Best Ayumi Hamasaki Studio Albums

For those of you who already know by now, Ayumi Hamasaki has been in the Japanese music industry for more than a decade and with every year she releases an album that is both commercially successful and artistically heartfelt. In anticipation of her 11th studio album aptly titled "Rock 'N' Roll Circus", I have decided to create a poll in which you will decide as to which among her 10 studio albums prior to "Rock 'N' Roll Circus" is her most beautiful piece of musical work.

I have also taken the liberty of putting some extra detail for each album for your sake. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

I Am...

This album is one the best! loving ayu because she is still a flagship in japanese music after many years, remaining in first place!


very well

A Song for XX

See the lyrics of a song for xx yourself it's great and the orchestra version is great...

(Miss) Understood

(miss) understood is my favorite, with A Song for Xx and LOVEappears trailing close behind. A great mix of rock and mid-tempo ballads. Rainy day and Heaven are the best songs from this one, in my opinion.

My Story
Next Level

The best album


The Contenders

M(A)de in Japan
Rock 'N' Roll Circus

My favourite ayu album. Ayu is the best singer in the Japan. L love you my queen

Love Songs
Party Queen
Love Again
A One
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