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1 Bullies

There is little that makes my blood boil more than thinking about how there are sports coaches who encourage bullying because they think it is necessary to "toughen kids up." Bullying is wrong! Yes, it can sometimes lead to the victim being more resistant to criticism or cruelty, but cruelty should never be accepted as "just a right of passage." It should be combated.

People should wish for a better, kinder world for their children and should not stand by and watch them go through a preventable experience that they have lived through as a child. Everyone needs to be willing to stand up for one another because kids who care about each other most likely grow up to be respectful adults who compromise and listen. Adults who compromise and listen are the kind of people who make the world a more peaceful, harmonious place for everyone. Don't be a bystander. Be an upstander.

2 Spoiled Children

The only saving grace about them is that it's usually not too late to teach them what consequences are. People like these are underdeveloped in social skills because everybody else has done everything for them. They've lived with too much freedom, and as a result, they become absolute jerks to others. They could gamble on actual, real lives and get away scot-free because of how unpunished they are for it.

Even some adults are like this! Once my mom told me this story about when I was a baby. She went somewhere for a holiday and she thought it was amazing because she didn't have as much money and it was like a palace to her. Then this annoying brat (that's how she called it) came up and was like "Oh my god, isn't this place so small and disgusting?" My mom was so mad and upset because she loved this house and it showed how much this woman was spoiled.

3 Religious Fanatics

I was raised in a Hindu family, but I don't consider myself religious at all. My parents aren't nutjobs, but they're quite religious, especially my mom. They still want me to follow it as an adult, which I hate so much. I'm personally agnostic and don't want to follow traditions and rituals.

Theoretically, everyone came from nature and has only one life to live. I also personally believe that if it was 100% confirmed that God existed, he wouldn't send people to hell for things like eating "forbidden" foods or being homosexual. He also wouldn't force you to worship him and be his servant.

4 Extreme Feminists

I'm all for giving equal rights to women, but when it comes to these people, they always try way too hard. What I mean is that they don't just want equal rights, they want to be on the absolute top of the world and treat men like slaves. They'll accuse men of anything: racism, homophobia, being a terrorist, all because they said they disagree.

All they want is to find what is in their best interest, and they won't respect what anyone else wants, even if it means breaking their dreams.

These hypocrites don't understand feminism at all. Feminism means that women should be treated as equally as men, not get special treatment. So if women are treated equally to men, they should also be punished equally to men if they do something wrong.

5 Liberals

I am a Liberal, and this is what I believe in.

I believe there is only one race, the human race. We are all the same species, living on the same planet, and judging a human being by his skin is like judging him by the color of his eyes. I am also disgusted by my party's past association with racism and slavery and believe that is now well behind us.

I am not an atheist. I believe every human being on this earth should have the unquestionable right to worship whatever god they want, or no god at all. It is essential that people learn to tolerate other religions and cultures.

I believe in the theory of evolution due to overwhelming and undeniable evidence, but I don't believe that it contradicts the existence of God or the afterlife in any way.

I believe in gay marriage because it shouldn't matter at all if you are gay or straight. Love is love and love is beautiful, no matter what form it comes in. The Bible also says nothing against homosexuality or gay marriage.

I believe global warming exists and is a serious threat to the entire human race as well as all other life. New York City and London could be under 10 feet of water by the end of the century if we do not stop exploiting our natural resources, and the alternatives exist and are practically staring us in the face.

But most of all, I believe that you have the right to believe whatever you want. You are entitled to think whatever you want about this statement, love it or hate it. I don't care if you are a Democrat or a Republican. What I do care about is that our parties are so stalemated that we cannot pass a single effective law in our congress. It is as though this country is at war with itself. We are not a bunch of liberal and conservative states forced to live under one roof. We are Americans, goddammit! We are the greatest country on this planet, and we are arguing about slightly changing the federal budget and minor economic fluctuations while ISIS is... more

6 Racists

It gets worse. After incidents like the 2017 Charlottesville riots, the 2018 Tree of Life synagogue shooting, the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings, and the 2021 US Capitol "protests," online racism has just been getting worse and worse. It's mostly hidden in plain view or it's thinly veiled to further disguise its harmful message.

