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The euphonium is the most mellow sounding brass instrument commonly found in concert and marching bands. Some people would disagree and say the French Horn is has a mellow sound, but that's because they've never heard a professional euphonium player. There are typically two in a concert band, so your section mate can end up being one of your closest friends. Another feature is the fact that they are so versatile. Having piston valves and a range of up to five and a half octaves (if you develop a professional level range), they can play very virtuosically. Trombones and French horns simply lack the potential playing speed of a euphonium because rotary valves and a slide can't move as fast as pistons. A final reason to love the euphonium is for the parts. You can be playing a slow, exposed, sonorous melody, a loud low brass feature, runs with the woodwinds, or a bass part with the tubas.

The Euphonium can seriously be called the unsung and underrated king of the orchestra, which is a shame, because the euphonium has qualities many other instruments can't deliver. From it's 5 or more octaves of range to it's mellow dark sound as well to its versatility, the euphonium is an extremely important and needed instrument in the orchestra. It can play vibrato, it can make both a mellow woodwind and horn like sound and a piercing sound with the trumpets and of course the low brass section thanks to it's large flared bell, you can double the basslines with the tubas and timpanis, play fast and virtuosic thanks to its piston valves, and if you can play very low notes, it's possible that you may even mimic the snare drums. The euphonium is the BEST AND MOST NEEDED INSTRUMENT in the WORLD! Even better than the piano since it doesn't give you all of the abilities that the euphonium can.

The euphonium is truly the unsung hero of the band and deserves to be recognized. From its 6 octaves of range to its mellow, dark tone, the euphonium is a very important instrument. Unlike the trumpet and trombone, in which the tone can easily be blasty or loud, the euphonium has a very deep tone, making it sound like the soul of the band. Not only can it play with the brass, but it can strengthen and accompaine the woodwinds. The other brasses are to loud and too straightforward. It also has many vital parts in multiple pieces, particularly in Gustav Holsts pieces. Listen to pieces like 'Beyond the Horizon' and you will here that the euphonium accompanies the woodwinds. Listen to 'Ross Roy Overture' and you will hear them playing with the trumpets and French horns. Also listen to 'Centuria overture for band' then they will play with the tubas and trombones. Listen to 'First Suite in Eb' and 'Second Suite in F' where the euphonium has beautiful melodies. Also listen to 'Pantomime solo ...more

The Euphonium is such a lovely instrument. It can make really beautiful music. Plus, the Euphonium is a "jack of all trades" instrument. It can support the tuba with an octave, the sound complements the horn's, the Euphonium can be used with a woodwind line to add strength, it can soften the trombone section, and I have even sometimes seen it share a flute part. The Euphonium is one of the best instruments, if not the best, instrument that I have ever heard. Even better than a horn. And that's saying a lot.

By horn do you mean french horn?
If so, I just compared the two, and the french horn sounds a lot prettier. I paid attention to the tone and the feel to the instrument, and the french horn just had it at that. I am a trumpet player, yet the french horn will always bring something to the band that the Euphonium can't. It doesn't have a wide range, which is one of the many reasons it could never be top of brass. Any instrument at the top needs to have a range and can sound most like anything, and this instrument doesn't have that.


Okay so, I play clarinet (best instrument ever! ) But I do think that tuba is the best brass instrument. What do we all release to? The tuba. What are we supposed to listen for when playing fermatas? The tuba! Tubas are like the concrete for the whole band. We rely on you, tubas! Without you in the band, we’re basically nothing.

I play tuba, it is superior to all other brass instruments because it provides the foundation for nearly all chords written in music and it also gives the bass line to various pieces plus its huge!

A Tuba is one of those instruments where you don't notice the sound to much when its in a piece of music, but whenever it's not there something definitely sounds missing and weird.

One of the most stereotyped and underrated instruments. They carry the band and can do so much more than they get credit for! Carol Jantsch's Reflections on the Mississippi is a perfect example of this

French Horn

Best brass instrument ever. So mellow, the biggest/widest range in any brass instrument, you can actually MUTE the instrument with your hand almost immediately, and is just the coolest looking in my opinion. Although this beauty had to be balanced with a con; it is the hardest from all the brass instruments, according to wide acclaims, because of its very small partials. Like, the amount of air you need to play a note is very specific. If you go past or under you screw up (I play both this and the violin... the two hardest instruments in the world (violin is harder/more important though)).

Recently, I switched to french horn from trumpet in school band. I was really good at trumpet but my heart just wasn't at it and it wasn't really my gig. When I tried for french horn, my heart just knew it was right. French horn just produces a mellow, yet prideful sound that I love. Nothing beats it.

The French horn is byfar the most beautiful, rich brass you will encounter. When I first played the horn in an instrument tryout at a school, I immediately loved it because of its golden tone. It has a mellow personality that holds the band together. It's so compatible with other instruments that it's a member of the woodwind quintet! Although it has a unique sound, It is hard to play and the tone cracks if you're not careful. If you practice hard and don't give up, you can definitely play beautifully on it. Also, not many people play it, so I find it an honor to be one of the rare few who do. I will say that I like Euphonium as my 2nd favorite brass, but the horn has that bright, magical sound that even Euphonium can't replicate. Euphonium is my 2nd favorite brass, as I already said, but French horn is my favorite instrument of ALL instruments! GO FRENCH HORN!

