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1 Spencer Reid

Love Spencer Reid! Despite the fact that he is awkward and nerdy (which is still adorable), he is also the strongest and most emotional character on the show. He is beautiful inside and out! I love every side of him, the genius, the nerd, the loving son, the strong FBI agent, the optimistic Halloween-lover, and every other adorable part of him!

Oh my gosh. He's so dreamy. He is so perfect in every way. Whenever I'm in another room and I hear Reid, I run into the room just to hear his voice.I'm kinda like him. I'm smart, book lover, likes the color purple. My brother is like him too.

Reid is by far the best character. His intelligence and quirky personality traits make him a very fun character to watch. Not to mention he's quite easy on the eyes and you find yourself involved in his story.

I can’t help but love every epidode in which he is the main focus of! I’m sort of addicted to his rambling and adorable smile when he feels awkward. I can’t find a thing that’s wrong with this guy and I absolutely adore him. Love the fact that he’s a genius too though. I’ve noticed that I’ll always have a thing for the sweet nerd in any show I watch. Just give me some more episodes that are about Reid! His backstories are the most interesting anyway. - ImmeVanGorp

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2 Jennifer Jareau (J.J.)

She is strong, compassionate, kind, smart, there for all of the agents, and is beautiful. What's not to love?

J.J.'s the hottest so she's my favorite!

She is the most "human" character on this inhuman show.

She is just awesome. No one can ever replace her. I think she is the strongest, smartest and best agent in C.M. This was about Jennifer Jareau but, Andrea Joy Cook,, I love he eyes.

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3 Emily Prentiss

Emily is the best without a doubt. Her chemistry with the team is amazing, plus she is a great agent. She will always be my favorite profiler.

Emily is the best character in my opinion.
She is amazing at expressing her emotion and just being amazing.

I love Emily Prentiss I think she is great, I do not like the bau new member the ghost whisper I kept waiting for her to start talking to the dead. Come on pay her to go away and bring Prentiss back to us all her fans

Who wouldn’t love Prentiss my all time favorite

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4 Derek Morgan

Sex for the eyes. That's why he's my number two. The only reason he's not above Reid is because lord knows I love myself some adorable nerd..

When I first started watching criminal minds I couldn't stop. I mostly stop when Morgan and hotch left

He's the best even better than Reid because he's brave, strong, smart, funny, kind, and he's good looking!

When He gets mad, he doesn't see red. He sees doors

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5 Jason Gideon

Best and most interesting character out of them all. Such a shame that he left so early on...would have been the star of the show

Gideon was the best character in this show hands down

Though he is not my absolute favourite character, with that honour going to Dr. Reid, he was an amazing addition to Quantico and his presence on the team is sorely missed.

The best one for unsub profiling

6 Penelope Garcia

One of the funniest and arguably most important members on the team (name one case that wasn't solved using her computer skills) Penelope is just plain awesome! Her relationship with Morgan is also, by far, my favourite on the show.

In a show like Criminal Minds it is import to have someone like Garcia, or else the show would be more depressing then it already is.

She is the glue and comic relief. I love drama, but she brings the right amount of levity/humor to the show.

She is one of the best because she's super smart and funny

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7 Aaron Hotchner

He is the smartest and most constant character on the show

Hotch is a highly complex and well-developed character who puts his duty above all else despite the numerous tragedies he has experienced as a result of his job.
Criminal Minds without Hotch is not the phenomenal show it used to be, as is evident from the drop in views by nearly 50% in Season 13 as compared to all the previous seasons. Aaron Hotchner is and will forever be the one and only true leader of the team.

One of my favorite actors ever because of CM


8 David Rossi David Rossi David Wade Ross is an American professional baseball catcher for the Chicago Cubs in Major League Baseball.

That's not Ross, lol.

I love Rossi the way he looks about for all of his teammates and is always having them over to his house you can tell he truely cares for his team

9 Elle Greenaway

Are you guys for real Elle good she One of the original female profilers before Emily came long Elle should be number one Elle easily the best the way she left the show was sad but again she snapped it was really good to have her on the show not only did she take down unsub by her self but she would be the first female to take down a unsub by just one kick she should be close to jj and Emily and again jj is pretty much the best but Elle wouldn still have the moves Emily she lied about her past and being undermission jj or Elle didn't pull that but I will give her this I like bangs Emily she goodprofiler but Elle dose not get half the Credit that jj or Emily gets and again she would be the first female on the team that took law into her own hands people need realize that

10 Ashley Seaver

She's just really unique and interesting and unlike most characters on the show she actually has character

Rachel Nichols is the Queen.

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11 Alex Blake

so smart

12 Luke Alvez
13 Tara Lewis


14 Erin Strauss
15 George Foyet


16 Cat Adams
17 Stephen Walker


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