"Revolver" Album Review

Alpha101 I've always heard from many that this is one of the Beatles' best albums. I've heard three or four songs off of the album, but never listened to the album in full. So, away I went to Youtube, where I happily found out that 95% of the Beatles' songs are now blocked. So, I dished out fifteen bucks and bought the album for myself. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

"Taxman" took a while to grow on me. At first, I did not like it, but now, it's become one of my favorite songs on not only the album, but by the band itself. It's lyrics are comically and hilariously written, yet they do hold a powerful meaning. In short, this did a nearly perfect job opening an equally amazing album.

"Eleanor Rigby" is my favorite song on the album. This is easily my favorite Paul McCartney song, and also, one of my favorites by the Beatles. It's lyrics were fantastic, Paul's singing was on-point, and the song never fails to grab my attention. Some complain that it's too short of a song, but I disagree. I believe that it's briefness adds to the beauty of the track.

"I'm Only Sleeping" took a long time to grow on me. At first, I thought that it was the laziest Beatles song that I've heard. But, after about the tenth listen or so, I started to really appreciate it. John's voice went perfectly with the song, and made me feel like I was floating upstream.

"Love You To" is my least favorite on the album. Granted, it is a good song, but it wasn't up-to-par with the other masterpieces that this glorious album contains.

"Here, There, and Everywhere" was one of the first songs that I heard off the album, though I did not know that it was a Beatles song! So, whenever I heard it, I instantly started singing along to it, and enjoyed it immediately. It isn't fantastic, but it is a pretty good song.

"Yellow Submarine" is one of the best on the entire album, which is not at all a popular opinion. But I really enjoyed this song! It's catchy and upbeat, and impossible not to at least hum along to.

"She Said She Said" is among my favorite songs by Lennon. It's lyrics are magnificent, and Lennon does a great job singing on this one. and it took me by surprise how much I liked this song.

"Good Day Sunshine" was one of my first songs that I've ever heard by the Beatles, so of course I feel a bit nostalgic about it. Nostalgia aside, it is a pretty likable song.

"And Your Bird Can Sing" was a great song, though I can't really pinpoint what I like about it so much. It's catchy, I'll give it that, but it bugs me not knowing why I feel drawn to it. Whatever the reason that I like it, it's a pretty good song, and a nice addition to the album.

"For No One" is an outstanding song, and is now one of my favorite songs in history. It tells the tragic tale of lost love, and it tells it in such a beautiful, but depressing manner. This is another fantastic song by McCartney, and is among one of my favorites by him.

"Doctor Robert" also took a while to grow on me. At first, I despised it. I felt like the lyrics were elementary, and the singing was ho-hum. It's still possibly my least favorite on the album, but I still enjoy it a great deal. It was overshadowed by a lot of the other songs, but it shouldn't go unrecognized.

"I Want To Tell You" is another great song. It's impossible to unlike, and contains one of my favorite lines in history. "If I seem to act unkind, it isn't me, it's just my mind. That is confusing things."

"Got To Get You Into My Life" is one of the most energetic songs by the band. Soon as I heard it, I instinctively got up and started to dance, and hummed along at the tune. It's catchy, and one of the most likable Beatles songs.

"Tomorrow Never Knows" did a perfect job closing out an album that I've come to love in such a short amount of time. It's trippy, beautiful, soothing, and the lyrics are among some of the best written by the band.

I'll never regret the day that I bought this album. Every single song on this album is strong in it's own way, and they flow together nicely. It isn't m favorite album by the band, but it is definitely up there, and is nearly-perfect in my eyes.

9.8/10 - Great Album


Just leaving this as a note: Beatles songs are now only blocked in the US due to copyright reasons. Just thought I'd let someone know, just in case - kaitlynrad11

I've heard. It's completely unnecessary. Now whenever I just want to listen to the band, I have to search for the album, and if I don't have it, I have to purchase it, and they are hard to find where I'm from. So, then I have to order it online, but I have to wait a week or two for it to come in. I do hope their videos start coming back up soon. - Alpha101

Nice review, but you forgot three songs: "I'm Only Sleeping," "And Your Bird Can Sing," and "Doctor Robert." This is their masterpiece in my opinion. - PetSounds