Favorite Cimorelli Sisters

We all know that Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani are too awesome for words. But who's your favorite? And don't even start with the "I don't pick favorites" talk, because you know is not true. No, that doesn't mean that you have to be all "*insert sister name here* is the best and the rest are all lame", but there's always one person that catches our eyes, isn't it? I love all of the girls, so no hate!
The Top Ten
1 Lisa

As many have said they are all amazing, beautiful and unique in their own way. I personally like Lisa the most because of her craziness, beauty, and wide vocal range. They all are amazing singers as I mentioned but there's something about Lisa's voice that's just so amazing. She's always been my favorite and I think is very stunning and gorgeous. Her voice is just amazing! And yes, I also think her part in skyscraper is amazing. If you listen to it in the audio version you would get the wide vocal range and see what a beautiful voice she has.

She is honestly so true to herself. She is also very loyal, yet so passionate with her career. She still makes amazing music with hr sisters, but she has also branched out and has published solo projects, which are AMAZING! She is also the best singer I've ever heard, and she is so underrated. If you haven't listened to Unloved, Dysfunctional, or Goodbye by Lisa, I would HIGHLY suggest listening to those because I guarantee they will change your life and leave you shook.

2 Lauren

I love all the girls so much but there is just something about lauren, when I first watched their videos, lauren immediately caught my eye and when I watch their videos my eyes just stay on Lauren, when I'm listening their music I'm normally always excited for Lauren's part because something about her voice is just amazing. Even Katherine says that lauren is perfect and I'm sure everyone else agrees with her. Lauren is honestly the most beautiful, adorable, cute, sarcastic, cool, stunning, perfect person in the world!

Lauren is really the cutest! She may seem shy, but I think that she is a fire deep down inside. She is very appealing, she dances like a pro. She looks very hot while losing herself in the song! Her stage presents are perfect, and she HAS TO KNOW that she has NO reason to be shy. Although, that quiet personality is so sweet. Love her. She is flawless! Oh, yeah... Almost forgot: her voice while singing and rapping AND talking is incredible! Adore her smile. Kinda have a girlcrush on her... Laugh out loud.

3 Dani

I love Dani because she has the unique personality out of the six. Christina is known for her leadership, she is the protecter of the band, Amy is known for being the more calm and relaxed one, Lauren is more on the cute and bubbly side, and Lisa is more on the talented side, and Katherine is unique, and very happy. But what I love about Dani is that she has changed so much in the past 3 years. Her being 14 at the moment, she is growing up to be a beautiful young lady. Dani just has that vibe that can make anyone happy, and if Dani doesn't make you happy you are a HEARTLESS MONSTER.

I love everything about Dani! From her weird (and awesome) personality to her unique, husky voice. She has improved so much since the band started! No, I'm not gonna say that she is the best singer, because she is not there yet. But maybe that is because she's only 12! And that's what's most impressive about her: the way that she owns the stage like she's been doing this for twenty years! Also, she is so funny! I love how she is not afraid to be herself. I love her style, too!

4 Christina

Smart, talented, caring, awesome singer, organized, advice-dispenser, she uses her intelligence to think about many things. She's not egocentric, she's genuine, authentic, she writes songs and harmonies, plays the piano, great performer. Woah! She's amazing

Christina is an incredible performer and a very good leader. Even though she has one of the strongest voices in the band, she shares the spotlight with her beloved sisters and she gives everyone the chance to shine.

I love Christina's voice...in many of their covers the part where Christina came in was my favorite. Covers include, "Symphony" and "Before You Go." She also has major skills with leading a sibling group, motherhood, and many more!

5 Amy

I like amy because she very sweet and she sing really good.I think Amy is so underrated! She's so sweet and I admire her for dealing with Turner syndrome and still managing to stay positive! Oh and don't even get me started on her flower crowns, she slays in them! Amy should be appreciated way more, she's so confident and I can relate to some of her childhood stories too like nit having any friends! She really helped me get through that.What I like about amy is her kindness and selflessness shining out of her whenever you see her. She also appears to me as vety funloving and friendly. I think she is the type of a friend I would like to have. She has also a very sweet voice. Then I like about her that she is always herself and does not try to copy someone

The girls are really amazing and tbvh they are all perfect but Amy's voice stands out more to me and she is so pretty and we share similar interests like Country Music as I grow up with country, both short, bubbly, social butterflies, love to read, both look super young when in fact I'm old *cough cough 19*, we both love Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt and Miranda Lambert thy I'm gonna marry Sam Hunt. Her voice is just so soulful and she can't sing live and recorded. She is just so positive. So yea that's y I love Amy but all the girls are just as amazing

6 Katherine

First of all, I would like to say that I love all the Cimorelli sisters because they are all so unique and different. My favorite though, will have to be Katherine. It's not like I think Katherine is the best, but she's my favorite because I like her style more. I also think she's very classy and she has such a sweet smile. And she's very bubbly and cute.

What I like about kath is her kindness and selflessness shining out of her whenever you see her. She also appears to me as vety funloving and friendly. I think she is the type of a friend I would like to have. She has also a vety unique voice. Then I like about her that she is always herself and does not try to copy someone.

What I love about her is her voice she do not sing like a crazy girl. sorry, I'am not trying to be mean but really she have an angle voice she always sing the way she feels about the song for example 'I got you' song look at her voice and the way she was singing she sings very calmly. also I love all of the cimorelli sisters but the wan who is more stylish is kathrine and she have a nice voice!

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