Best Chickenfoot Songs

What Chickenfoot songs reign supreme from this glorious rock n roll band? Let's see.

The Top Ten

1 Future In the Past

The best song these guys have written. Sammy couldn't have written a better song about learning from your mistakes with Joe creating the most beautiful guitar parts I've ever heard. Almost made me cry when I heard it

2 Oh Yeah

Amazing first single from this amazing band. Sammy and Mike kick ass together on this!

3 Last Temptation
4 Big Foot

Heavy ass rocking' rif, great lyrics and background vocals, and amazing drums as always

5 Soap On a Rope

The first Chickenfoot song I ever heard, and the only song that literally almost blew me out of my seat. Long live the Foot!

6 Different Devil

Sounds like old van halen 5150ish thumbs up!

7 Three and a Half Letters
8 Sexy Little Thing

Perfect song for all the sexy girls in the world. Definitely one of Sammy's and Joe's best works

9 Turnin' Left

Excellent guitar riffs makes this quite an enjoyable song.

10 Alright Alright

The Contenders

11 Runnin' Out

Its what america needs!

12 Avenida Revolution
13 Down the Drain
14 Get It Up
15 My Kinda Girl

Great song, love the vocals and harmonies!

Yet another kickass tune by the greatest supergroup to ever live! Sammy is still the greatest singer of all time!

16 Come Closer

This song should be in top 5
1. Soap on a rope
2. Oh yeah
3. Come closer
4. Sexy little thing
5. Something gone wrong
6. Big Foot
7. Future in the past
8. Learning to fall
9. Last temptation
10. Three and a Half letters - lalosalamu00e1n

17 Something Going Wrong
18 Highway Star

Loved this version when they played it live and Satriani tore it up! Can't wait for the studio version on the Deep Purple re-machined album!

One of my favorites for too long already, CF did a energetic cover!

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19 Passed Out In the Front Row
20 Learning to Fall
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