10 Best Brass Instruments

The Top Ten 10 Best Brass Instruments

1 Euphonium

Ooof, this is so beautiful.
I really want to switch from trumpet to euphonium, since I have wanted to try a low brass instrument and this would by far be my top pick.
Please vote! It's awesome!
So mellow, dark, yet can also play with the woodwinds evenly and soften the trumpets. This is truly amazing.
Seriously, it is probably the best instrument I have ever heard in my life. Even though I also play piano and sax. That is saying a lot people!
Anyway it's awesome. Period. - Idkcats

same as the baritone horn. I do know because I play the baritone/euphonium

The euphonium is the most mellow sounding brass instrument commonly found in concert and marching bands. Some people would disagree and say the French Horn is has a mellow sound, but that's because they've never heard a professional euphonium player. There are typically two in a concert band, so your section mate can end up being one of your closest friends. Another feature is the fact that they are so versatile. Having piston valves and a range of up to five and a half octaves (if you develop a professional level range), they can play very virtuosically. Trombones and French horns simply lack the potential playing speed of a euphonium because rotary valves and a slide can't move as fast as pistons. A final reason to love the euphonium is for the parts. You can be playing a slow, exposed, sonorous melody, a loud low brass feature, runs with the woodwinds, or a bass part with the tubas.

Euph is the best! After watching an anime, Hibike! Euphonium, I immediately wanted to learn the euphonium. I'm still finding a nice model to buy, though!

I love that show, just had to say it. I play trumpet and Reina is my favorite character by far. - Idkcats

2 Tuba

The tuba has an amazing deep and warm tone when played well and carries the band.

An alto sax player plays it in band but she's the only good alto sax player.

I play tuba, it is superior to all other brass instruments because it provides the foundation for nearly all chords written in music and it also gives the bass line to various pieces plus its huge!

One of the most stereotyped and underrated instruments. They carry the band and can do so much more than they get credit for! Carol Jantsch's Reflections on the Mississippi is a perfect example of this

3 French Horn

Best brass instrument ever. So mellow, the biggest/widest range in any brass instrument, you can actually MUTE the instrument with your hand almost immediately, and is just the coolest looking in my opinion. Although this beauty had to be balanced with a con; it is the hardest from all the brass instruments, according to wide acclaims, because of its very small partials. Like, the amount of air you need to play a note is very specific. If you go past or under you screw up (I play both this and the violin... the two hardest instruments in the world (violin is harder/more important though)).

Recently, I switched to french horn from trumpet in school band. I was really good at trumpet but my heart just wasn't at it and it wasn't really my gig. When I tried for french horn, my heart just knew it was right. French horn just produces a mellow, yet prideful sound that I love. Nothing beats it. - Idkcats

I play French Horn and I love the beautiful sound that it makes. Even though it is extremely hard to get it to sound the way you want it to sound it all pays off in the end.

The French horn is byfar the most beautiful, rich brass you will encounter. When I first played the horn in an instrument tryout at a school, I immediately loved it because of its golden tone. It has a mellow personality that holds the band together. It's so compatible with other instruments that it's a member of the woodwind quintet! Although it has a unique sound, It is hard to play and the tone cracks if you're not careful. If you practice hard and don't give up, you can definitely play beautifully on it. Also, not many people play it, so I find it an honor to be one of the rare few who do. I will say that I like Euphonium as my 2nd favorite brass, but the horn has that bright, magical sound that even Euphonium can't replicate. Euphonium is my 2nd favorite brass, as I already said, but French horn is my favorite instrument of ALL instruments! GO FRENCH HORN!

4 Trombone

Hands down the best instrument out there, can play just as fast and with more pizazz than all the other instruments combined

I play the trombone and although it may be hard it is very eye catching and like crazy fun to play

I play trombone, and it is not only a very pretty instrument in terms of sound, but it looks great and is without a doubt the most fun instrument in marching band to play

The trombone gives musicians and composers a lot of freedom. With practice, the instrument is limitless. A trombone can switch tones, ranges, and styles with the greatest of ease. It can have a mellow tone or a more aggressive one. It is the perfect choice for all styles of music. If you can do it on another brass instrument, it's possible on the trombone. And thanks to it's slide, it even goes beyond that.

5 Sousaphone

No a sousaphone is pretty much the same as a tuba but it wraps around your body instead of you holding on your shoulder

Lol it's a tuba

Best marching instrument

The best

6 Trumpet A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.

I don't know why this is not first, it is wonderful. I play trumpet and I never enjoy myself more then I do while playing the by far best brass, or best instrument in general. The trumpet has a wide range, it is loud, beautifully romantic. It stands along the piano and saxophone as king on jazz, and the sound of it is much louder than any of the brass instruments.
I have heard the euphonium before, trust me. I don't know why it is first. It is no where near as good as the trumpet is. The range is quite boring and it is to low. Some people would call it a "rich" instrument, but it has no spark to make it as rich as the trumpet is.
This instrument I have learned and I am in love, I hope to learn more about it every day. Thanks! - Idkcats

I play the trumpet, and it is AWESOME. It is easy to fix if you mess up playing, and it also plays very fluently. Without the trumpet, the band would sound really awkward without it.

