Best David Bowie Songs

David Bowie is so good and these are his songs that made him good.

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1 Space Oddity

I refer to the studio version of 1969: this is his first success, and althought I have a deep knowledge of his whole production, I can hardly find other Bowie's songs with such a wonderful melody and perfect vocal performance. Differently from all of the songs contained in the next albums until the Berlin trilogy, in my opinion this is the only Bowie's song which does not feel the weight of time. The vocal incipit "Ground control to Major Tom" is probably the most fascinating one in the history of rock music. What's more, in its first version Space Oddity was written down when David was about 20 years old... Having composed such a masterpiece at such a young age is probably the most significative proof of his witness.

Amazing song, he is in my opinion one of the best singers of alla time.

A work of art free from the boundaries of time, a leap into the infinity of Bowie's melancholic greatness.

Good one!

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2 Life on Mars?

Memories of my youth. I never quite understood the lyrics but it had greatness written all over it. Wakeman's brilliant analysis of the structure of the song shows that musically it was just as unusual and complex.

Why? Why does this songs have to be so good? It tempts me to play it all the time, it never gets old, I love it so much.

Just pure brilliance and got me into music.

It’s just... pure magic. Bowie at his best!

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3 Heroes

I think that this and Space Oddity are tied as Bowie's best works. I'm just voting for this because it's lower than Space Oddity at the moment

i love it

This is, hands down, the best song by David Bowie. As much as I love Space Oddity, Changes, and Fame, this is one of the most powerful songs ever written. The lyrics reflect a feeling of hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. I know this song's mainly about two lovers separated by the Berlin Wall and how they feel that "we can beat them, just for one day". It's sort of when two people who have been divided finally have their moment together, and they don't care what happens as a result. I sometimes cry listening to this song as well. David Bowie just screamed out these lyrics with all the emotions in the world. That's what made him such a unique figure; his raw emotion, passion, and intensity. There's never going to be another David Bowie.

I love this song, and it is by far my favourite by Bowie

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4 Changes

"I watch the ripples change their size, but never leave the stream of warm impermanence. And so the days float through my eyes, but still the days seem the same. And these children that you spit on, as they try to change their worlds, are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through."

I feel a deep emotional connection with this song. - PetSounds

I love this song, it's actually about something and it's an amazing song as well!

In my opinion the best Bowie song, that opening riff just makes me smile every time!

The words and the way he sings this song makes it my favorite. After that, there are 20 Bowie songs that are my second favorite.

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5 Starman

I love the optimism in this song, it's beautiful

It should be number 1.

Let all the children boogie...

So amazing. Just fantastic, listen to it every day

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6 Under Pressure

Best song ever

Them : infinity war will be the best crossover ever!
Me : - DaringXx

Only legendary artists like Queen and David Bowie could produce a song so good. Not only the best David Bowie song, but one of the best songs of all time.

This is so great, the song written by David Bowie and performed by Freddie Mercury and David Bowie himself is a masterpiece of music mixed with legendary selection of words to make a rhyme. *pray hands*

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7 Ziggy Stardust

The style, the energy, the groove... this song is pure bowie but a bit different from the rest of the other amazing bowie tracks. That is what makes it great for me, the songs SCREAMS bowie, full of vibes and that awesome brit feel, and despite being quite different from the usual bowie catalog, it is just the song that stands apart for me

I like pretty much every Bowie song, but ultimately this one stands out in my mind. Not only that, but thanks to this song and its correlating album, Ziggy Stardust is a household name.

Greatest bowie song ever. I also like space oddity and life on Mars?

This should have been in the top 3. I would have voted space oddity, but this is 7th! - gemcloben

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8 The Man Who Sold the World

This song is so great, the equally godlike band, nirvana, did a great cover of this geniously lyrical song

Which just so happens to be one of the only songs I like from Nirvana! - Stalin

This magnificent, haunting, beautiful song went under the radar. But it's meaningful lyrics and amazing psychedelic guitar work made it my favorite song.

This song is so... haunting. The lyrics are crazy and the way they change the vocals are incredible. The instrumentals truly are something they must have thought about before doing, and the plot of the song is just so... haunting. It's all haunting. Listen to this by yourself. You won't regret it! - Donut

Oh no,
Not me,
I didn’t lose control.
Your face,
To face,
With the man who sold the world - DaringXx

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9 Ashes to Ashes

I love that this song is filled with various references which invokes multi-layer interpretation. Along the Picasso's pinks (roses), Bowie states his own view on being an artist and its position in society. Above that, I believe that his bitter sincerety is making this song so resonating. It is not only important because of the topic, but because of the way of speaking about it. I love it. It's probably my favourite David's song. Unique...

Song to be remembered from the first listaning. Unique and atmospheric. And the way Bowie crushed the legend he did create - no one ever did that, at least not in such painful way. - saaarsdej

This is his best song I don't know why his dee stuffs ranked so high for me this is his #1 than lets dance than putting out fire

This blew me away when it charted in Aug 80. The song, the video, so different and amazing.

