Top 10 Best Couples in SNSD (Girls' Generation)

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1 YoonYul

They are absolutely the best! Yoona is the prettiest, and Yuri is the sexiest! They are also cute, and kind. I remember when other group members' microphones weren't working really well, and Yuri hurriedly switched the mics, that was super kind of her! And also, Yoona has a way of making everyone laugh. I love this couple! Yoonyul, stay strong! FIGHTING!

They showed their happiness when they're together... They like to stare with each other when one of them have a talk... Always make a secret glance and stare... Always smile when they're together... If you read all their fanacc at YYTV or somewhere... You'll realize and say "YoonYul is real" or "YoonYul's love are over sweet" or maybe more than that... Long live YoonYul... Twin Trooper and YoonYul are jjang..

Yoonyul are adorable, both of them taking care of each other. They are just not a pretty sister and pretty dongsae but they are more like a couple that full with love and care. Aigoo I ship them since SNSD debuted in 2007. Both of them have a lot of interaction such as holding hand, staring each other, back hug, be around together. Where is yoong go, there will be yul. Haha

I love YoonYul so much, and it's not easy to compare how much I love them :) They're my two first and ultimate girls. Their aeyo so damn cute to melt our hearts twin troopers. They've a lot of the same thing, the same favorite. They're looks cute together in every moments. When Yuri joined event, she said that without Yoona she will be shy.. YoonYul is warmup our twin troopers's heart enough for no matter what, and the end of life. I LIKE YOU:) YOONYUL Best Soulmate

2 TaeNy

They are the best couple, they have a strong connection. Just because Taeyeon can't express herself well enough, doesn't mean she doesn't feel it. Tiffany and those eyes which are deeper than the ocean looking into Taeyeon are just beyond anything she feels for anyone.
If you think about it, research a bit, you'll find Taeyeon doesn't look at anyone else like she does with Tiffany, and same goes for Tiffany, that eye smile and glaring for her Taeyeon, she doesn't do that often with other members.

I believe as a Locksmith and a a Sone. That, the deepest love is not between gender but the loyalty and sincerity of your heart.

Their love is strong, I'm just praying one day they will express this both through feelings and words, that they truly have something for each other, maybe waiting for a couple of years but sometimes, the best things are worth the wait.

Whether you think they're just best friends, or you think that they're an actual couple in real life, you can't deny the fact that there's something between them. Something deep and unexplainable that only they understand. Whenever they hold hands, or gaze at each other as if they were the only two people on earth, or just smile at each other meaningfully. They hug each other longer than most friends would, but not long enough for it to be considered a lover's embrace. There's a connection, a bond between them that I just love seeing.

YoonYul and the rest are only just friends. I've been a S♡NE since 2009 and I can differentiate between best friends and 'couples'.
However, I'm not going to deny that TaeNy do not have some special chemistry within them. Especially when they stare at each other passionately and both of them admit in SSGB that they're 'wives'.
You guys should really check out those TaeNy videos to see their true relationship. Although Tiffany is publicly announced that she's with Nichkhun, I doubt if she'll ever feel the same way with him as she does with Taeyeon.
The doubt is erased, so now it's up to YOU to tell me why TaeNy ain't real.

Taeny is the first ship that I set sail. They are just amazing and so cute together! Taeyeon and Tiffany... Their voices are so compatible in "Lost in Love" and you feel like they're singing to each other... They're practically always together and they're practically the best of friends. Whether it's just friendship or real love... Taeny forever!

3 YoonSic

I believe in yoonsic
I like to see jessica with yoona..
Yoona is like a caring sister to jessica..
Jessica doesn't want to eat the medicine that sooyoung bought but she eat medicine that yoona bought for her..
Yoonsic is very sweet,
I love yoonsic forever..

Yoona and Jessica always seemed close. Yoona always made Sica laugh when they were together, and Jessica always cares for Yoona. Perhaps because of Yoong's resemblance to Krystal, but mostly I think because of her sweet, energetic personality. Sica never seemed "icy" around Yoona.

Yoonsic is so real, I believe in Yoonsic even when Yoona dates Seunggi by now. The looks they gave each other, those touch and smiles cannot be just those between friends or sisters. Whenever they are together, love is in the air.

I think they are really real couple, they always have a secret love and seem like they care of each other either when they have performance or nothing. That's why I think YoonSic is a real couple.

