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For centuries Britain has been far superior than almost every other country, only recently have we been overtaken by America, Russia, and other countries who are only now realising their potential. What the British army has lacked in numbers they have made up for in brilliant tactics and machinery. Americans: Your army is amazing, and personally I think if you removed nukes from the equation you could beat any other country. One of the things that would allow you to do this your advanced tanks, which by the way, are a British invention. So yes, I'm a patriot and love my country, not all the lefties and the immigrants though... But anyway, our army deserves some notice by others, as we created loads of the things the rest of you use every day.

This isn't a vote on which armies are the best. This is simply a population contest. Americans, Pakistanis, Israelis are all obsessed with their armed forces and so search the web and find this, vote for their own country. India, China and the US also have the highest populations in the world. British people don't tend to search for those things; we are not aggressive, we are compassionate. And that's what made a great army: compassion and mercy. Not size, not population, not aggressive patriotism. Britain.

British Army should be ranked higher, As a British soldier is someone who follows in a long line of tradition and service to the crown. They have a well-deserved reputation for their excellence, this is due to the initial training, the personal qualities that the soldier already had which their training enhances, and additional training the soldier receives throughout their soldiering career, which is both relevant and testing. The British Soldiers confidence, conviction and self respect blossoms with their very ability.

Actually the us has won plenty of wars before world war one. What are you talking about, the only reason the UK, France, Italy, and the Russian Empire won was because the US stepped in. If we were to look at WW2 the us stepped in again and defeated Germany, Italy, and Japan virtually by them selves besides the Soviet Union on the Eastern front. Then if we look at the American war of independence the "Proud well trained British Army" got there buts handed to them by a bunch of peasants and militia for the first 5 years of the war then the last two years of the war France virtually destroyed the British navy. Other wars the US has won are the American War of 1812, The French and Indian war (The US was the colonies before they became the US), the US Mexican War, the Texas war of independence against Mexico, and the US Spanish war. The US has never lost a war and will always be the best military in the world. The British Navy is at a mere 97 ships as of right now. The US is at 593 ships.

British troops are the most loyal, straight headed and professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Despite their current size, they excel far above the others for both hearts and minds and in combat. Credit above all must go with their Junior and Senior None-Commissioned Officers who are incomparably and without doubt the best in the world. For every 10 US servicemen I would rather have 1 British soldier, by far the most professional, excellent and loyal servicemen in the world, with an unbeatable Special Forces, the SAS.

Nothing is better than the British armed forces. What took 4 marines to complete one task took 1 British solder to complete the exact same task, there is no person capable of handling 200 Taliban on their own operating a howitzer single handed while the other was useless due to a gunshot wound. No country could use such advance tactics as well as the British does, and no matter what people say, it would take more than 5 of ANY special forces to do what one infantry soldier does here in Great Britain.

In Iraq the us Army battled in vain to clear a patch known as sniper valley for 7 years, every month they had to fight in and out of the camp for supplies, the US Army suffered huge loses just holding this camp. After which the British Army took over this forward base, within 4 months the British Army had it cleared and where pushing forward. With half the troops and 1/3 air support that their US allies had enjoyed for over 7 years!

Better equipment, better training. Special divisions from around the world are trained by the SAS simply because the British army are experts in war. Think about how a small island managed to dominate over a third of the worlds people and a quarter of its landmass. Plus its navy is second to none.

1/3 of the worlds lands mass, 1/4 of its population, the biggest and the longest standing empire in history, all by a tiny island of the coast of Europe and created through discipline organisation and the british people. and we GAVE it all back because we proved our point. we may not be as well funded as the United States and may have an increasingly reducing armed forces but they better trained and better equipped than they have ever been the 'goal' of the government is quality over quantity and they probably have the best all round

They may not be powerful as the top guns but the British Army is the best army as they are the best trained army in the world alongside Israel - jamienicholls

Has two Amy the royal Amy and the British Amy, one from the queen and other from Parliament forces and ruled 1/3 of the world at one point with majority of the wars and fights(on its own or with allies)won and has a higher winning rate then US of A for winning battles on its own. With no help and being a smaller nation with less people and more human illness that can kill as Europe helped spread illness to America more then the other way round and still for a long time, even now be a forced to be reckoned with!