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10 Rock n' Roll Suicide

This has got to be Bowie at his best. You can feel his heart and soul going into it from the first word to the last. Even though he has a long list of incredible songs, this is one of the few that manages to give me goosebumps every time I hear it, and I love it! The raw power and emotion of his voice is given off here more than any other song of his, so the fact that this is not even in the top 10 and it's my favourite of his, it has to have my vote. I'd also like to mention 'Fascination' from the 'Young Americans' album which is also amazing, yet not even on this list full stop... - brad101

I absolutely LOVE this song! It should AT LEAST be in the top 5 (no offense to anything above this song because those are all incredible as well).

This is one of my favorite Bowie tunes. The first time I heard of this song, I hesitated because of the title. But this song taught me not to judge a book by it's cover, because I love it so much now.

Definitely one of his best I love it

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The Contenders

11 Let's Dance

Should be higher on this list along with a lot of his later stuff not a fan of his earlier stuff but love anything from young Americans, scary monsters and let's dance and on

A true masterpiece of the 80s, created by a guy from the seventies. He just wanted to prove a point to all of the hollow disco electro scene that he can do it better and deeper, and he did!

Simply a classic! So catchy! Should be in the top 5 at least!

A very good song!

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12 Moonage Daydream

This is currently ma favourite Bowie song and that's really saying something! Incredible contributions all round.

David Bowie: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, saxophone, string/flute arrangements
Mick Ronson: electric guitar, piano
Trevor Bolder: bass guitar, trumpet
Mick "Woody" Woodmansey: drums

Best solo ever

These is one of the great songs on David bowie.

Easily top 10, best song on the ziggy stardust album

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13 Rebel Rebel

Playfully braiding themes of sexual freedom, the generation gap and androgyny with his 'is he or isn't he' lyrics, Bowie postures like a young Roger Daltrey and rocks like Joan Jett (both compliments) in his guitar-driven rock anthem that has given courage to many to dress - and act -how they please. Thank you, DB.

Rebel Rebel has one of the most well known guitar riffs! Not to mention the song itself is very well-written and is extremely catchy. One of Bowie's bests in my opinion.

This should at least in the top ten! Come on people, this song has the greatest guitar riff of any David Bowie song.

I loved this song on the KISS movie "Detroit Rock City" not to mention David Bowie kicks ass

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14 Modern Love

By far the best David Bowie song, should be at least in the top five!

Favorite Bowie song of all time!

Bowie's best song, for sure. Absolute Beginners and Young Americans are almost as good, but Modern Love is still number one!

Mid-80's upbeat pop song, his most mainstream sounding "generic" pop style, song which is why Bowie said it was one of his least favourite songs, as it was one of his least creative. Yet it's still good! Genius

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15 Fame

Heard this song when I was inside a store and instantly got into it. Good funky song. - illusion

Best bowie song

This song is so funky and it's just awesome why is it so low? Needs to be top 10

Just because he wrote it with John Lennon and it's one of his most popular doesn't mean it's one of his top 10 best. Really all this song is is a funky best with some lyrics.

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16 Suffragette City

No quicksand?

Now don't lean on me man cause you can't afford the ticket, I'm back from Suffragette City!
Now don't lean on me man cause you ain't got time to check it You know my Suffragette City
Is outta sight... She's alright

Should be in top 5. This was one of Bowie's favorite songs as he talked about numerous times.

Played over and over by me enough said

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17 Five Years

Agreed - Five Years is my favourite Bowie song and Bowie is in my Top 5 artists of all time. Starts subtlety with a single beat and builds and builds from there. The lyrics are fantastic too. Should ne No. 1.

I'm not one for songs like this; sad ones, I mean. However, "Five Years" is raw emotion thrown right at you. It's chaotic. It's saddening. And, hell, it's a masterpiece. Lyrics and Bowie's classic voice make this a song I'll never forget. Very underrated.

The song was recorded in one take, completely breathtaking and utterly emotional. If you listen without the piano, you can hear the desperation that the song portrays...if you don't love Bowie's music, this song still speaks measures.

In my opinion the best vocal performance I have ever heard a very under rated song that deserves a lot more credit. Great song my personal favorite!

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18 Blackstar

I think this is David Bowie's Magnum Opus.

This song is disturbingly amazing.

The best song I have ever heard in my life - iliekpiez

Must number 1

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19 China Girl

Why is this song not in the top 10?!?!

This song deserves a vote. Odd song, but insidiously affecting. Very underrated.

This song is really good and it was a success on the charts in many many different countries - mneilan

Have always loved this song. It's hauntingly beautiful. He does everything with such feeling.

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20 Lazarus

This is a song of pure genius, the words of a man grappling with his own mortality. Knowing that this album was his final gift to the world just makes every song on this even better and more meaningful.

I enjoy this song very much. I don't understand how my dad could hate this song so much! He heard a bit of it, saw the music video, and immediately started talking crap. He still ain't know his daughter listens to him - kaitlynrad11

I still don't know where he has taken the power to write, play and record this song. Great sax. It still brings me to tears when I see the video. I saw the musical in London, so this song has a special meaning to me.

Very moving, grandioso above

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21 Golden Years

Extremely underrated and an absolute gem of a song.