4 YulSic

Kwon yuri and jessica is best couple for me
They talk a lot, there so close to each other so that's why I love them.
Search yulsic in th YouTube, even jessica said to yuri"I love yuri"

Out of all the couples, yulsic and Taeny are really the ones most joked about. I love both of them!

They are my bias in snsd because they are both pretty and sweet to each other...

Obviously the most amazing couple!
Funny and cute

5 YoonTae

Taeyeon is the leader in GG, while Yoona is the face of GG. Together, they make the cutest, beautiful, and perfect couple.<3 Also, after watching many of their variety shows like, "SNSD Channel," I've noticed that Yoona wanted to be closer with Taeyeon. To be honest, I ship YoonTae SOOO HARDD instead of TaeNy... (It's just my opinion. Don't hate)!

They are the cutest couple! Taeyeon is the leader of the group, and Yoona is the prettiest! They are a perfect match! YoonTae, fighting!

Perfect Couple. They cute together. Taeyeon look more girly when stick with yoona.

Their interactions are seriously the cutest! They both look the prettiest in my opinion

6 YoonHyun

I love them.. They both pretty.. YoonA is gorgeous and SeoHyun is a very good vocalist.. YoonA also is a great dancer and SeoHyun also is a great singer.. They give happiness... And that's why I love them..

I seriously love this couple.
They're so kind and lovable to each other.
Yoona is outgoing and funny while Seohyun is quiet and humble.
Yoonhyun forever!

I love both maknae of the group! They are beautiful and innocent. Love how they care each other and they are close since they were a trainee. Yoonhyun is love

Childhood friends and until now the best of friends, YoonHyun!

7 JeTi

They always helped each other. They knew each other for a long time and Jessica helped Tiffany break through the language barrier. They can talk in English to each other (for example: Hello Baby). They act so cute together and they sing really well together. They even stated in an interview one time that if they had to be in a sub unit, they would want to be together. I think that they are meant to be together, whether as best friends forever or as a couple.

- Born in the same hospital
- Korean American
- Trained in the same agency
- Went to the same High school
- Debuted in the same group
- Watched the first snow together for three years

I mean, do I need to say anything else? They're the most soulmate-y ship I've ever seen.

First of all, they were born in the same hospital. Then, went to the same high school, K-pop company then become two members of the same group.

YOLO, with me JeTi is the best, two American girl, everyone knows about love between them, they make me crazy, 2 my angels. Love you

8 TaengSic
9 SooRi

I love them because they're so sweet secretly.. Violent sometimes but really sweet!

Soori is very funny. They are equally ignorant. They are unique.

I love them both...

No more words, Because their bond is indescribable

and they're both my bias...

They has many common interest in things.

10 YulTi

They look so good together.. And whenever there are moments of them.. You can see their care for each other.. For me they are the sweetest couple.. They understand each other so well.. And until now they are still close..

Although they are no longer MC the popular show Music Core togetherYuri and Tiffany remain great friends. This cute couple makes everyone smile and even though we miss their regular appearances on Music Core we still love them.

If you watch their YT videos, you'll immediately see their chemistry. I used to ship YoonYul (meh, I still do but they're more like sisters) but now, I'm more into these two together. Such a lovely couple!

YulTi's the best among the rest! They're very sweet and whenever you see them together, they're like loving sisters

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11 SooHyo

They both funny, nobody doesn't like them, they always the best! Jjang..

12 HyoYul

Hyoyeon and Yuri let each other shine. Yuri LETS Hyoyeon be the Dancing Queen (And she is), and Hyoyeon LETS Yuri be the Sexy Queen. They help each other stand out. Also, they looks adorbs together. Their singing and dancing level is the same, and they are just a perfect match for each other.

Hyoyeon is main dancer of the group and Yuri is the lead dancer. Yuri is the first sexiness at Girls Generation and second one is Hyoyeon.

They so connected to each other. I can see them truly enjoying around. Other OTPs are good too, but I think this is the more realistic. HyoYul fighting!

Best couple ever! P. S, they can help each other's dance skills since they are the main dancers

13 TaeSic

Although Taesic isn't as close as they used be, seeing previous taesic moments are really wonderful. In 2014, taesic was alive again, but, Jessica left. However, Taesic will still be my favourite couple! Hope to see them reunite! Taesic fighting! Sarangheyo!

