Top Ten Best Broadway Musicals

What is the best musical ever to hit the stage in New York

The Top Ten Best Broadway Musicals

1 Hamilton

GOOD JOB BEING NUMBER ONE, HAMILTON! I love Hamilton, I love Lin, I lover literally everything about this musical.

No other musical could compare to the genius of Hamilton. It was truly Lin-Manuel Maranda's (I probably spelled his name wrong) best work (though I loved In the Heights and 21 Chump Street).

I have bad taste when it comes to musicals. I (yes, really) HATE Annie, so you get my point. But this is the best ' musical in the world. I love how they are talking about something that happened over a hundred years ago, but it makes it look like it's present day. Also the placement of the songs are amazing (The calm song Hurricane is between We Know and The Reynolds Pamphlet, so it really is the eye of the hurricane). Definitely the best song is "Wait For It". My favorite character is Aaron Burr (,Sir. Sorry, I had to). Deserves more the #1 spot, and musicals like Annie just need to accept they suck and move on.

This is the first musical I listened to, so I might be a bit exaggerative, but I think it is awesome! I love history and I'm so glad that there is a musical that helps to explain the making of America, along with the life of a founding father. I have many friends who like the musical as well, and some family members who love it. Most definitely believe thatt his deserves #1.

2 Wicked

This is the musical kids should watch growing up. Wicked shows not only to look at inner beauty, but also not to belive everything you hear. - Wickednerd

It kills me to choose between Wicked and Les Mis, as they are undoubtedly my top two. I think Wicked takes the cake because it combines raw emotion with an incredible display of vocal virtuosity in a way which, I believe, slightly surpasses Les Mis. Additionally, the set and, especially, lighting are an incredible piece of art; it is simple an amazing visual spectacle from start to finish. There a lots of good musicals in the world and find that some theatre geeks write Wicked off because of its "newness" or mainstream popularity, but I really believe that it deserves to be ranked among the best of all time.

I got tickets to this on my birthday last year and I love this musical. I love the characters and the songs are amazing. It is good to see the true story of why she become The wicked witch. She is my favourite character of the musical. My favourite song is defying gravity. If you haven't see this, you need to book some tickets now because this is spectacular. BEST MUSICAL EVER!

Wicked is everything I could ever ask for in a musical. It has the most beautiful score, which accompanies an absolutely perfect story of life, love, and friendship that has you laughing, crying, and standing up and cheering at the end. The heart of Wicked, along with its many lessons about life, will bring you back time and time again.

3 Les Misérables

Very sad but amazing! I saw this and cried but I walked out of there singing master of the house with my theater/queer amigos.

The first musical I've ever heard was this my sister was in this when she was in high school and so I fell in love and helped her practice.

Les Mis is so great! It's gives you perfect mix of different emotions... happiness, triumph, sadness, anger etc. There are so many great musicals: the lion king, matilda, rent, mamma mia, annie, wicked... but Les Mis beats them all, I'm sorry. There are so many great songs: my personal favourite, the emotional On my Own, the upbeat Master of the House, the desperate I Dreamed a dream, the sad Castle on a Cloud, the glorious Red or Black and so on. There is a whole great cast of characters who bring out different feelings in you and this play is humorous and heart-wrenching at the same time. Overall, I love Les Mis! - samoodle

This is the most classic musical of all time, based on one of the best books of all time, with the most famous songs of all time. I do love modern musicals, but Les Mis will be remembered forever.

4 Phantom of the Opera

I love this musical. So so much. I will not spoil it for you, but it feautures amazing backdrops, props ( UH CHANDELIER), amazing vocals, and so much more!

It was so emotional! It made me cry. But, I absolutely loved it. :) It's about a man with a scarred face who wears a mask all the time to hide it. He "haunts" this opera house. Nobody knows who he really is, but they fear him. He falls in love with one of the singers, and tries to take her for himself. It's very sad, kind of scary (murders), and beautiful. Just all around wonderful. If you like Sweeney Todd, you'll like this.

My favorite show of all time. Saw it live for my 12th birthday a couple months ago. It will make you cry. I will not spoil the plot for those of you who have not seen it, but it features souring ballads, gorgeous scenery and costumes, and a complicated antihero! What more could you ask for? Listen to the music of the night, everyone!

Although I love many musicals, Phantom of The Opera will always be my #1. It isn't the longest running musical in broadway for no reason! The ending can make you quite sentimental. After seeing it, the songs can get addicting for a while.

5 West Side Story

Boys, Boys, crazy boys... Get real boys.

I love the 1966 movie!

