Best Composed Non-Classical Songs

This is not a list of best lyrics or best overall songs. This is a list judging the composition of songs other than classical music.

The Top Ten

1 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Just an all time flawless classic

There doesn't need to be much convincing for this one. It is flawless.

Iconic and timeless song and a masterpiece. Freddie was so talented in song writing, too.

2 A Day in the Life - The Beatles

The transition from Good Morning Good Morning with the amazing guitar chord progression and John's amazing voice. Sends shivers down my spine every time

There is so much variety in this song and each part of the song sounds good. Even more fascinating, it all sounds good together in one song.

3 Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

Where do I begin? The harmonies, the chord progression, the beats, the back up vocal part, it's all fantastic. If you don't know this song, or know it, but are not too familiar with it, I recommend you look it up.

Day in the Life and Bohemian Rhapsody are great, but this takes the cake. Great list! - beatles

4 Let Down - Radiohead

This song is a musical roller coaster ride. OK Computer is arguably the best album of the 90's, and this is my favorite song on it. There is so much heart it just the writing of the music. When I first heard it, it made my heart beat fast, and made me feel the need to catch my breath.

5 What'd I Say - Ray Charles

I heard a rumor that Ray and the band wrote this on the spot at a concert. If the's true, it just goes to show how musically talented each of them are, and how well they work together. It's very original too. It's like rock n roll meets blues meets country. Ray was an absolute genius.

6 She's Leaving Home - The Beatles

It reminds me of my sister who left home for a different family and it really gets to me because I don't see her that often sometimes I don't see her on birthdays or holidays so thank you

The Sgt. Pepper album is quite a masterpiece, and this song is a good example. It's such an orignal idea. It's like classical meets pop, and it goes together quite nicely in this case.

7 Sloop John B - The Beach Boys

I'm not sure who the credit goes to for this. It is a traditional song, but The Beach Boys added to it and made it their own. They didn't compose it originally, but they did the arrangement, so I guess the composers of this recording are The Beach Boys and whoever wrote the parts of the original song that were kept in this version. The musical inclusions on this track leave the listener noticing more and more things to like about the song each time they listen to it.

8 God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
9 Hold On - Sarah McLachlan

The build-up of this song is very well executed. It starts of with a very sweet and quiet verse, then gradually turns into a powerful bridge. It really packs a punch.

10 I Will Always Love You - Dolly Parton

The introduction is absolutely lovely, and the notes Dolly sings on top on the background music blend really well. Dolly is very good at matching the tone of the music with that of the lyrics. The music really supports the song's overall massage in a beautiful way.

The Contenders

11 Wake Up - Arcade Fire

The lyrics are good, but they really could be in a language I don't understand and I'd still feel so much emotion from this song based just on the music alone. It's like an epic thrill.

12 Paranoid Android - Radiohead

Kind of similar to Bohemian Rhapsody or A Day in the Life, in that it changes so much. But one thing this song has that the others don't have, is that to me, I'll never get tired of listening to it.

13 Lovers - Jackie Evancho
14 The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin

This is by far the best guitar composition I know. Bonham and Jones only make it better, and Plant tops it off with his beautiful lyrics. One of my favorite Zeppelin songs!

15 Giorgio by Moroder - Daft Punk
16 Voice of the Soul - Death
17 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel
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