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61 Spanish Radio
62 Get F***** Stud

Fab, such a bummer they never play it live because lyrically it is just genius

V 2 Comments
63 Stress On the Sky

I really like this song. Not just because it sounds like Nirvana... But it creats a little world, I guess, full of something mystery and dark. ;)
This song deserves more attention.

64 Christopher's River

I know that choosing which is the best song is very difficult. I guess, that most of their song deserve it to be at the Top 10. But it's almost a shame that this song don't get ALL the attention that is deserves. The lyrics is so meaningful. Listen carefully to 'Christopher's River' and maybe you'll know what I mean. This song is absoluty underrated.

65 Trumpet or Tap V 1 Comment
66 All the Way Down: Chapter 2
67 The Joke's On Us
68 Pause and Turn It Up

Just getting into Buffi and really enjoying their music. I only have one question, 'Why is this not Top 10?

69 Scary Mary
70 A Man of His Appalling Posture
71 Hero Management
72 Solution Devices
73 The Ideal Height
74 Love Has a Diameter
75 Watch
76 Hiya
77 City of Dreadful Night
78 Little Soldiers

Have a listen - it's not on their albums. I think you'll agree it's one of their best

79 Pocket
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