Adam Rupp


Adam Rupp has a God given talent that is unbelievable! I am a Home Fry and out of curiosity one day I googled beatboxers and listened to hours of others beatboxing...alone and as the percussion in groups. Being a Home Fry ( this is the name Home Free fans call ourselves ) I already thought Adam was the best out there, but after watching so many others I realized that HE IS THE BEST OUT THERE! Some of the videos I watched were actual competitions that he won! So I learned that it was not just my biased thinking, that in the world of vocal percussionist, Adam is the best. So I urge anyone that is here to cast a vote, to go to utube and watch some Home Free concerts and usually about half way through a concert, Adam has a solo routine that he does. If after listening to his contributions to the songs the group sings and especially after listening to his solo, if you do not think he is the best, please adjust your speakers on what ever you are listening to him on. One other thing that ...more

Have never heard anything like him! His ability to time his vocal percussion perfectly is absolutely amazing! Have listened to his solo performances and am blown away by what this man can do! Best ever!

Adam is a multi-talented musician and beat boxer extraordinaire! He is the glue for Home Free, setting the pace for every song with as their freak of nature human rhythm section. His good looks, dance moves, and arranger talent on top of the freaky extraordinary beat boxing make him the brightest talent in Home Free in my opinion. Go Adam!

It is totally awesome that Adam Rupp is the world's # 1 beat boxer. There's no one that can ever come close to what Adam does. His solos are amazing and beyond belief. As his range of beat boxing far exceeds everyone else. Adam is a gift from God to this world. He is a true Minister of Music and is not to be confused with music minister. Two totally different things. Of course when Adam does sing he has a beautiful voice and harmonizes perfectly with the rest of Home Free. We are so blessed with the gift of Adam Henry Rupp.

The sounds that come from this young man is unbelievable. He is so talented in so many area's. He will keep you wanting more yet shaking your head wondering how he does it. I don't understand it at all as they say he's a freak of nature, but in a good sense. He is also easy on the eyes & can dance & sing & arrange. Is there anything he can't do? I'm amazed at how he can do all that moving around for 2 hours & still not miss a beat. He makes it look so easy. There no one better the Adam Rupp

I had seen the videos and was impressed, but then I saw Home Free live! The videos simply do not do justice for this man's amazing talent. My jaw was on the floor during his entire solo. When he finished I jumped up and was screaming like I was at a rock concert, and I was not alone. Adam Rupp IS the best at what he does and seems to improve on himself daily, and he is just so darn gracious you can't help but love him.

Had the pleasure of seeing him live twice and can't wait for the next time. He is so phenomenal. Words can not accurately describe this man's talent.

His solos are insanely good, and when you listen to recorded Home Free tracks (as you do with all the guys) you forget that he's a person because he just sounds so darn like a drum kit/sound effect. Totally mind blowing...

The very first time my husband heard him he looked around for the drum kit. I told him that it was Adam and only Adam. Adam Rupp's amazing skills elicits multiple standing ovations during his drum solos during their shows. He can perform for more than 90 minutes without missing a beat. His personality and sense of humor are as out of this world as his beatboxing skills. You'll never be disappointed after one of his performances!

As much as I know there are many great beatboxers out there, I don't think there are too many that could even get in the ring with Adam. His solo's are beyond incredible and the depths that he can call on a moments notice for bass hits are enough to make the best bass man jealous. PLUS when he does sing, he's got an amazing voice. He's the all around package! What is there not to like?

Amazing doesn't even cover it. It is simply a God given talent that he must work on constantly because he just keeps getting better and better. When Austin says he is the rhythm and heartbeat of the group he means it! Keep doing what you are doing Adam. Once someone hears him they are instant fans.

Recently saw Home Free perform in Northampton, MA, and Adam Rupp's solo beatbox performance was absolutely jaw-dropping! I had seen him in clips on YouTube and thought he was amazing but these are nothing compared to the effect of seeing him perform live. I have also really grown to appreciate his contribution to the overall magic of Home Free. His percussive work and rhythm really take their harmonies to a different level. He also sings and creates amazing arrangements. Quite the talented fellow.

Such a rare talent to be able to undergird the music and not be a distraction, but man when it's time to solo... Move out of the way this man is bringing down the house.

I don't have time to list everything about this guy, but from what I have heard -he is my first - he is the best because everyone else does some of what he does, but not all. Also, his ability to perform for 2+ hours and not fade or lose time? Wow.

Adam Rupp sets the bar for vocal percussion. 15 performances later I still sit in rapt attention through his drum solos. Amazing skills. I think they shine brightest in the Home Free cover of Elvira. Equal to his vocal percussion talent is his humility and genuine kindness.

Truly amazing! This is one talented man and you really need to see him in person. He sounds great during the other songs, but he will knock your socks off during his drum solo. If Home Free comes to your town, buy tickets... You don't want to miss this!

Adam is amazing. The sounds that he can come up with that sound just like real instruments confounds me. When he does a solo, (and any other time really) You would swear there was a drum set somewhere hidden on the stage. Adam s truly the BEST!

Best there is. Stood in front of a couple that had never seen Adam before. They couldn't get over the fact that there wasn't a real drum set being played. They just kept repeating their amazement over and over again. As I said, best there is!

We have had the chance to see Adam Rupp live 4 times, and he leaves us in awe every time. He has inspired our 6 year old to begin beat boxing. One of the coolest things ever is the heartbeat sounds he makes during the song Mom... sends chills down my spine every time.

As they say in their concerts, he is a freak of nature! Uber talented and the best beat boxer I have ever heard. Not only can he beat box better than any I've heard but he can also sing well too. He is amazing!

Adam is THE best there is. All you have to do is listen to him perform and you will hear why. Listening to him with the rest of Home Free is remarkable, but it's his solos that really make you a believer in his awesome talents. Adam is a one of a kind talent and never ceases to amaze all of us fans. I hope to one day be lucky enough to hear Adam perform live.

Adam is phenomenal! I've seen him in concert twice and he amazes me every time. He is so incredibly talented, but I've had an opportunity to speak with him and he is the nicest, most humble man you could ever have the honor of meeting. I teach elementary music and my students love Home Free! They love all the guys, but Adam is their favorite hands down!

He is amazing. I watched videos first and was surprised, but when you see him live it's entirely awesome. He is so talented. I took my brother to his first show and he commented many times that he couldn't believe there were no instruments! Talent and personality, Adam has it all. Every show you see, he just adds to his performance. God has certainly Blessed him with a talent and I'm grateful that he's sharing it with us.

Adam is a freak of nature and gets better every day! Check out his solos on Home Free videos.

I played a video for a drummer friend of mine without letting him look at it. He was amazed that it was Adam and not a drum set! This guys is the best I have heard!