Best Bad Meets Evil Songs

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1 Fast Lane

What a song! The speed and the complexity of it is amazing! Royce the's good but Eminem owns! Rock on man!

Best song, fast rapping and awesome graphics

It's just Awesome.. That sick Beat! And the Rap.. AWESOME

This song is truly underrated and awesome!

2 Lighters

How is Lighters not #1? This is like the greatest song in history!

Lighters by Bad Meets Evil featuring Eminem, Royce 59, and Bruno Mars

Best Song Of I Have Ever Seen

Yeah! Just Great Song. Eminem, Bruno Mars, Royce the 59, Wonderful Song

3 Echo

Dude em tears it up and royce that's all I gotta say he is a stallion.

Just wow listen to it - RajTwister

Best song on Hell The Sequel

Best song ever

4 Welcome 2 Hell

! No way. This is way more than Fast Lane. I mean the speed, the flow, the style of rapping. This is Excellent & deserves to be on the TOP... Just listen it 1 time and you'll vote for it...

This is one (no, TWO) of the rawest lyrical performances ever. The crazy flows, rhymes, metaphors, AND the back and forth toward the end... this is a perfect track. Probably their best.

Number 1 in my opinion

Perfect display of how the two bounce off eachother perfectly! The synergy here is unbeatable. Amazing display of raw skill.

5 Loud Noises
6 The Reunion

I think this is better than Echo. Amazing hook! The verses are not that bad either

7 Above the Law

Definitely better than "Bad meets Evil"... deserves to be in the top 3

Better than the reunion.

This is my number one

Much better than The Renioun

8 Living Proof

This is the best song on the Whole Hell The Sequel album. Just listen to it. Royce the 5'9 doing the chorus and Eminem and royce had some of the best verses ever. 2nd best shady album I think under the MMLP series. So really just please listen to this song. way better than the singles. Lighters only gets up on this list because bruno mars is in it.

This song is hella good, this should be in the top 3.

Has to be the best Bad meets Evil song

This song is crazyyy needs to be among the top three

9 A Kiss

I love the Christmas like instrumentals

10 Bad Meets Evil

The lyricism in this is un real

OG Flow son, thought it was the coolest thing when I first heard Eminem and royce.

Really? Y'all forgot this?

The Contenders

11 Scary Movies

There's quite a few amazing BME songs, but Scary Movies will always be my favorite because of Em's verse. Easily one of his best verses of all time. Royce's is pretty good too.

Listen And You'll Know Why This Should Be Higher.

The origins of the greatness

Don't know how this isn't how higher... awesome beat, Em still has his pre MMLP flow... ridiculous

12 All I Think About

The first time I listened to this song, my jaw was hanging wide open and my eyes bulged for all 6 minutes. It's a seemingly never-ending onslaught of skill.

By far the best lyrical song the duo have. Eminem slaughters the track and Royce kills it.

Eminem and royce's most skilled song ever

The best display of skill out of all these

13 Nuttin' to Do
14 Vegas

Fast line deserve number one and Vegas deserve higher rank!

Addictive, I actually prefer the inexplicit version

No the catchiest but lyrically its beast

15 Take from Me

Great song that all you moochers should listen to.

Great song, dope lyrics, deep meaning, what more do you want?

Should be high on the list

This is lit

16 Raw

Em goes hard, Royce is nice on the vocals

Common should definitely be higher

Raw should be way higher

Yall sleep on this track. Both Royce and Em spit incredible bars. Although both BmE songs on this soundtrack are straight fire, the caliber of em's verse on this one is second to none, and it seems he knows it, comparing his veracity to that of an entire team of MCs. The Danny McBride sample is interwoven into the fierce beat and really adds to the feel of the track. Just like with the Mike Epps sample on I'm on Everything it seems an effective, yet light touch was applied with the sample to insure it wasn't overpowering the track in a way which matched the energy of the verses. If I'm On Everything was a testament to the duo's zaniness, then this song is a testament to the duo's cut-throat ferociousness, encapsulating the epitome of Bad meets Evil, Royce's bad-assery carries from the chorus to the end of his swave verse where Em recieves the bar baton and proceeds to shove it up the listeners ass lubed up with one of the most corrosive flows he's crafted in a while. If Kendrick's ...more

17 I'm on Everything

One f we best

18 Caterpillar

Amazing song with incredible lyrics.

Where is this?

Y’all really sleeping on this one huh?

19 Renegade

Howd no one pick this up, step brothers mixtape has this, this is the original 97 version it's so dope. Eminem still has his killer verses too don't worry. Royce's is like biggie from Dead Wrong better than the Jay Z all day

20 Not Alike

Both killed it here

21 She's the One
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