No doubt about it they are the best military force in the world and all ways have been they started the first and second industrial revolutions not to mention that they have been fighting wars since the union of the crowns was formed. They dominated the world having had the the biggest empire ever and although they lost their empire after the Second World War. They made up for that by making their troops the best in the world and equipping them with high tech equipment from L85A2 assault rifles to challenger MK2 main battle tanks. But the most convincing reason is the S.A.S (special air service) second to none these special forces showed the world what it meant to be special forces and if that doesn't convince you that they are the best in the world nothing will

Very well trained and equipped army. They have always been at the forefront of military superiority, along with the USA, France, Germany, Canada etc. If there were another World War (God Forbid! ), the UK would definitely be one of the leading nations.

Uk armed forces known all over the world as the best ask any soilder or officer from any country who they would not like to face in a war they would say the the uk it is not the size what counts it is the fighting ability and courage of the man on the ground fore sure

As you all know, the u.k. are an island race, the English thrive In war as well as excel, the reason is down to training in some part, pride in another part, and the fact they like a fight, ask any country.who they would have by their side in battle, a German general even said, if we had British soldiers the world would of been theirs, plus which country does the u.s. trust the most to go to war with, yep the u.k..why..because when things look bleak in.battle, the British soldier is still fighting for the win, they are gritty and well taught, and one of their best abilitys is to see humour in all that's bad, which for them helps maintain order, they also spend heaps of money in defense, their tech is second to none (hence why the US share tech with them),plus they are soaked in history in war...and for the record, I'm am an Italian who now lives on the UK, and so you know my opinion is unbiased... by Fellini..

Same reasons as below, that we have the best skilled and trained soldiers and pilots out of any other nation. We train the US special forces every year. Our basic infantry training lasts about 30 weeks, while the US Army lasts about 10 weeks. See the difference?

The British army has the best navy in the world so if the invaders were to attack by sea we would destroy them because the safest quickest way to transport artillery is by boat and if they wanted to drop there artillery by air we would shoot them down

Why the hell is Britain below Pakistan, India and especially the US? We have the best trained soldiers in the world, the sas are the finest special forces (hell we invented special forces in ww2), and the royal marines have the longest training programme in the world. Our equipment is great too - we have the challenger 2 which is the finest mbt in the world, we have the outstandingly accurate and reliable sa80 rifle plus we designed the arctic warfare rifle series. in so many conflicts the brits have proved victorious, how can we be below an army that was defeated by an untrained Somali militia in '93 and failed to defeat an untrained peasant army in Vietnam? And don't forget we have the gurkhas because during the conflict between Britain and Nepal in the 19th century they respected our tactics so much they wanted to be part of our army!

Care about people and put there life's at risk for other and the job is well taken on by the people who care about there life's but also the others around them KEEP IT UP and the technology is just amazing and it helps them in there favour as well so good on them.

The British Army may have lost battles, but have never lost a war in there existence. It Conquered a 3rd of the population of the planet. Held India with 20000 troops for 200 years, that had a population of 6000000 at the time. The navy helped as well with the 2 power system, a navy that could take on the next 2 nations combined. The british army has been in existence since the act of union. How many other armys or nations have been in existence for as long, and remember the best trained special forces in the world THE SAS, Royal Marine Commandos

S.A. S remember no nukes all same size. America would only win because of shire size.

The UK is well known for having the best training, I think they are underestimated not in the fact that they are big in numbers but due the tactical skills and vast experience alongside having one of the best if not best special forces in the world. I agree that we lack in numbers but we are by far more trained end experienced than some countries.

Second best army in the world to the USA! Pakistan shouldn't be in top 10 and UK is better than china as it is us that managed to controll most of the world!

The British has no doubt the best trained army in the world, but the reductions in how they're financing the army is ridiculous, Britain hasn't got much to stand for when it comes the mobility and vehicles. We have no aircraft carries to put our new jets on, we're soon going to have no nukes to put in our nuclear subs. Huh? Overall, US is the best equipt. But not the best trained.

British troops are the best troops in the world; The British Army's troops train for a longer period of time than any other country in the world.