Beautiful. What else can describe WSS? The score is legendary, the dancing is (almost) always great, and the ending may just make you shed a tear or two. If not that, than just listen to 'I have a love' with OBC Carol Lawrence. I think you will get what I mean.

WHY IS THIS NOT number 1!

6 Rent

Definitely one of the best musicals of all time! A full Rock Musical, focused arounds AIDS, and gay people! What a show! The writer Johnathon Larson passed away before the show debuted. RIP John Larson. Your legacy will not be forgotton.

I enjoy the soundtrack so much, and I've watched the movie and 2008 filmed version a total of almost 10 times in the past few months. It was one of the first broadway musicals I really enjoyed, after Book of Mormon. I can't wait for the 20th anniversary tour.

Kswljde my dad was so close to becoming the main role, but he didn't really like acting as much as singing. arghh I could have lived in NYC lol - ItsAShipDad

I love Wicked, I really do. But RENT is better than Wicked and deserves the top spot. It deserved a better movie. Thank you John.

7 Into The Woods

THIS WAS THE BEST MUSICAL I'VE EVER SEEN! I love the fantasy elements and nostalgia to common fairytales it has. I was involved in the crew for my schools production of it in year 8 as soundboard (I was too chicken to audition, hehe) but the expierience changed me forever. I got shown a different, behind the scenes side of the broadway world. Not to mention how much I got to bond with the cast through mic checks. The friends I have now actually played Snow White, Rapunzel's Prince, the Baker, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Mysterious Man and the Steward in the production. I giggle every time I hear Agony (then again, who doesn't?) and I cry every time I hear No More. I enjoyed the expierience so much that I got the guts to audition next year! Thank you Sondheim and Lapine!

How is this #10? Are you kidding? Into the Woods is quite possibly the best musical EVER. I had watched the movie before, then when I was eleven I listened to the original cast recording and I fell in LOVE WITH IT. Listening to Into the Woods is what got me into musical theater. I'd say that personally, this should at least be in the top five. I suggest that you watch or listen to Into the Woods (not the movie, it's pretty bad compared to the original)

I only saw the movie and liked it. I'd like to see the musical, though you do have to admit that into the woods is said A LOT. My favorite song from there is agony (probably because the two prince dudes were singing this while doing that hilarious scene at the waterfall when they ripped their shirts off). - Anonymousxcxc

If we're talking about movie musicals, then sure, Into the Woods would probably sit somewhere around Number 10, as the movie version was okay, but still not that great. In terms of the original stage version, however, this should be right up there at Number 2, only after Les Mis.

8 Newsies

Newsies on the surface might seem like 20 boys doing impressive dance moves and not much else. But it's much more than that. Jack Kelly is one of the most fascinating and best-written characters in the modern Broadway era. His love story with Katherine is definitely not forced, and he himself matches a wonderfully funny and snarky personality with true compassion for the other boys. The score is phenomenal, from rousing anthems like "Carrying the Banner", "World Will Know", "Once and for All", "Brooklyn's Here", "King of New York" and of course "Seize the Day" to beautiful songs like "Something to Believe in", "Letter from the Refuge" and "I Never Planned on You". It was wonderfully written, also features great villains like Pulitzer and Snyder, and is perfectly funny and inspiring. And who can resist good looking guys doing flips for 2 1/2 hours? - alexcousins

All the characters in Newsies are amazing! Crutchie is my personal favorite though!

Best show in the history of the universe. I can't say enough about it, it hurts me physically how much I love this show. Move over Hamilton, Newsies is the best broadway production of american history ever. I like Hamilton, but how can it compare to this? How? I have watched it literally every single day this week and have yet to get tired of it. I listen to the soundtrack on a loop every waking moment of my day and know every word. And EVERY TIME, EVERY SINGLE TIME( Spoiler alert) the Delancys drag off Crutchie and Snyder hits him with his crutch, I GROSS SOB. Not even exaggerating. So emotional, so heroic and powerful and just the best written story line and characters. Plus, who can turn down the opportunity to watch hot guys dance ballet and tap dance for two hours straight? - SassyEquine

I'll be honest: When I first heard the soundtrack, I hated it. I was actually dreading seeing it when my parents said they got tickets. BUT THEN I saw the show, became obsessed, stalked the cast, started a BLOG, and basically became a broadway freak. Obviously I'm a little biased since it was my first broadway show, but I honestly can say with certainty that it is probably the greatest musical of all time, and that means a lot considering I also saw Hamilton.