In fact, there is a website called "" and it's chock-full of hate-filled content. There's even a guy on the site called "Feminism Sucks!" who worships Apartheid-era South Africa and near-obscure racists like Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd nonstop. He wants all Americans to flee the US to their "homeland in Europe."

This really drives the point that racists aren't just annoying people. They are scum of the earth, plain and simple.

7 Politicians

Liars who are corrupt and only want things for themselves. There are very rare occasions, but one bad apple ruins the whole bunch.

I just can't have any say in people's political beliefs. All politics will have their ups and downs, but it's when people of different viewpoints start tugging at each other. "This guy's a communist!" "Screw democracy!" "We need fascism!" It's these kinds of people that tear the world apart.

Trying to combat them with your political beliefs just won't work. I really don't think it's right for people to just go against different political beliefs just to satisfy their hunger. Unless their political beliefs involve those that can result in things widely accepted as horrible. This is why I choose to remain neutral to politics.

8 PETA Extremists

Everyone knows what they do. They falsely accuse Mario of animal abuse. Have they ever played the game and learned about it? They get an entire religion upset because Johanna Krupa was buck naked in her "Be an Angel for Animals" poster. Additionally, they play dead on the land we proudly walk on, nude. Worse yet, the nude protesters are in cages or bloody meat packages. The worst thing PETA's army of naked people can do to you is deface you with blood-colored paint, falsely accuse you of animal abuse, and strip you buck naked by tearing your clothes.

They also push us to be vegan, which will ruin the economy because all restaurants serve meat-based foods. You do not need nudity to convince people about animal cruelty. They are also uncivilized, busting into certain restaurants in the nude and trying to wreck them. They might be the reason a KFC restaurant in my city closed: those naked restaurant destroyers. We have rights to eat meat, PETA! You can't tell us what to do! We have common sense. The war against this group of naked people is starting already.

Their lame quotes include: "Bare Skin, Not Bear Skin," "Ink, Not Mink," and in the future, they could say "Butt Naked, Not Buck Naked." Are they saying minks are fictional?

9 Emo Kids

As someone who is a former emo kid (one from the late '90s/early 2000s), it's alright to be a bit depressed or sad. But when you make "being depressed" your entire lifestyle, then you know you have problems and you are just faking depression. When I was younger, I used to use a ton of hair gel, plus wear spiked bracelets and listen to many alternative rock groups such as The Goo Goo Dolls, American Football, Counting Crows, Jimmy Eat World, and many others (plus, watch a ton of South Park and wrestling shows).

I get that I lived a more "alternative" lifestyle compared to most emo kids of the day, but I found some modern emos to be quite fun to hang out with, and at least they are self-aware about everything. Not all emo kids are bad, but the overly-stereotypical kids are the ones I can't stand.

10 Hypocrites

2-3 years ago, my friends (S and A) used to be big hypocrites.

A used to do nothing but judge and criticize everyone. When my other friends and I made Fortnite montages on YouTube and chose a song that he used for his prior montage or that he wanted to use, he always complained that we "copied" him, even though hundreds of YouTubers had used that song before him! S was like this too. Even when someone used a profile picture with the same skin, A complained that he is being copied, even though the profile pictures are completely different and are just free pictures on Pinterest. He always complained as if it was a crime!

S and everyone else in our friend group, including me, were very mad about him being stupid like this. A few months later, I put "FR" at the end of my username because it sounded good. A and S both accused me of copying him and being unoriginal, even though he wasn't the first one to do it. It was more annoying from S because months ago, he was also against A's whiny behavior.