The loudness, the power, the crisp, prideful noise, what's there not to love about a trumpet? - Velilana

Well the trumpets annoy me because in band all of the annoying people play it - lbelle0527

Through middle school and high school I played the trumpet, It was hard and frustrating at times, and I remember having to walk to school with it, which I hated, but I loved it and I never gave up!

7 Cornet

Love the sound of a cornet, can give you sweet romantic sounds and then you can jazz it up, helps my 8 year old son plays the cornet.

The warm sounding trumpet... It gives any band that mellow, sweet sounding lead vocals that it requires!

Comes with the holiness of trumpets, but not the ego

Trumpet rip-off

8 Baritone Horn

Sorry to burst bubbles, but the baritone (horn) and euphonium are the same thing. And please don't say "YOU DON'T KNOW THAT" I do, hence I play the baritone/euphonium


Lovely range in notes, love watching and listening to my 12 year old play his baritone horn.

It has more skill and it sounds awesome. This instrument can play many types of music because of its capability to
Play various pitches. It can be very high in pitch or low in pitch. It makes such amazing sounds.

9 Bass Trombone

It has more skill and it sounds awesome

Cannot argue it is a great instrument! I mean, playing low notes makes you cool. Simple as!

Bass Trombone has a strong and unique low tone, but when played higher it tends to sound like a euphonium

What else needs to be said? The best brass instrument (trombone) plus bass

10 Airhorn

The way sound emanates, almost flows out, like wine from the mouth held between the plentiful breasts and the hands of most beauteous virgin of Elysium, fills us with a sense of tranquility like none, leaving us with only and only one question: when can we hear it again

A beautiful instrument great for bursting eardrums (but seriously why is this higher than some real instruments)

Best instrument, with practice can provide a rich high pitch sound. Great in rupturing ears.

I know why it was voted to this place, its not even an instrument but I don't maybe it is, all well.

The Contenders

11 Tube Trumpet

Really fun instrement at least id say it is.

12 Flugelhorn

Have you ever tried a flugelhorn? No? Go try one. The beauty of the sound you can achieve with a flugelhorn is unmatched by any other brass instrument in my opinion.

By far the most civilised of sounds in the brass family - silky smooth and worth a try if you've never played one and like brass.

Flugelhorn has a smooth, flowing song, and it sounds prettier than the trumpet. Sorry, trumpets.

When played well it is the best sounding instrument by far

13 Bugle

it's cool

14 Mellophone

Best instrument in the whole band. Without them the band would most definitely fall apart. People may not know about us now but after seeing and drum corps show they'll go home wondering "what was that sexy sound in the background"

Phantom Regiment mello section for the win!

The power of a baritone but has the smoothness of a trumpet

Lovely name and lovely sound part of brass family, love it!

15 Tenor Horn

Has a great sound, but, in my opinion, can't compete with the French Horn in an orchestral setting. I voted for it because it is the main instrument I play and I couldn't bare for it to be beaten by the Tube Trumpet.

Young boy I went to learn to play and loved the sound of the Tenor Horn If I could learn to read music I would play this instrument

The best instrument

I mean I play it, I feel I have to 😂😂

16 Fiscon

What is a fiscon

Good question.

17 Tubax

This is a type of saxophone...

Its cool but still I love the tenor horn

18 Cimbasso

Most under estimated instrument on the world.

An interesting and very capable instrument.


19 Tromboon

A trombone with a bassoon mouthpiece. I'd love to find a VSTi of this instrument.

What is that

20 Saxhorn

It is a great

21 Violin The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.

This is not BRASS - lbelle0527

22 Piccolo Trumpet

All the art of a trumpet, played classically higher!

Amazing instrument! Plays high notes with confidence. Very expensive😞

23 Alto Horn
24 Bass Trumpet

It's a lower pitch of trumpet, in a trombone scale

25 King 3B


26 Triangle

A triangle is not made out of brass...

A lovely rich high pitched tink to it, the triange sets my eyes and ears at ease. to listen to it is the highest pleasure an ear can apprehend. if you don't like the triange, you obviously haven't heard a professional triangle. when played with a few other triangles, it sounds like a giant tingle. but they have to tink at the same time or else it sounds bad sorry

27 Alto Trombone
28 Jazzophone

Awesome! Sounds like a sax but has 2 bells and 1 bell uses a mute. It is really cool!

29 English Horn

One of two instruments in F (the other is #3(my favorite) french horn) ever.


30 Ophicleide

1 of the 2 valved brass instruments (the other being the serpent). It is very unique and has a mellow tone.

31 Contrabass Trumpet
32 Soprano Trombone

The Trombone, but an octave higher. Enough said.

33 Piccolo Tuba
34 Quinticlave

It’s an alto ophicleide, and it’s awesome

35 Saxophone The saxophone is a family of woodwind instruments. Saxophones are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet.
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