9 Lion King

I haven't seen many musicals (I think I would also enjoy Wicked a lot if I had watched it), I've only watched children's plays as a kid and The Phantom of the Opera, but I LOVED The Lion King. You can't go wrong with a great movie and a fantastic musical

I've seen plenty of musicals in time, and I adore Wicked, Hamilton, and Les Mis. But Lion King is hands down my favorite, and the musical I think deserves the most praise. The sets, the masks, the props, the costumes, the puppets, everything about the show is beautiful and incredible. Every character is amazing too. My personal favorite characters were Rafiki and Simba. They are both such unique and interesting characters. Plus their voices gave me chills.

Lion King is probably the most amazing shows I've EVER seen hands down. And the music is gorgeous and compelling. - punyraisin

I saw the lion King and loved it would definitely go again - mew28221

10 The Sound of Music

This is a classic- can't be beat. I mean, I do admit that Wicked and The Phantom of The Opera were amazing, but The Sound of Music is simply brilliant. Beautiful music known all over the world, fantastic actors and whimsical fun! Unforgettable characters like Liesl, Gretel, and Maria- characters that any child can relate to. If any musical deserves to be Number 1, it's the Sound of Music!

Even though I'm into more complex stuff like Phantom and Les Mis now, this was my first musical and I will always love it.

I love this musical it is very touching it's a story recovery life song and love

This is such a delicate, sweet and beautiful musical with a score to match. - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 The Book of Mormon

This is the best musical I've seen in awhile. It has a great story with amazing songs and and even better plot. I recommend everyone to see this, this is the best musical in my opinion.

The Book of Mormon is too long running, award winning, and great to be at the top ten...

Why is this not higher? This was written by the greatest comedians of all time, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It took them seven years just to finish it, and the end result is just fantastic. This musical deserves number 1 in my opinion.

The Book of Mormon is hilarious and adds humor to serious subjects. It has been one of my favorites for years. It may not be the best, but it deserves to be higher.

12 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

My second favorite musical. The characters are amazing (well except for the Judge, he's a creepy old twerp but then again he's supposed to be so...), I love the plot, the music is fantastic, the humor is on point (especially whenever Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney are on stage together), and most importantly I love the gore and violence. I'd go see it over and over again if I could. - Anonymousxcxc

I sing "worst pies in London" when I make a really bad pie

'Have a little priest'... It's bloody (pun intended) amazing.

Why so low? Heh...

13 Grease

Grease is the best musical. It's timeless. I wasn't even born when it was first shown, but when I watched it several years ago, I loved it!

I don't really like the story (Rizzo is the only character who actually took more than a few minutes to develop) but the songs are awesome.

It's not an accurate representation of high shool life

Grease is just seriously filled with awesome music... It makes you feel good.

14 Chicago

My 3rd favorite musical (behind Wicked and Sweeney Todd). Really funny characters, great songs, interesting plot, and all the inappropriate lingerie clothing for that one creepy pervert in the audience (if you're into that). I'd definitely recommend it, just keep it away from children under the age of 13 (ESPECIALLY little boys). - Anonymousxcxc

This is absolutely amazing. Come on, the cell block tango and all that jazz were the best songs ever

Its such a great musical with great characters, I love the whole idea that the numbers are in Roxie's head, and how everything is a show to her

One of the best musicals ever! How can it be #12?

15 Matilda

The songs are really catchy, especially "Revolting Children"; It shows that kids have lives, too, and they're not just slaves. Matilda is also so smart and the characters are so charismatic, and it goes into one beautiful and enlightening Broadway musical.

Why is this not higher?!?!? It deserves #1! My fave musical of all time! Definitely gets my vote!

I saw it in September, really good

Great songs, plot and Characters!

16 Dear Evan Hansen

Best musical ever. Such a well put together masterpiece about the reality of how this world is. Its amazing to see such emotion in a musical.

This needs to be higher! I ADORE Dear Evan Hansen! If you haven't listened to the soundtrack, you NEED to. It's always been my dream to get to watch this live (with the OBC, of course).

My favorite musical of all time, made me tear up during "Words Fail" and "So Big/So Small) (which were back to back, so bring your tissues) "Sincerely, Me" had great humor and is my favorite song because it's so catchy. If you like musicals like "The Greatest Showman" and "La La Land" or teen dramas like "13 Reasons Why" then give this show a chance. Also the soundtrack isn't that explicit though the show is, so if you're a kid I'd reccomend you this show.

Um, why is this 18? This is an amazing musical that I can't wait to go see in march. I'll add another review after I see it!

