Best Bass Anglers


The Top Ten

1 Kevin Van Dam

He had won 4 Bassmaster Classic Championships. And is an idol to 2 generations of fisherman. He is humble, and down to earth. Definitely the GOAT.

No question

The best I've ever seen and it seems like every other fisherman out there is chasing him always every tournament all you hear them saying is trying to keep up with or beat Van Dam.

He is the best statistical and smartest bass angler of all time (meaning his statistics prove he is the best bass fisherman ever, which they do and he is), most classics, most wins, most money, and most AOY's prove everything! Not to mention all the other records, and he makes amazing lures!

2 Bill Dance

Pioneer in catch and release so others ( like KVD) can enjoy the sport! Ha!

Great fisherman but I'm better

Had the most dominant tournament stretch of all time. Definite top 2!

He's got to be number 1

3 Rick Clunn

We want the Niles North Wide Receivers to catch the ball like Rick Clunn catches Bass fish!

The only other guy to have 4 Bassmaster titles. - Shakester

4 Roland Martin

Even bill dance and jimi Houston will tell you that Roland is the grandfather of all fishing pros

Roland is the best. Better than KVD because of age and experience he should be number 1. KVD is getting there though.

Roland is like a fishing encyclopedia. He is a master at every form of the art. He has done a fantastic job bringing Scott into the ranks. Fantastic Dad. Incredible fisherman. Really nice man.

19 tournaments won, 9 B.A.S.S. Angler-of-the-Year titles. - Shakester

5 Jimmy Houston

Jimmy is classically the BEST

15 BASSMaster Classics and won the B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year title in both 1976 and 1986 - Shakester

6 Woo Daves

Many relate Woo to crappie fishing, but this guy was dominant on the BASS circuit. He won the 2000 classic and has an extensive tournament record. - Shakester

Finished top 5 all 3 years in hometown on James river,good ol guy that made it big WOO WOO WOO!

7 Aaron Martens

Best finesse angler all time!

BASS angler of the year title in 2004, 6 wins, 55 top-ten finishes (including three 2nd place finishes in the Bassmaster Classic as of 2010), and over $2 million in career winnings across FLW and BASS. - Shakester

8 Mike Iaconelli

Most versatile fisherman ever.

Exciting and fun to watch. Does a great job of promoting fishing and getting kids involved in fishing.

Ike is one of the most exciting anglers on the planet. He has truly bettered the sport by attracting younger people to fish by utilizing his wild charisma and "never quit" attitude. Ike is one of the best, hands down.

He's crazy and has revolutionized the sport

9 Gary Klein

One of the most accurate casters out there, extremely talented and knowledgeable and understands every part of the game well!

Brought flipping to the bassmasters, as well as popularizing the drop shot. Insane fisherman and great guy!

One of the true legends of the sport. Co-founded Major League Fishing and had qualified for 30 bassmaster classics. Great guy and amazing fisherman!

10 Skeet Reese

Skeet reese has designed many top of the range lures and rods for bass, he is one of my favorite bass fisherman drawing with dave mercer

He only has one Bassmaster Classic title, but plenty of other wins and earnings. - Shakester

The Newcomers

? Bodie McDowell

The Contenders

11 Scott Martin

This guy should be number 1

Love this guy, I have learned a lot watching his you tube channel, would love the chance to fish with him someday!

A great fisherman and a charming personality I wish he makes it to the top

An amazing fisherman and has an amazing personality as well

12 Jacob Wheeler

I have all of has rods and his baits he is the best fisherman I have ever seen

Best in the bussiness



13 Alton Jones

The 2008 Classic champion which was overdue after making it to 11 of them. - Shakester

From my hometown of waco tx! Sic em Alton!

14 Gerald Swindle

He is a good person, and role model.

Because this is Jim Alan good luck at lake Hartwell this weekend

Most versatile fisherman out there!

15 Greg Hackney

Too low on the list


Better than #15

16 Hank Parker

High percentage, in big tournaments fished. He could have stayed in and won lots more!

Isn't Hank the only angler to win the triple crown? Lol

The best all I got to say!

2 time classic winner 79 and 89 and y'all have him at 12

17 Mark Zona

Good fisherman,best talk show host

18 Larry Nixon

Top money winner prior to the current $$ being paid...Top five for sure

19 Ish Monroe

An infamous shallow-water angler, Ish Monroe utilizes frogs to catch big fish and haul in tournament wins.


20 "Lunker" Bill Murphy

Never fished tournaments, but was THE pioneer in the "monster bass" fishery in San Diego. Caught more bass over 16 pounds than anyone in history.

21 Alex Peric


"I caught that on a piece of lettuce"

22 Mark Davis

Its embarrassing he didn't make the list

23 Edwin Evers

He went to my moms high school one year

Just won his first classic so he can't be in the top ten, but he deserves to be somewhere, but KVD is still the best bass angler of all time!

24 Virgil Ward

He taught all the above!

25 George Cochran

2 time BASS Master Classic Winner with multiple too 10 finishes in Classic and the 2005 FLW Champion. Over 20 BASS master classic appearances

26 Gord Pyzer
27 Al Lindner
28 Kelly Jordan

A great fisherman could find fish in a bath tub! I should know prefished flw tournaments with him. His advice helped me win a co angler tournament. He has the drive an knowledge to beat you on most any water. A great friend. Good luck kj

29 Kevin Lucas
30 Stephen Browning
31 Tommy Biffle

Very good angler, one of the best anglers of all time when it comes to flippin, using that ole biffle bug!

32 Orlando Wilson

The best fishing show theme song of all time

33 Bob Izumi

The host of the Real Fishing Show and in my opinion the Hank Parker of Canada!

34 Tucker Mitchell
35 Mitch B
36 Justin Lucas
37 Dave Mercer
38 Stephen Mui
39 Colin Bennett
40 Fred Roumbanis
41 Andrew Zhang
42 Hudson Albers
43 Jordan Lee
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