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121 The Riftwar Saga
122 Beast Quest - Adam Blade

Its just the best its epic cool adventurous and the series is MASSIVE (maybe a bit too big do you ever stop writing books Adam blade because you are a sensation! Take a holiday why don't you sheesh! ) Its just better than the likes of twilight I can't believe twilight is above beast quest. Eventually I believe that Adam Blade and his awesome series will be bigger than the likes of harry potter Which is cool too so mark my words and buy Ferno the fire Dragon until Epos the flame bird (phoenix) and read them then help gather votes because you will think its too epic Mark my words this will be world wide and further to the top of this list.

123 Septimus Heap

AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! THE BEST! LOOOVE IT! This should definitely be in the top tens. It captivates you but it also includes beautiful magic. Includes a little bit of different genres as well. Fantasy, Adventure, light Romance but not really soppy like Twilight. I adore these books. I think that they could be expanded on to suit older audiences too.

124 The Secret Seven
125 Benedicts
126 Foundation Series

Won the Hugo Award for Best All-Time Series.

127 His Dark Materials V 3 Comments
128 Unwind

This is a great series. I am 41 and really enjoyed the books. The concept really makes you think.

129 Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire

Awesome---you will not put it down-18 and older

130 The Boxcar Children

I read this as a child and loved it.

It's so boring just these stupid kids who live in a boxcar

131 Dead City

I am in love with the series I want it to be a movie so bad

132 N.E.R.D.S.

The best series

133 Horrid Henry

I love Horrid Henry! He is an awesome boy who misbehaves but makes me laugh! How come he's not here yet?

I love horrid henry not more than harry potter

Horrible books

134 Waterfire Saga

Best series ever if you don:t like it you can lock yourself in the bathroom

This honestly could be a really popular and famous series if people would just read it.

135 Blubber (Judy Blume)

Best book in the whole universe no doubt

136 The Dragon King
137 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

I felt like Rick Riordan was trying to make a character opposite of Percy Jackson after Jason Grace, because Magnus hates blue, Percy loves blue, Magnus thinks pen swords are stupid, Percy has a pen sword!

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138 The Expanse
139 The Last Unicorn
140 The Spiderwick Chronicles

How is this at almost 200 it was a really good series. Some people probably just jumped on the bandwagon of Harry Potter and they either actually liked it better or made an excuse to make it get to the top of the list like" oh it's much better because there's way more books." But in my options if a series is good enough to read more than twice( Harry Potter I read each book only once mind you) then it doesn't matter.

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