17 Legally Blonde: The Musical

One of my all time favourites. I love the heroine theme in it. Oh, and the cute dog. To be honest, I didn't like Elle Woods at first: I thought see was a spoilt brat wanting to impress a boy. BUUUUUT I love how she changes into a brave, caring, smart woman. A must watch with your girls!

How can you not love this show? It defies the stereotypes of blondes and gives young girls a role model; Elle Woods. She teaches young girls to be/believe in yourself, stick up for what you believe in, and follow your heart, no matter what anyone says. - ElleWoods

I always look at this musical as a perfect example of character development. Elle woods starts up as one person and ends pup as someone completely different.

The songs are a amazing and the storyline is great and the whole musical is absolutely hilarious

18 Annie

This is the BEST family musical, hands down. (Let alone, a classic musical). Annie is NOT annoying, but it is powerful. From the trumpet solo at the beginning of the overture, to the dance breaks during Easy Street and Smile, and even the cuteness of the orphans, everything about this show is amazing!

And of course, we all know the song Tomorrow.

Well this one I haven't seen it on Broadway or really much, but it's an okay musical. It's not my favorite, but it's not bad. - Anonymousxcxc

I don't hate it, but God Annie is so annoying.

Favorite musical ever

19 Ragtime

I just saw this the most heart wrenching and beautiful play I’ve ever seen

20 Hairspray

This one is also stupid. - Anonymousxcxc

How is this not in the top 10

Best. Musical. Ever.

Terrible musical

21 Cats

This musical could have been a disaster turning a book of poems into songs and then adding choreography but it turned out beautiful, they even added some songs that weren't in old possums book of practical cats. By far this musical is my favorite. HAVE YOU PEOPLE EVEN SEEN CATS! Cats is the whole reason I started acting, dancing, and joining in choirs. (Hopefully see you while I'm someday performing this epic musical)

This is the second longest-running musical all-time and it is at #26!? IT is so fun to watch and perform and it has fantastic songs and dance.

Every dance, every song, and every character sparkles with something that cannot be anything else but pure, wonderful genius and beauty. The memory WILL live forever.

I love Cats. It may not have dialogue but the music is great. I especially love Victoria because she is nice and she is also a great dancer

22 Little Shop of Horrors

LOVE IT! No,I like Hamilton better,but LSOH is amazing! It was the first musical I actually really loved so much!

FEED ME! This is an AWESOME story! I love this one!

Why is this not number 1?!?!?!

Feed me Seymour!

23 Next to Normal

This show deserves to be in the top 20, at least, but for me it's number 1. The chemistry between the actors and the characters they play is so real, the emotions are so raw. Each song is beautiful and special. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. I only have to hear or see 10 seconds of some songs/scenes and I'm tearing up. This musical is beautiful, it discusses real issues, and doesn't follow any..cliche formula.

How is this not higher? I had to scroll all the way down to the bottom to find my favorite musical! What? Next to Normal is so heart-wrenching, and has AMAZING music! (I'm Alive, I Am The One, and so many other songs)

24 Beauty and the Beast
25 The Music Man

AHH GREAT STORYLINE AND GREAT SOUNDTRACK! I was in this musical and it was so much fun to do. I was looking for auditions on and there are auditions for Winthrop. But I’m too tall, and I’m a girl. I’m very disappointed but I want to see it again!


26 Spring Awakening

This musical is honestly amazing. It has a great soundtrack and sends a controversial message.

The Deaf West production of this made me fall in love with the musical as a whole

THE BEST. I adore this musical with all my heart - pjo

Not only is it filled with incredible music, but it’s an old story that people can still relate to the day. This musical is filled with controversial topics such as sexual frustration, abuse, abortion, and teen suicide. It pushes boundaries and really makes you think. Definitely my favorite musical. Amazing!

27 Shrek the Musical

I was in a Shrek the musical jr, and it hits home because I loved this movie when I was little.

Shrek The Musical is my favorite musical and my dream show to perform in. It is so funny, the plot is phenomenal, and the music covers almost all genres and is BEAUTIFUL. Listen to Who I'd Be for a goosebumps ballad or Morning Person for a fun upbeat song. It is such a good show.

It isn't the best, but it's still quite entertaining. Also, it has a couple of really epic songs, such as I Know It's Today and Who I'd Be.

This was my first Broadway musical I ever saw! I saw it when I was 7 I still love it to this day! Also John Tartaglia made the BEST Pinocchio! But this is one of my favorite musicals.

28 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

This is a very creative and Biblical musical. It accurately depicts a story from the Bible, but with goofy twists and bazaar music styles for each song.

Anybody else just listen to this musical for Pharaoh's Song? It's the best song in the show.