Once, when I was very frustrated with A behaving like this, S defended him and told me, "Bro, you are just salty and jealous that he's way better than you at Fortnite." This was false because I was angry at A for just being a jerk all the time and criticizing everyone, and S had no right to talk because he did the same thing. Whenever someone got something like a new phone or upgraded their gaming setup, he always got jealous and called them spoiled. Or when someone was really good at Fortnite and had a better playtime than him, he called them spoiled and addicted. It was so frustrating!

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11 People Who Don't Respect Opinions

They're annoying! The only times when opinions shouldn't be accepted is when they're about something bad. But if it's a harmless opinion, like an opinion on a video game or something, they can still be annoying.

They try to shove their own opinions down your throat as if it's the correct opinion. They won't even listen to your opinions, even for just a little!

Yeah! It can be annoying when people don't listen to others' opinions but choose to assert their own opinions simply to belittle the opinions of others.

I dealt with so many people like that in my past experiences at school. For those out there who feel annoyed and unhappy towards someone who belittled your opinions, lift your head and feel proud of yourself for trying to share your opinion! People like that are simply self-centered. For those who tried to voice your opinions and assert them when you felt that it was necessary for a greater good even if the other person continued to put you down, great job for being brave!

12 People Who Talk Too Much

"Oh my god! You will never believe what I did on my birthday while you were stuck here doing boring math work for 5 hours! I got to ride a helicopter, boat, ice cream truck, the top of a race car, surfboard, Jeep, a magic broom, a magic carpet, a lamb, a monkey, my flying bed, a bubble, a balloon, a dragon, a magical flying horse, a donkey, a bird, a pig, and a camel. A lot of them threw me off because I was too annoying, but it was all worth it in the end because while I was helplessly rolling on the ground screaming in pain, 3 flying angels came and saved my life so I got to ride on them too."

"I also went to Disney World and met Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald Duck, Goofy, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Merida, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Andy, Sid, Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Mike, Sulley, Joy, Sadness, Disgust, and Anger. Some of them were kind of mean though. They told me I talk too much. You don't think I talk too much, do you? I don't. Do you?"


"Zip the lips! No one asked for your opinion! It was worth it though because I didn't have to do any of this boring math stuff! Anyway, how was your day? Did you do anything fun? Did you finish those 20 booklets of history homework? What about the 50 essays? Oh my god! You are TOTALLY going to fail if you don't get on those right now!"

13 Vegans

I respect the rational side of Vegans. But I don't like it when extreme Vegans have to shove it in everyone's faces that they're vegan. I enjoy most meats, and I enjoy most dairy. I do love animals, and I don't like it when they're killed in an inhumane way, but I enjoy eating meat and dairy. Not that I lack empathy. It's just my diet choice.

I just don't like it when Vegans shame people who eat meat and think that we're stupid that we don't know what goes on. It's just really unfair when the extreme Vegans are droning on and on about the poor animal that has been tortured and killed. I respect their choice in diet, so when will they respect mine?

14 Sexists

Feminists who claim to be against sexism when really, they're the sexist ones.

15 Parents Who Don't Discipline Their Kids

There's nothing more annoying than a screaming, out-of-control kid with no respect for their parents or anyone else. The reason kids today are out of control is that most parents don't discipline them. Back in the day, if a kid acted up in public, they would get a beating.

I know a lot of parents don't agree with spanking or smacking a child, but when a kid is screaming, throwing a tantrum, and yelling at their parents, you have every right to discipline them.

I hear so many stories about teachers being stuck being nice and professional with parents who act like their child can do no wrong. News flash: every person is capable of doing the wrong thing, and as a parent, it is your job to guide your kid to do the right thing!

Wow! What a revolutionary idea! Being your kid's parent instead of their friend!

16 People Who are 100% Wrong and Yet Still Insist that They are Right

Tell me about it. Abe Lincoln was the first president of the US. No, George Washington was the first president. Abe was the 16th. You are wrong. No, I'm right. How? Here, I'll give you a story about Abe. There is your history lesson.

