Best Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Songs


The Top Ten

1 It's On It's On

I love this song because the use it against camp star

2 Brand New Day Brand New Day

This was my most favorite song of all the Camp Rock songs.It is such an upbeat song,that makes one want to sing and act along.How they kept on extending the song with so many different scenes was incredible - JTrocks

As much as I love all of these songs listed, I'm going to choose this one since it was the very first song in the movie. Also a
great song - thetalkingtortilla

3 Wouldn't Change a Thing Wouldn't Change a Thing

This song is very emotional and in this song they have great voices! And this is the song I heard first and joe jonas and demi are the best

4 Fire
5 Tear It Down
6 Can't Back Down

This and It's On we're the best so much nostalgia - frankie44

7 Heart and Soul
8 What We Came Here For
9 Introducing Me
10 You're My Favorite Song
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