns (including the glock), guns are one of the most vital weapons in war, (tanks, missiles, nukes, blah blah blah, but guns are more abundant) which makes Switzerland quite a secure country due to the military power.

I invite the citizens of switzerland to religion of islam but I will not force them because islam do not allow me to do so

I don't know why... It's just an awesome army with a great defense.
Also: project tannenbaum

Just because I am in the swiss army and basic training we call it RS was a good expirience

39 Norway

The Norwegian Armed Forces are known to have an extreme competence in international operations and on own soil. Their special forces are of the best in the world and is most likely "the" best in arctic warfare.

Although it is an extremely secretive organization, those who try to complete the recruitment program for FSK, have less than 0.3% chance of passing. Leave alone the 1 year FSK training course you have to go trough after the recruitment program, which is said to be the hardest part of it.

As well as good trained soldiers, a regular soldier in Norway has an extreme level of advanced equipment in comparison to other nations. It has the highest military expenditures of any nation in Scandinavia, including Finland.

The Norwegian Cyber defense Force assures Norway to be the best prepared country against cyberattacks of Europe, the Norwegian army of course small is one of most advanced and most intelligent of the world.

Best army for artic warfare

Norweigen troops is concidered some of the worlds best winter warriors

40 Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the top 3 best army in Africa. Ethiopians can handle any conflict with the help of the true almighty GOD (holy trinity). That makes them the chosen one. No one will defeat them.

Ethiopia is so much

God bless Ethiopia

God love Ethiopia

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