The Beatles' Albums Reviews - Please Please Me

jmepa1234 Despite being probably the least enjoyable Beatles' album, I love listening to it because without this album the Beatles wouldn't have been as famous as they are now and I wouldn't be writing this review. However, it is still, as with every Beatles' album, amazing to listen to.

"I Saw Her Standing There"
The first track is instantly catchy and drags you right into it so you can't help but dance. A classic Beatles' opening to an album.

I must admit, I find this song 'Misery-ably' dull. It just doesn't seem to match up to other songs by the Beatles'. A disappointment.

"Anna (Go To Him)"
Though it is a cover track, I find it really enjoyable and tuneful. Quite deep lyrics as well. A great cover.

Despite being another cover, this is a sing-a-long catchy song which has simple lyrics throughout. Another great cover.

Nothing special, but an enjoyable cover anyhow.

"Ask Me Why"
This song deserves it's place in the album. A great tune and great lyrics.

"Please Please Me"
This album wouldn't have existed without this song. That's why I love it. The highlight of the album.

"Love Me Do"
Repetitive tune, quite overrated but is saved by the great instruments being played in the background.

"P.S, I Love You"
Dreadfully drone-y track. I hate it sadly.

"Baby, It's You"
Again, nothing amazing, but still enjoyable.

"Do You Want to Know a Secret?"
I love this simple track's tune and adore the backing singing. One of the most underrated tracks by the Beatles.

"A Taste Of Honey"
Another boring song. I always skip this track.

"There's A Place"
Great work John Lennon. Amazing lyrics and tune.

"Twist And Shout"
I love this track. It is so lively and you can't help but dance to this screamer.

Album rating - 7/10


Twist and Shout is awesome - Martinglez

Nice review
The songs from this album which I enjoy the most:

1) I Saw Her Standing There
(One of their best. Music, lyrics, subject, arrangement, performance - as good as it gets)

2) Do You Want To Know A Secret?
(Another great early song that helped shape their image)

3) Please Please Me
4) Twist and Shout
5) Chains
6) P.S. I Love You
( beautiful harmonies, as usual)
7) Love Me Do
(Wonderful simplicity)
8) There's A Place
9) Misery - Billyv