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161 Tunnels

Best adventure series ever. By Roderick Gordon and Bryan Williams - Mightyena5875345

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162 Hank the Cowdog
163 Dragonbreath
164 Good Day/Bad Day
165 Shadow Children Series

These books were amazing! They are very unknown, but they are suspenseful. The characters have a harder childhood than some big characters I know. These books made me cry, they were sad, especially the character named Jen! My fave book is Among the Brave, though. There should be movies!

I feel this is a little unknown to most people, but it deserves to be on here! Just a little more appreciation and respect for it and it could be as good as The Hunger Games! Margaret Haddix keeps the readers in suspense and always leaves cliffhangers to leave the reader wanting more. I' suprised it' not well known, and with seven books a lot of money could be made out of it, I would love to see movies of them. Just amazing.

166 For Dummies
167 Magic Bites (Kate Daniels)

The most amazing paranormal fantasy book series!

Mercenary Kate Daniels is a tough gal that gets things done! This epic series includes amazing world-building by husband-wife/co-author team Ilona Andrews that is filled with action, mystery, and some VERY cool characters (including vampires, shape-shifters, and many MANY others) - you will love ALL of these great characters in one way or the other.

168 The Sword of Truth V 1 Comment
169 Poison Study Series

Maria Snyder did an amazing job of making a compelling yet humorous and often action filled story that captures you from the first sentence. A must read for anyone who enjoys books.

170 Kanin Chronicles - Amanda Hocking

Fantasy--beautiful trolls --young adult---so good

171 Fallen - Lauren Kate

Angels---so awesome---compared to Hush,Hush but then again so very different.

172 The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

So different --tuff author but so worth the read--

173 Tear Drop - Lauren Kate

Crazy books ---really good

174 House of Night - P.C.Cast

AWESOME---that's all I can say----so many books and so great never want it to end---12 books-5extra books

175 Watersong Novel - Amanda Hocking V 1 Comment
176 Spinward Fringe - Randolph Lalonde

This universe remionds me of my favorite parts about all of the star trek, farscape, firefly, andromeda series. It is very addicting and you don't want it to ever end.

Best sci-fi book series I have ever read!

177 The Bregdan Chronicles
178 Halo
179 The Chocolate Box Girls
180 The Iron Fey

Meghan Chase, a girl who suddenly finds out that she is half faery princess, sets out to find her kidnapped brother. Along the way, Ashallyn'darkmyr Tallyn, the youngest son of the opposite faery court, sets out to stop her, but the two unimaginably fall in love. The Scepter of the Seasons is then stolen, and the two set out to find it. Meghan then becomes the Iron Queen, but Ash cannot enter the Iron society, so he goes through another series of adventures to find the key to becoming mortal. He succeeds, and it is happily ever after.

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