Underrated David Bowie song possibly unheard by many.

Should be much higher. One of my all-time favorites.

Most songs are great, but this is a very special one.

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22 Blue Jean

Classic pop bowie

It's silly and ridiculous, but somehow really magnificent and creative.

Love this song. Bowie at his creative best.

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23 Quicksand

"Don't believe in yourself; don't deceive with belief. Knowledge comes with death's release."

Utterly devastated to learn about the passing of one of my heroes. Rest in peace, David. - PetSounds

This song is so beautiful, and also lyrically profound. Full of honesty and philosophy.

Absolutly great lyrics and often misunderstood.

This song calls Faith BS. I don't really know what that means, but he's wrong.

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24 Young Americans

An absolutely brilliant piece of funky plastic soul. One of his best songs bar none.

An underrated song from Bowie's discography, containing probably the greatest saxophone solo in the 70's.

The best choir-arrangement I've heard in a soul song. Luther Vandross and David Bowie created magic!

This song belongs in the top five let alone the top thirty

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25 Shining Star (Making My Love)

I love this. It tells a story; about drugs and hardships.

26 Oh! You Pretty Things

The best of

This is simply a masterpiece

Gotta make way for the HOMOSAPERIORS

Definitely a favorite! Awesome lyrics, melody, everything. Check out the BBC liver version from 72!

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27 Drive-In Saturday

This is one of the most underrated of all of their hits

This is in my top10, absolutely fabolous song

It's a Drive-In Saturday!
Very great song!
Should be higher.

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28 I Can't Give Everything Away

How is this so low?

Without a doubt, the greatest song he has ever recorded.

Good with great saxophone

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29 Andy Warhol

Such a great song. I've been obsessed with it recently. Just hearing the talking "'s Warhol actually, as in War hall...". And then going into the song and the ending applause is amazing. 100% recommended! - kaitlynrad11

On the album Hunky Dory, Fill Your Heart leads right into this song really well. They should be listened two together; they are both spectacular.

I love this song. Its not just a piece of music. It's a work of art

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30 Sound and Vision

Wonderfully divergent, even for Bowie and surprisingly evocative. This deserves to be in the top 10.

How is this number 32?

A bit surprised that this song is not in the top 10, or even on the top 23 for that matter

This is one if my favorites deserves to be in top 10 I'm disappointed :(

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31 Word On a Wing

For those who run deeper.

Conversation with god in a direct way.

Maybe not a top ten, but one of my favourites

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32 Underground


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33 Absolute Beginners

It should be in the top ten. Probably his most honest song. - PetSounds

Strong, straight and simple... wonderful

From one of the best movies of all time

Simply put... A musical diamant accompanied again by lyricus that are so true. We are all absolute beginners!

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35 Waterloo Sunset
36 The Jean Genie


Way to low

Jean Genie -- One of Bowie's greatest musical entrances This single made Alladin Sane the album that it is --spectacular. And the video for this was one of the first conceptual videos to intermingle concert, backstage, and canned shots. Needs to be way higher than 38th. This is ridiculous.

Nothing beats this riff.

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37 I'm Afraid of Americans

It's cool to think that David got Nine Inch Nails to produce this single.

This song is awesome. And I love Nine Inch Nails to.

David Bowie + Nine Inch Nails= absolutely amazing

So cool and so up to date.

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38 All the Young Dudes

It should be in the top 20

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39 Magic Dance

This song is my life. I will do anything to be a goblin and sing along for eternity! 80's is my life!

Best song from David Bowie ever

Greatest song in movie for its time

One of the best songs ever doing it for school

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40 Within You

My favorite song of all time. The Labyrinth is also my favorite movie of all time. Both are wonderful.

41 Fantastic Voyage

It's just beautiful in every sense of the word.

The first Bowie song I heard, I was 12...

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42 Dollar Days

Very jazzy and good

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43 Seven Years In Tibet

I dunno what it is about this song, but it just speaks to me on some deep, instinctive level. Love it.

Very deep and atmospheric... lyrics are very cryptic, and this is definitely the best off "Earthling". Should be at least in the top 20...

Great song and I love when he played the sax himself.

Deep and eerie but sound really good though. best on earthling

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44 Yassassin UListen to Sample
45 Fascination UListen to Sample
46 As the World Falls Down

Absolutely fantastic song, nice lyrics and good melody.

This is the 1st song I've heard of him. So, it's an obvious pick

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47 We are the Dead UListen to Sample
48 5.15 the Angels Have Gone UListen to Sample
49 Station to Station


Station to Station (as the album) was a cocaine-induced trip. I don't know if it's Bowie's genius or just a stroke of good luck, but this wasn't a bad trip like many cocaine albums usually are. Station to Station embodies this trip and introduces us to the very bad man, The Thin White Duke.

Absolute masterpiece


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50 Fashion

This was extremely underrated. I love how upbeat it is. RIP Bowie. You'll be missed. - matty925

This always makes me get up and dance its totally underrated in my opinion

Makes me wanna dance all night

It uses the word goon in it. Enough said.

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