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121 Magyk V 1 Comment
122 Morganville Vampires
123 The Riftwar Saga
124 Septimus Heap

AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! THE BEST! LOOOVE IT! This should definitely be in the top tens. It captivates you but it also includes beautiful magic. Includes a little bit of different genres as well. Fantasy, Adventure, light Romance but not really soppy like Twilight. I adore these books. I think that they could be expanded on to suit older audiences too.

125 The Famous Five
126 The Secret Seven
127 Benedicts
128 Foundation Series

Won the Hugo Award for Best All-Time Series.

129 His Dark Materials V 3 Comments
130 Unwind

This is a great series. I am 41 and really enjoyed the books. The concept really makes you think.

131 Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire

Awesome---you will not put it down-18 and older

132 The Boxcar Children

I read this as a child and loved it.

It's so boring just these stupid kids who live in a boxcar

133 The Iron Fey

Meghan Chase, a girl who suddenly finds out that she is half faery princess, sets out to find her kidnapped brother. Along the way, Ashallyn'darkmyr Tallyn, the youngest son of the opposite faery court, sets out to stop her, but the two unimaginably fall in love. The Scepter of the Seasons is then stolen, and the two set out to find it. Meghan then becomes the Iron Queen, but Ash cannot enter the Iron society, so he goes through another series of adventures to find the key to becoming mortal. He succeeds, and it is happily ever after.

134 Dead City

I am in love with the series I want it to be a movie so bad

135 N.E.R.D.S.

The best series

136 Horrid Henry

I love Horrid Henry! He is an awesome boy who misbehaves but makes me laugh! How come he's not here yet?

I love horrid henry not more than harry potter

Horrible books

137 Blubber (Judy Blume)

Best book in the whole universe no doubt

138 The Dragon King
139 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

I felt like Rick Riordan was trying to make a character opposite of Percy Jackson after Jason Grace, because Magnus hates blue, Percy loves blue, Magnus thinks pen swords are stupid, Percy has a pen sword!

I 💖💖💖 Percy Jackson...this is a good series but not as good as Percy Jackson...

140 The Expanse
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