Taeyeon is the father figure of SNSD, while Jessica is the mother figure of SNSD. Taeyeon could be hardworking like the Father while Jessica just takes care of her members and gives off a motherly feel.

Love those little moments of them even though its just looking,staring or those little behind the scenes moments they have. I still find them that they truly care for each other.

Aish, this is honestly the most frustrating ship ever, they used to be so close once upon a time but over time their relationship started to strain and it was the saddest thing ever, I hope these two rekindle their relationship in the future after they're both done with performing, because honestly they're just meant to be

14 SunFany

Tiffany always get jealous to YOONA and when they are together they can't mind others and they are really adorable...
2ny is REAL...

They are so cute

15 SooNy

They are cute couple!

16 SooSica

I ship SooSica... I love other snsd couples too but they are the BEST! Both are adorable, innocent and funny... SooSica forever

They are more than real..
I love them both

Winter and summer.. Opposite attracts.. :) they look good together too.. Being friends more than 10 years makes them closer than any of them

I love them both! So and sica are real, they are friends even before their debut, for me they are the sweetest couple in snsd :-)

17 SunYeon

I DON'T ship them as lovers but as sisters. They are always so close and they are so alike in appearance, attitude. And when Taeyeon almost got kidnapped, she was the one who went to save her. I agree that she was the closest at that moment and that "the show must go on but its nice...

They are definitely the most adorable couple in SNSD.
They are always laughing together, and it seems that they are really close friends.

I think they are just adorable when they're together! They both make the cutest faces. Danshin fighting.

They are so funny and best relationship...

18 SunSica

The first original couple in the video "Into The New World". Also the first member and the last member of the group. SunSica all the way!

Both lovely both cute who can't love this couple!

19 TaeYul

I really like Taeyeon and Yuri...

I just love it

20 HyoYoung

They're the best... even sooyoung admitted that hyoyeon is her best friend from snsd. I ship SooHyo or HyoYoung

Hyo and so forever

21 YoonSeo

There both the youngest of the group.

22 SeoSica

On Sica's weibo account there were several selfies with Seobaby.If you pay attention,on group photos outside the photoshoot they are almost always next. They take care each other, when Seohyun crying we can see Jessica comes boosted and wipe her tears (vice versa). They often play together (

Rock paper scissors, water fight on stage...).After the departure of Jessica, melted into tears Seohyun.

More even if the photo was taken seohyun had reposted their most experienced selfie (where they eat ice cream) with a caption which was written: "thank you for everything unnie, but now I'm great."

Seosica is the best

23 SooNa

I love them! Both are so smart, shikshin, gorgeous, amazing rappers and multitalented!
Yoona is the prettiest, The Best actress, the best Visual and one of the Best main dancers, also she is good singer.
Sooyoung is the Best MC. so also is awesome singer, one of the best actresses and is good dancer.
Perfect match couple friend!
I want new sub-unit: SooYoonYulHyo

SooNa is incredible. They act like best friends, or even sisters. Two choding shikshins, both with hearts of golds. Both great actresses, singers, and dancers. What's not to love about these two. Besides, they seem comfortable around each other.

A fan at a fan sign asked Sooyoung: "Between food and Yoona, which one will you choose? " Sooyoung chose Yoona *-*

They're both in same age. There the 1stnand 2nd shikshin in there group.The first one is Sooyoung and then Yoona. There both an actress. They both love to ride rollercoster.

24 YulSeo

My 2 bias in snsd! The one who is the funniest and sexiest while the one is smartest and innocent..woah, I can't explain why do I love this two girls and also they are look a like.they are sisters!

YulSeo is the sweetest couple in snsd..Yul is sexy and innocent.Seo is cute and tall.Both of them are smart..The twin sister...I don't know what can I say know...I just find them cute toghether.

The best couple in snsd! Seo is cut leand smart...Yul is sexy and innocent..I don't know why I like this couple.I just find them cute toghether... Love you yulseo

25 HyoSica

Although Jessica left Snsd in 2014 September, Hyoyeon and Jessica will never be forgotten. They helped each other to stand out, and Jessica helped Hyoyeon with her singing, and Hyoyeon helped Jessica with her dance moves. They help each other, that is what friends are for. Jessica and Hyoyeon were also put in the same group in the T.V. show Running Man for a reason.

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