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161 Vampire Academy

Why is this series not even in the list! This series is epic. If you love vampires you got to read these.

I haven't read any of the books in the last 80 or so.

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162 Hattie Big Sky

I personally checked out this book expecting it to be awful, but it was a really really good book. I'm dying to read it again when I get the chance, and hopefully read the second book. It really is a good book though I love it.

163 Young Merlin Trilogy
164 Choose Your Own Adventure
165 Smile and Sisters

It's very funny but not a book it's a graphic novel

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166 Wereworld
167 Just William
168 Sweet Valley High
169 Amelia's Notebook
170 Tunnels

Best adventure series ever. By Roderick Gordon and Bryan Williams - Mightyena5875345

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171 Hank the Cowdog
172 Dragonbreath
173 Good Day/Bad Day
174 The Caster Chronicles
175 For Dummies
176 Magic Bites (Kate Daniels)

The most amazing paranormal fantasy book series!

Mercenary Kate Daniels is a tough gal that gets things done! This epic series includes amazing world-building by husband-wife/co-author team Ilona Andrews that is filled with action, mystery, and some VERY cool characters (including vampires, shape-shifters, and many MANY others) - you will love ALL of these great characters in one way or the other.

177 The Sword of Truth V 1 Comment
178 Poison Study Series

Maria Snyder did an amazing job of making a compelling yet humorous and often action filled story that captures you from the first sentence. A must read for anyone who enjoys books.

179 Kanin Chronicles - Amanda Hocking

Fantasy--beautiful trolls --young adult---so good

180 Fallen - Lauren Kate

Angels---so awesome---compared to Hush,Hush but then again so very different.

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