The French Horn's original purpose (according to the internet) is to blend the woodwinds and the conical brass together. It does that incredibly well when played, although there is a wide range of sounds it can make, what with stopping and hand movements. It is at it's best when there is a quartet, because the sound is absolutely immaculate. The PLU band director once said that the French Horn is the hero's instrument. I agree with that. It's bell is shaped differently so it has a darker sound, one more mellow, and not so piercing like the trumpet or the trombone. Just imagine Star Wars, and maybe listen to the soundtrack. Some of the Horn parts (because John Williams is a genius) just work so well with the Horn.


A trombone offers a strong steady voice for a lead and also a soothing background noise for others.
That's where I believe it hits it off. A French horn is a good background, but even after years, it's very difficult to play a solo. A trumpet is a great lead instrument, but many trumpeters have 'treble' playing quietly on backups. A baritone is a great accompany to the trombone, but is not very well-known. The trombone is able to execute stellar solos as well as background music in many different styles, be it jazz, concert, or even marching on a field.

The trombone gives musicians and composers a lot of freedom. With practice, the instrument is limitless. A trombone can switch tones, ranges, and styles with the greatest of ease. It can have a mellow tone or a more aggressive one. It is the perfect choice for all styles of music. If you can do it on another brass instrument, it's possible on the trombone. And thanks to it's slide, it even goes beyond that.

This instrument has so much versatility. You can use in Jazz, you can use it in orchestras. Make happy songs, make sad songs. Fun songs with glissing. It can go higher than a trumpet and as low as a tuba. It is also arguably one of the hardest instruments to play in a band, having to play sixteenth notes going from High G down to Low Bb, on allegro. The point is, the Trombone is an amazing instrument.

The trombone is the core brass sound that occurs in all great band and orchestral compositions. The versatility of the trombone allows a player to focus on either a bright, focused sound to be used in jazz ensembles, or a rich and dark sound to be used in orchestral playing.


Best marching instrument

Did you mean saxophone

Lol it's a tuba

The best

Trumpet A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.

It's not the best. To loud, not enough range, can't play softly, all the players are cocky. It's nice in jazz. I guess it can be good if you get the REALLY right player to get at it. But.. doesn't deserve to be in top five.. not even top ten. Maybe 12.

I play the trumpet, and it is AWESOME. It is easy to fix if you mess up playing, and it also plays very fluently. Without the trumpet, the band would sound really awkward without it.

This instrument can play many types of music because of its capability to
Play various pitches. It can be very high in pitch or low in pitch. It makes such amazing sounds. It is also much easier to master a trumpet than most brass instruments.

Through middle school and high school I played the trumpet, It was hard and frustrating at times, and I remember having to walk to school with it, which I hated, but I loved it and I never gave up!


Love the sound of a cornet, can give you sweet romantic sounds and then you can jazz it up, helps my 8 year old son plays the cornet.

The warm sounding trumpet... It gives any band that mellow, sweet sounding lead vocals that it requires!

Comes with the holiness of trumpets, but not the ego


Baritone Horn

Sorry to burst bubbles, but the baritone (horn) and euphonium are the same thing. And please don't say "YOU DON'T KNOW THAT" I do, hence I play the baritone/euphonium

It has more skill and it sounds awesome. This instrument can play many types of music because of its capability to
Play various pitches. It can be very high in pitch or low in pitch. It makes such amazing sounds.

Lovely range in notes, love watching and listening to my 12 year old play his baritone horn.

The baritone horn is the best

Bass Trombone

Cannot argue it is a great instrument! I mean, playing low notes makes you cool. Simple as!

What else needs to be said? The best brass instrument (trombone) plus bass

It has more skill and it sounds awesome

The instument has a strong deep tone making it helpul in any occasion


I know why it was voted to this place, its not even an instrument but I don't maybe it is, all well.

Best instrument, with practice can provide a rich high pitch sound. Great in rupturing ears.

I actually looked this up...

Why is this here...

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Tube Trumpet

Really fun instrement at least id say it is.


Have you ever tried a flugelhorn? No? Go try one. The beauty of the sound you can achieve with a flugelhorn is unmatched by any other brass instrument in my opinion.

By far the most civilised of sounds in the brass family - silky smooth and worth a try if you've never played one and like brass.

Flugelhorn has a smooth, flowing song, and it sounds prettier than the trumpet. Sorry, trumpets.

When played well it is the best sounding instrument by far


Best instrument in the whole band. Without them the band would most definitely fall apart. People may not know about us now but after seeing and drum corps show they'll go home wondering "what was that sexy sound in the background"

The power of a baritone but has the smoothness of a trumpet

Lovely name and lovely sound part of brass family, love it!

Phantom Regiment mello section for the win!

Tenor Horn

Has a great sound, but, in my opinion, can't compete with the French Horn in an orchestral setting. I voted for it because it is the main instrument I play and I couldn't bare for it to be beaten by the Tube Trumpet.

The best instrument

Young boy I went to learn to play and loved the sound of the Tenor Horn If I could learn to read music I would play this instrument

I mean I play it, I feel I have to 😂😂


What is a fiscon

Good question.


Its cool but still I love the tenor horn

This is a type of saxophone...


Most under estimated instrument on the world.

An interesting and very capable instrument.


A trombone with a bassoon mouthpiece. I'd love to find a VSTi of this instrument.

What is that


It is a great

Violin The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.
Piccolo Trumpet

All the art of a trumpet, played classically higher!

Amazing instrument! Plays high notes with confidence. Very expensive😞

Alto Horn
Bass Trumpet

It's a lower pitch of trumpet, in a trombone scale

King 3B
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