Any dream will do


29 Spamalot

This is my favorite musical. It's amazing.

It's hilarious!

30 Waitress
31 Jersey Boys

As an italian actor trying to get somewhere. This is honestly such motivation. So sad its almost over. Best show I've ever seen!

How is this not in the top ten? It is better than most on this list. - markleo

Definitely better than Hamilton. - markleo

This is the best show I have ever seen! It was absoultely amazing! The crowd stands up and dances, how is this not higher!

32 Assassins

An interesting take on the tragic stories of the deaths of presidents and somehow pulls it off

I really like this show. It's my favorite. - Galactic

33 Guys & Dolls

Love this musical. Especially the instrumentation, but I am extremely biased towards jazz.

This is truly an awesome, classic show in every way.

I love this musical. Very deserving to be on this list.

I can't believe it's not in the top 10. It needs a revival

34 Pippin

If you saw the most modern version of this, you'd be blown away. The story is great, the actors are amazing, and the acrobatics are stunning! The show in itself is just so impressive. Deserves a top ten.

35 Jekyll & Hyde

The songs are amazing, people! If u like Phantom, you'll love this.

36 Fiddler on the Roof

It tells a sad tale of how hard it is to let go of traditions. It also has great music that moves the story along which is why it should be higher.

An awesome iconic musical I can't believe it's not higher on the list, it's a sad true story with wonderful music. I know I was tevye in a version of it

Great acting, dancing, story, meaning, characters, setting and did I mention actors?

Undoubtedly the best musical of all time.

37 We Will Rock You
38 A Chorus Line

ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY KIDDING ME?! A Chorus Line is a classic, and a PULITZER PRIZE WINNER! Being thirteen, I heard my mom talk about it all the time, so I decided to watch a video of the show. It's incredible! The actors portray their characters perfectly and the dancing is spot on. The musical numbers are a classic as well. definitely should be in the top twenty, if not higher.

39 Little Mermaid

Amaze show!

40 Dreamgirls

One of the best, brilliant powerful songs and great acting!

41 Cinderella

Impossible things are happening everyday! - punyraisin

This is a really good show and deserves so much more credit

The music in this is so good. I love In my Own Little Corner.

42 Anything Goes

The fact that I had to add this to the list is sad beyond compare, and it should be way up at the top at least 20-25. It is a classic, and no matter which version you listen to, Patto LuPone and Sutton Foster, or whoever, are all amazing. CLASSIC!

43 Aladdin

The performance of Aladdin I saw was SUPERB, so much so that I saw it again. The guy who played the Genie was absolutely INCREDIBLE, the costumes were GLORIOUS & the stage settings were SPECTACULAR! Can't rave enough about this AMAZING musical.

Huge disappointment and the music is absolutely awful. The musical is also very uninspired and one that I highly suggest you do not see. Just stick with the movie. Even Aladdin, Jr. Is better than this crappy pile of poop for a musical. - punyraisin

Aladdin is the best! IT SHOULD BE 1st

44 My Fair Lady

This musical proves that you don't need a lot of special effects or over-the-top dance numbers to make a good musical. You just need talented performers who can bring the characters to life and bring out the humor in the script. Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins are great foils to each other, and when they're played by the right actors, the scene interactions are hilarious.

Anyone who doesn't think My Fair Lady is the greatest musical of all time hasn't seen it

Everything about it is awesome. Great in all aspects!

I could have danced all night

45 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Simply amazing!

46 Footloose

Should be top 20 best one and songs are so Cathy love the story line as well definitely needs to be top 20 at least

47 Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812

A masterpiece - gucci

The music is really beautiful. Also JOSH GROBAN, so you know it will be good. - PianoQueen

A true unique work of art

A masterpiece! best show i’ve ever seen!

48 Miss Saigon

The most Epic love story! Indeed! Great and powerful music for life

Love it! Music is great!

Best show ever

The ending was so unexpected! - listotaku17

49 The Wizard of Oz

This is the best musical ever with lots of singing and dancing

I love it so badly. Definitely my favourite musical.

I like the musical. - Anonymousxcxc

50 Finding Neverland

Absolutely brilliant! I was fortunate enough to see the Original Broadway Cast, and I've seen it on tour multiple times. No matter how much I watch it, I still laugh and cry every time. The music is gorgeous, and the dancing is incredible. This show needs to go back to Broadway after the tour!

This is hands down the best. Sucks that the first time I saw it was the week it closed.

Beautiful singing, dancing and storyline! Truly perfect!

Listen to the Finale and What you Mean to me. So good.

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