Worst America's Next Top Model Winners

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1 Saleisha Stowers, Cycle 9

She had one of the worst portfolios in the entire show. The flower picture alone in one of these worst pictures ever taken to this day. If anybody else had taken that picture at any point of the competition they would have been sent home. She had a good runway walk, but in her portfolio she had 2 good photos (recyclables, Chinese lions and dragon), the rest of her photos were either okay, bad or horrible. In a season which such amazing models like Lisa, Jenah, Chantal, Heather, Sarah and Ebony, all who have taken some of the best pictures ever I just do not understand how Saleisha ended up past week 3, overseas and then the winner of cycle 9.

Sweet, but I think tons of other girls from this season could actually have won. COME ON... Jenah, Heather and Lisa, and they picked Saleisha!

2 Whitney Thompson, Cycle 10

I love Whitney's personality and I respect her sooo much for what she stands for but she shouldn't have won. She was in the bottom two so many times, she had only one good photo during the whole competition and all the other girls outshined her completely. I liked the fact Tyra left a plus sized model win and I was happy seeing a girl that respects her body and she embraces her uniqueness, but she didn't deserve to win. I think that the winner should have been either Anya or Katarzyna.

I think, she actually was fine. BUT I have to say that according to me this season had a whole lot potential and some of the most succesful ANTM-models to date! I mean, I think that in the finally Anya was such an obvious choice! Just as much persona as Whitney, more skills... And if not her then Katarzyna, I mean look at her! Or Fatima! Or even Lauren, though I know she probably was more of a photo model. But still - this season had, as said such an amount of potential, and some of the most succesful contestants to date!

3 Krista White, Cycle 14

This cycle was really boring, Too many generic girls, Krista and Angelea being loud and vulgar.. I know being a model is finding beauty even in what "normal" people find unattractive, but for the God sake, this Krista girl is UGLY! I haven't see her doing anything so big after ANTM..

I think Tyra was being brainwashed by andre leon fatty biased ass. Black is beautiful but damn why couldn't Aylasia win. She had the It factor

She just seemed really mean.

4 Naima Mora, Cycle 4

I didn't like this cycle because the winner was very annoying and partially even ugly and I don't care what judges said about her look. Naima was awful

5 Eva Pigford, Cycle 3

Ever was a total diva the entire season and didn't embody what antm was created for and how Tyra explains it.

6 Mckey Sullivan, Cycle 11

I'm sorry to say something bad about her but her smile scared my kids like a crazy clowns smile. Too me she looked like Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight. Anyone else would have been better!

I think we all know that Analeigh should have won that cycle, hands down.

I wouldn't say that she was the WORST winner, but Analeigh should have won.

7 Teyona Anderson, Cycle 12

She should have been on #1! She wasn't even a good model. She definitely had more personality than Allison, but her photoshoots, her looks, everything about her is boring. I remember I didn't know her name since the finale. She is not outstanding. Allison should have won that cycle, we all know that.

Most biased decision in the history of the show to name her the winner. Because Tyra assumed she wanted it more? What? Everyone who saw the episode is right: Allison was robbed!

She was one of my favorites, but she was a little bit overrated.

8 Caridee English, Cycle 7

CariDee was annoying as hell,she looked old (even on her SEVENTEEN cover).She's not a model.She's a semi-pretty girl.Melrose's portfolio was much better.

9 Lisa D'Amato, Cycle 17

I hated Lisa back in Cycle 5 but I grew to actually like her in Cycle 17. She has been improved and she deserved to be in the TOP 3 or TOP 4 girls, but not the winner. I think that either Allison or Kayla should have won Cycle 17.

Allison was so much better and improved a lot in both her cycle and cycle 17. It's a shame she became runner-up twice while she deserved to win twice.

She should be #1. Allison should have won instead of her 100%.

10 Adrianne Curry, Cycle 1

Now she's just an ex - model and a T.V. personality. She has given up on modeling totally. I get she had a rough time but she just gave up (in my opinion). I think Shannon should have won, she would have done more.

The Contenders
11 Keith, Cycle 21

Like much of the others, there were many other people that season that deserved the win more than Keith did. We all know Will and Lenox were the top two! Keith winning is complete BS!

Anybody but Lenox winning would have been the wrong choice. Keith was very middle of the road.

12 Yoanna House, Cycle 2

She had a pretty face and she took some great photos and she had a highfashion look. But I still think that Mercendes should have won. I just find her more approachable and her personality is definitely more interesting. Her photos were outstanding, when Yoanna's photos were just average good photos.

13 Laura James, Cycle 19

Her victory was proof of how flawed the voting system was and that adding social media to the show was just stupid.

Definitely did not deserve to win over Leila.

Leila is way more successful now, too.

The winner of the worst cycle ever. Should I say more?

14 Nyle Dimarco, Cycle 22
15 Nicole Linkletter, Cycle 5

Nik should've won...

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