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1 Spencer Reid

He's a great agent who understands his duty and is unlikely to snap. And when he does... you've got to admit - it's hilarious.

' "...a very special message that your mother is a- " '

He's loyal to his friends and though in some respects started off being emotionally frail, he's not let anyone break him. He's gone through a lot and yet is able to sympathise with people - especially females and children. Sure, there are times when his silence hint on an inablity to express his feelings, or they may make him seem cold - especially when he's quoting statistics on crime and when talking to some people - but there are others when he is anything but cold. And this constant change in his behaviour is actually likeable.

His child-like love for Halloween is always sweet to watch and he tends to say the most innocent of things to say.

' "I didn't even get to say goodbye." '

Sure, there are times when he over-thinks things and relies too much on his intelligent ...more

I love Sencer and two other men and 2 woman

He is the handsome to though. I wish his was 28

He is just a genius with eidetic memory and IQ of 187. one of the best character

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2 Emily Prentiss

She is hands down the most underrated character. Best of the lot.

Favourite character 10/10.

When Prentiss left after season 7, the show got so boring. She was the best character introduced

Smartest character without an IQ of 187.

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3 Jennifer Jareau (J.J.)

Jennifer was the eye candy. Blonde, slender. nice body. Surprised they didn't have her stripped down to bikini, braless in several episodes - boce

J.J. is the kindest, sweetest and the most human character of the show, but it does not prevent her from being intelligent, strong and talented. She has many facets and it's really interesting!

Overrated - RobertWisdom

I can't but help love her

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4 Derek Morgan

Okay Obviously number 1 is Reid and number 2 is JJ but come on Derek is a 1000 times better than Emily she's overly serious at times and then overly emotional at times pick a role for goodness sakes.

Sex for the eyes. That's why he's my number two. The only reason he's not above Reid is because lord knows I love myself some adorable nerd..

When I first started watching criminal minds I couldn't stop. I mostly stop when Morgan and hotch left

He's the best even better than Reid because he's brave, strong, smart, funny, kind, and he's good looking!

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5 Penelope Garcia

What Garcia is so funny and her relationship with Morgan makes my stomach turn

One of the funniest and arguably most important members on the team (name one case that wasn't solved using her computer skills) Penelope is just plain awesome! Her relationship with Morgan is also, by far, my favourite on the show.

In a show like Criminal Minds it is import to have someone like Garcia, or else the show would be more depressing then it already is.

She is the glue and comic relief. I love drama, but she brings the right amount of levity/humor to the show.

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6 Jason Gideon

He was definitely the most complex and layered character on the show. The way he got so involved and connected to every single case was very effective for his character growth. It is unfortunate that he left and there has been a Gideon shaped hole in the show ever since.

Gideon. Is by far the number ONE He is the most intense character ever. The best

Best and most interesting character out of them all. Such a shame that he left so early on...would have been the star of the show

Gideon was the best character in this show hands down

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7 Aaron Hotchner

Makes the show perfect

He Was The Best Agent According to me had he been their he would have gotten reid out quite quickly...

Subtle and complex -- I find him to be the most fascinating member of the team.

Far and away the best character.

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8 David Rossi David Rossi David Wade Ross is an American professional baseball catcher for the Chicago Cubs in Major League Baseball.

When hotch is about to quit like shaunnesy and gideon did. Rossi tells him what he's feeling is ego n it's not about him it's about the bad guys... he basically says gideon is a chump for giving up the job because of the bad guys n rossi is right 100%. Rossi is #1

I love Rossi the way he looks about for all of his teammates and is always having them over to his house you can tell he truely cares for his team

That's not Ross, lol.

9 Elle Greenaway

Are you guys for real Elle good she One of the original female profilers before Emily came long Elle should be number one Elle easily the best the way she left the show was sad but again she snapped it was really good to have her on the show not only did she take down unsub by her self but she would be the first female to take down a unsub by just one kick she should be close to jj and Emily and again jj is pretty much the best but Elle wouldn still have the moves Emily she lied about her past and being undermission jj or Elle didn't pull that but I will give her this I like bangs Emily she goodprofiler but Elle dose not get half the Credit that jj or Emily gets and again she would be the first female on the team that took law into her own hands people need realize that

10 Ashley Seaver

She's just really unique and interesting and unlike most characters on the show she actually has character

Rachel Nichols is the Queen.

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11 Alex Blake

Alex Blake is one of the best because she was a good fit and she is very smart And nice she has a
good Friend Ship with Dr.reid

so smart

12 Luke Alvez
13 Erin Strauss

They killed her off once I started to like her. - RobertWisdom

14 Tara Lewis


15 Cat Adams

Best Unsub

16 George Foyet


17 Stephen Walker


18 Peter Lewis


19 Jordan Todd

She's Gorgeous - RobertWisdom

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