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1 Spencer Reid

He's intelligent, and he's nice. He's socially awkward, but that just makes him relatable. He's well-written, and he's been on the show since the beginning.

He's a great agent who understands his duty and is unlikely to snap. And when he does... you've got to admit - it's hilarious.

' "...a very special message that your mother is a- " '

He's loyal to his friends and though in some respects started off being emotionally frail, he's not let anyone break him. He's gone through a lot and yet is able to sympathise with people - especially females and children. Sure, there are times when his silence hint on an inablity to express his feelings, or they may make him seem cold - especially when he's quoting statistics on crime and when talking to some people - but there are others when he is anything but cold. And this constant change in his behaviour is actually likeable.

His child-like love for Halloween is always sweet to watch and he tends to say the most innocent of things to say.

' "I didn't even get to say goodbye." '

Sure, there are times when he over-thinks things and relies too much on his intelligent ...more

oh my is this man sexy, I just love him, he has it all, sweet, smart, sexy, cares about people, great at his job, really loves his mother, oh I could just go on all day about how wonderful reid is.

oh my god, I just saw the episode where reid kiss's cat, I would love for him to kiss me like that, that was a lot of passion in that kiss.

2 Emily Prentiss

These rankings on this list are quite appalling in my opinion. To rank Prentiss, J.J, Morgan, and Garcia above Hotchner, Gideon, and Rossi is absurd. I understand that Prentiss, J.J, Morgan, and Garcia are the most personable and likable characters. When it comes to deductive abilities, contribution and critical thinking, Hotchner, Gideon, and Rossi trump the others preceding them in this list. I understand Reid being ranked as number 1 but he can definitely be contended by either Gideon or Rossi. Gideon is known as the best profiler that the BAU ever had and had 30 years of experience. Rossi was there from the beginning when the BAU was first formed and worked the cases that are referenced in the current cases when using profiling comparisons. Hotchner was the one who saved Reid when he was captured and drugged. Hotchner was also the one who figured out the terrorist cell bombing that targeted the hospital and he contributed the most to stop the biological weapon use. Elle was the ...more

Ok, picking my favorite criminal minds character is SO HARD! I love them all so much for different reasons! The only character that I didn't love as much was Elle, I'm not hating, I just loved the other characters more.

Emily - I think Emily is my favorite. I go back and forth between characters, but I always come back to her, I still love the other characters SO MUCH! I liked her character and she was really smart. The chemistry and relationship she had with the other characters was lovable and she had faith in a lot of people, like Jordan, the girl who took over for JJ on maternity leave. She can speak 8 languages! Not to mention she has great interrogating skills and she's very observant of behavior. Even though everyone else is too, I just like the things she notices.

JJ - I love JJ. She's sweet, kind, and intelligent. She never really lets her emotions get the best of her and she's an amazing mom as well as an amazing friend to everyone in the bureau. She's so ...more

She's a badass, hot, intelligent, responsible and empathetic woman who is incredible at her job, multilingual and, did I mention, hot. Enough said.

I love Emily Prentiss I think she is great, I do not like the bau new member the ghost whisper I kept waiting for her to start talking to the dead. Come on pay her to go away and bring Prentiss back to us all her fans

3 Jennifer Jareau (J.J.)

J.J. is the kindest, sweetest and the most human character of the show, but it does not prevent her from being intelligent, strong and talented. She has many facets and it's really interesting!

In the first seasons, I was confused why she was even there. She had very little to contribute to the investigations and her chemistry with the other members of the team.

She is just awesome. No one can ever replace her. I think she is the strongest, smartest and best agent in C.M. This was about Jennifer Jareau but, Andrea Joy Cook, I love he eyes.

She is strong, compassionate, kind, smart, there for all of the agents, and is beautiful. What's not to love?

4 Derek Morgan

what? not number one? why? derek morgan has to be the best one on the show. so SEXY! oh my is he ever sexy. VOTE MORGAN FAN'S. LET'S MAKE HIM #1
I'm a baby girl ( that's a shemar moore fan )

This is crazy but true... I want to be a BAU Profiler when I grow up! So know I watch this all the time because of that! I am so determined, my gram calls me insane. I saved my college money just to get a master degree in criminology school!

Okay Obviously number 1 is Reid and number 2 is JJ but come on Derek is a 1000 times better than Emily she's overly serious at times and then overly emotional at times pick a role for goodness sakes.

Sex for the eyes. That's why he's my number two. The only reason he's not above Reid is because lord knows I love myself some adorable nerd..

5 Penelope Garcia

If Garcia and Reid weren't on the show, I wouldn't have watched it in the first place. They're the entire backbone of the BAU. While I appreciate Reid's loyalty, knowledge, and tenacity, Garcia makes me especially appreciate the show. She's phenomenal with her work; basically solving all the cases with her computer skills, her friendship with Morgan is incredibly wholesome and never fails to give me serotonin, and she's that one character who prevents the show from going dull (Reid too, but Garcia is especially cheery, which I love).

