Best Dark Tranquility Albums

Best albums by the awesome melodic death metal band Dark Tranquility.

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1 Fiction

Beautiful. I will admit I haven't listened to all of their albums but this one caught my attention from the first time I heard it and I can't stay away for long. You won't regret listening to this album if Metal is in your blood.

What an incredible album. - EvilAngel

2 Damage Done
3 Construct

The best DT album and one of the best albums ever. All the songs are brilliant and work together to create one of the most powerful, atmospheric albums ever. Incredible album, and the best album of 2013. - EvilAngel

This album doesn't convince me :/ it isn't bad, but definitely not their best

There are good songs like Endtime Hearts or Weight Of The End, but I don't like the most "praised" songs Uniformity and What Only You Know.. - Flav

The best of them all actually - nooreldeen

4 Character

You may want to listen to this album last if you are checking out this band. I only say that because this album is near perfection and you wouldn't want to spoil the rest of the musical experience Dark Tranquilty presents by listening to this album before the others. I accidentally voted for Fiction first but had to login through a private session to vote again just to give this album props. Fiction is good, but Character is perhaps my favorite metal album of all time.

5 Haven
6 Projector
7 We Are the Void
8 The Gallery

What... This is probably the best melodeath album ever made

9 Atoma

Audio was superb as well as the sound engineering.

10 The Mind's

The Contenders

11 Skydancer

Criminally overlooked and underrated album. Their best album or at least tied with the gallery.

Hold the trve gothenburg sound, my favourite by far

12 Yesterworlds
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Top Remixes

1. Damage Done
2. Fiction
3. The Gallery
1. Fiction
2. Character
3. Damage Done
1. Construct
2. Fiction
3. We Are the Void


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