It is one thing to be one or more of the things on this list, but this item makes being any of the other things ten times worse.

That one nerd in the class be like...

17 Homophobes

I know Freedom of Speech is inevitable and can't be "undone," but I sometimes despise it. You're basically hating on someone because of who they are attracted to.

It's not like it's even their choice. It's obviously something implanted into their brains. It's not like they can suddenly become straight. That's like saying Taylor Swift can suddenly become a hard metal star.

Being LGBT isn't a choice, as many people, both supportive and homophobic, believe it is "their choice." It's most likely, according to various doctors, a gene "mutation" (not in a bad tone).

18 People Who Agree with Everything You Say Without Even Thinking

My sister is like this, except she disagrees with everything I say without thinking and agrees with everything my friends say.

19 Thugs

I know a fake thug. He gets on my nerves. He used to be my cousin, but I disowned him a long time ago. I mean, I'm a girl and I'm tougher than him. He's so bald he looks like a corndog with eyebrows, but one day he will learn his lesson.

I'm accused of being a thug for wearing a hood all the time and listening to metal. I try not to be a thug and just be myself, but people always accuse me of being one.

My friend's boyfriend broke up with her because he wanted to become more of a 'thug' and 'gangster'. He also has started smoking. But luckily, I try not to be around those types of people.

20 Inconsiderate People

These people, to me, are those who don't consider anyone else's opinion. They are just plain ignorant. I was once with a group of friends, and we started talking about political issues and the separation of church and state. All of us agreed except for one girl who said she was confused because, according to her, God created us, so why wouldn't we teach that. It wasn't that none of us believed in God. It was just that we respected the fact that other people don't and we can't tell them what to believe.

She kept arguing, and eventually, we just changed the subject. But I found this really annoyingly ignorant and inconsiderate. This person is a good friend but can be ignorant and hypocritical. She kept telling people during class to speak up, even though she was completely quiet except for her completely irrelevant interjections.

21 Braggers

Okay, I know that confidence is a "great" thing and all, and I never had a problem with braggarts… until I met this kid. Sure, that kid seemed to be all nice, but there wasn't one hour where she wasn't bragging. For example, when the teacher says something like "You guys never read in your free time!" she'll be like, "But Mrs. So-and-so, I always read every single day!" in a really loud and annoying voice.

It's especially annoying when you're in a bad mood and then a bragger has to say something completely extraordinary about themselves. I was taught not to be a hater, but these are the most annoying people. They are the definition of annoying.

22 Adults Who Think That They Are Perfect and Mature

That's nothing new. Every young generation is against the previous generation. It's part of human development to rebel against the generation who has the power.

Do you think that when you are older and there is another younger generation, those kids will respect and bow to you? They will think in their turn that you are boring. Everybody was young once in their lives.

The reason this generation hates the previous one is that this generation is supposed to put their lives in the hands of those people and trust them. How can you trust someone who puts you down and makes you feel inferior to their "perfection"?

And saying that "this generation is so screwed up" doesn't help trust matters either.

23 Men Who Mistreat Women

Woman got more advantage, and they can mistreat men as much as they want, because everybody defend them. SO WRONG. I'm happy I am not the only one who understands.

Yeah, this is a terrible thing. It isn't necessarily always men mistreating women though. I mean, look at Matthew Santoro. Abused by his girlfriend!

Actually a lot of men have been scared to fight back if they are being mistreated by their woman because they will get a bad rep.

24 Hipsters

I wholeheartedly agree. Even though I may be a liberal, these idiots brainwashed my brother. He became one of those stereotypical "indie" ones. Now he watches TheNeedleDrop, listens to indie rock/EDM, and never shuts up about being anti-gamer and wanting to destroy my Nintendo systems and my Pokemon games.

I like Radiohead, but he never shuts up about them like they're the gods of music! And he shoves vinyl records in my face. CDs and Spotify have way better sound quality, you know! People, don't let your kids watch Anthony Fantano, or they will become this.

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