One of the funniest and arguably most important members on the team (name one case that wasn't solved using her computer skills) Penelope is just plain awesome! Her relationship with Morgan is also, by far, my favourite on the show.

In a show like Criminal Minds it is import to have someone like Garcia, or else the show would be more depressing then it already is.

She is the glue and comic relief. I love drama, but she brings the right amount of levity/humor to the show.

6 Jason Gideon

Underrated. Ass. character. He may have been overly serious sometimes, but the way he smiled and the way he always encouraged his team in times of doubt made him so memorable to me. "the game" and "revelations" really hit me hard with his character knowing that he's gone now breaks my heart. The fact that he skipped clubbing to read about birds just says everything about him. I knew I loved him when he started talking to the camera in revelations to tell reid that he was strong and could get through the whole thing. I wish he could have been in the show longer, I'm sure people wouldn't be debating on whether he was a good guy if he was still in the show for a few more seasons. His smile was beautiful and I miss him.

He was definitely the most complex and layered character on the show. The way he got so involved and connected to every single case was very effective for his character growth. It is unfortunate that he left and there has been a Gideon shaped hole in the show ever since.

Though he is not my absolute favourite character, with that honour going to Dr. Reid, he was an amazing addition to Quantico and his presence on the team is sorely missed.

Best and most interesting character out of them all. Such a shame that he left so early on...would have been the star of the show

7 Aaron Hotchner

Hotch is a highly complex and well-developed character who puts his duty above all else despite the numerous tragedies he has experienced as a result of his job.
Criminal Minds without Hotch is not the phenomenal show it used to be, as is evident from the drop in views by nearly 50% in Season 13 as compared to all the previous seasons. Aaron Hotchner is and will forever be the one and only true leader of the team.

He Was The Best Agent According to me had he been their he would have gotten reid out quite quickly...

Best character hands down; calm, collected, but still has moments of vulnerability and development

He has a ton of love and compassion for his team members, especially with Garcia and Reid.

8 David Rossi David Wade Ross is an American professional baseball catcher for the Chicago Cubs in Major League Baseball.

dude really need's to STOP making book about killer's, all he is doing is making " how to " book's for killer, how many time's has a unsub said " I read your book's" or " I got it from one of book's". come on you are a smart man rossi. so stop making the book's.

I watch the show over and over for Rossi! He has quite a bit of background in theater -I just found out he was in Hair (great play, by the way)

When hotch is about to quit like shaunnesy and gideon did. Rossi tells him what he's feeling is ego n it's not about him it's about the bad guys... he basically says gideon is a chump for giving up the job because of the bad guys n rossi is right 100%. Rossi is #1

Was the best character ever

9 Elle Greenaway

I believe that she was the blueprint for the other female characters. I don't like her ending and the plotline that she got.

I really didn't like her she was so dull.

Are you guys for real Elle good she One of the original female profilers before Emily came long Elle should be number one Elle easily the best the way she left the show was sad but again she snapped it was really good to have her on the show not only did she take down unsub by her self but she would be the first female to take down a unsub by just one kick she should be close to jj and Emily and again jj is pretty much the best but Elle wouldn still have the moves Emily she lied about her past and being undermission jj or Elle didn't pull that but I will give her this I like bangs Emily she goodprofiler but Elle dose not get half the Credit that jj or Emily gets and again she would be the first female on the team that took law into her own hands people need realize that

10 Ashley Seaver

I really didn't like her as ashley, she was better on csi.

Rachel Nichols is the Queen.

She's just really unique and interesting and unlike most characters on the show she actually has character

The Contenders
11 Alex Blake

She was smart and good at her job and she was like a mother to Reid

Loved her mother-son relationship with Reid.

Alex Blake is one of the best because she was a good fit and she is very smart And nice she has a
good Friend Ship with Dr.reid

12 Luke Alvez

Derek Morgan should have been first then Luke

13 Cat Adams

I didn't like her she was to mean to reid

14 Tara Lewis

I think tara lewis is great.

15 George Foyet

Best villain ever

ok this man truly gave me nightmare's,
I would say he is the best "bad guy" on criminal minds.

he was such a bad ass, the best villain.

16 Erin Strauss

It was sad to see her go but she was a great Section Chief

They killed her off once I started to like her.

I never liked her, she is a total bitch,

17 Kate Callahan

Funny and underrated. Not the best but a good character.

I liked kate I was sad to see her go.

18 Stephen Walker
19 Jordan Todd

I liked her why so low?. the last one on the list? wow

I liked her. why did she go away? does anyone know?

She's Gorgeous

20 Izzy Rogers

One of the strongest women ever

21 Peter Lewis
22 Everett Lynch
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